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Animal Cruelty Powerpoint-Rm 21
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Animal Cruelty Powerpoint-Rm 21

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  • 1. By: Su Su, Shelby, Madison, Lizzy, Trinity,Quinya
  • 2.  Hi, we are fifth graders from room 21. Weare doing an IB exhibition project on AnimalCruelty. Today we will tell you what animalcruelty is and how you can help prevent itfrom happening.
  • 3.  We chose to do our topic on animal crueltybecause we would like to inform people aboutthe dangers of cruelty towards animals. Ifyou witness animal cruelty please tell anadult.
  • 4.  If you are a witness of animal cruelty, get anadult. If you are eighteen or older, call thepolice or animal control. (911). Do not putyourself in the middle of animal abuse. Donot try to stop it on your own. You may beputting yourself and others in risk if you do.
  • 5.  Before 1986 only 4 states had animal crueltylaws, now all 50 states have animal crueltylaws. 70% of animal abusers have a criminal record. Neglect and abandontment are the most arethe most common forms of animal cruelty. Every year over one million animals aretreated cruely.
  • 6.  The most abused animal is a chicken becausethey are used for food. Some chicks areeaten as eggs which means they are put todeath before they are born.The most abused breed of dog is a pitbull.
  • 7.  What is the most abused animal?Chicken What is the most abused breed of dog?PitbullBefore 1986 how many states had animallaws?4
  • 8. We have created a program called Pennies forPuppies. We are raising money to send us ona field trip to the humane society. At thehumane society they will teach us aboutanimal cruelty and how it effects the world.What YOU can do to help!You can donate to our program. If you loveanimals, then help out and donate.
  • 9.  Thank you for watching our slideshow and wehope you report animal cruelty if you witnessit and stay safe!!!!!