Lack of Access to Education- Rm 21


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Lack of Access to Education- Rm 21

  1. 1. 5th Grade IB Exhibition ProjectLack of Access To EducationBy:Max, Meghan, Isabella, Nathaly, Anya, and Greta
  2. 2. Central IdeaPeople’s actions have an affect on the world.Lines of Inquiry#1- People’s actions can have a negativeaffect on the world.#2- People’s actions can have a positive affecton the world.#3- Successful action plans can have animpact on the world.
  3. 3. For The 5th Grade Exhibition, ourgroup focused on children who can’t go toschool, also known as lack of access toeducation. We hope that you understandthat this is a major problem and it meansa great deal to us!
  4. 4. Our Action Plan ( Key Concept: Responsibility)For our action plan, we collected usedbooks and donated them to The Next DoorFoundation. We collected and donated1,739 books total! The schedule belowshows how many books we collected eachday!Day 1: 146 booksDay 2: 303 booksDay 3: 169 booksDay 4: 198 booksDay 5: 270 booksDay 6: 131 booksDay 7: 522 books
  5. 5. Here are some pictures of our grouporganizing and collecting books!
  6. 6. Our Action (Key Concept:Responsibility)Our group also taught grades 3through 5 about lack of access ineducation. We went around tomultiple classes and presented aneducational PowerPoint. Thefollowing slide shows pictures ofour group presenting.
  7. 7. InterviewGreta interviewed her grandmother whowas from Albania and had lack of access ineducation. Below are the questions Gretaasked her and the answers she got!Question 1- How did this affect your life?Answer- Since I only went to school from 1st through 4thgrade, I didn’t get a good occupation when I grew up.Question 2- How did you feel about this situation?Answer- I was sad that I couldn’t continue to go to schooland get a good education.
  8. 8. Question 3- Do you wish you would’ve gone to school in 5th grade, 6thgrade, high school, and college?Answer-Yes, I would have liked to go to school so I could have betteropportunities in the future.Question 4- What did you do when you weren’t in school?Answer- I mostly worked in the farm and fields with my motherand siblings to earn money.Question 5- Were the teachers at your school well trained?Answer- All of my teachers were very well trained and taught useverything we need to know. If we were absent, our teacherwould pay us a visit and ask why we were absent.Question 6- Was your school a good learning environment?Answer- My school didn’t have the technology that we havetoday, but we had the essential materials including books, pencils,and paper.
  9. 9. Question 7- Do you know why your family didn’t let you go toschool?Answer- I had to help my parents with farm work and it wasn’tnormal to go to school beyond 4th grade.Question 8- Were your classmates eager to be in school?Answer- Most were, but some of them didn’t have the moneyto continue like me.Question 9- Were you sad to leave your school when you did?Answer- Yes, I was very sad because I couldn’t get a goodeducation or job.
  10. 10. Thank you for watching ourPowerPoint. We hope that you takeaction and help out with this worldwidesituation. How can YOU help with thisproblem?