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  • A very interesting video!\n
  • #1 - connecting to grandma on a phone - then transfering that to the counter.\n
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  • #1 - memory sticks on school supply lists#2 - students may know how to use twitter, but do they know how to use it for educational use\n
  • #1 - If a 3 hr video-conference class is having technical difficulty - coming up with realistic alternatives is important\n
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  • #1 - These are all statements I heard the first week at FNUniv\n
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  • Glass life

    1. 1. A Day Made of Glassby Corning Incorporated -
    2. 2. First Impressions• Technology used for social interaction• Connected, wireless, & mobility• Applications for home, work & consumer• Technology to increase convenience & customization• Sleek gadgets that will impact education• Cool factor - selling innovation!
    3. 3. But...
    4. 4. Glass Can Break!
    5. 5. A Closer Look• A perfect family (Dad, Mom & 2 kids)• Million dollar house with a new car• School uniforms for the children• Urban setting without nature or litter• High fashion & slim models• Void of technical problems
    6. 6. Relating to Online Education• Student socio-economic diversity needs to considered when incorporating new technologies. Offering choice will help.• Social use of technologies differs from educational use and experiences vary between students. Providing clear instructions is vital.
    7. 7. • Urban vs rural locale and internet infrastructure can limit access affecting student success. Established back-up plans are needed.• Limitations to be mitigated are isolation, technology access, family constraints, language barriers, & learning styles
    8. 8. Takeway• There will always be emerging technologies to take advantage for distributed learning• Technology is just the tool; pencils & paper, typewriter, tv, video, smart phone, or iPad• HOW and WHY it is being used is key!
    9. 9. Course Development
    10. 10. Overcoming Myths• ‘Oh, your suppose to make our courses look pretty!’• ‘You must be quite techy’• ‘How are the courses you work on any different than my face-to-face URCourses site?’
    11. 11. The Context• The date is Aug 28, 2011 - one week before the start of the term• An instructor hasn’t been hired yet• Ninety students currently enrolled• Department Head asked, ‘I don’t want to cancel, will you consider developing this course while it is being delivered?’
    12. 12. INDG 100
    13. 13. Initial Meeting• An instructor was hired & I held an initial meeting via phone because of her schedule. Ex. works full-time, teaches a F2F course, & just had a baby.• Discussed course details, possible assignment choices. She has not taught fully online and was very apprehensive!
    14. 14. Course Development• We firmed up the assignments and course details during that week• A custom textbook with an online supplement relieved some copyright constraints.• Sun-Tue. Speed dating content revisions in between.
    15. 15. Making it Personal• Thanksgiving Address • Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) version • Local example: Dr. Doolittle reciting a Mohawk version with a literal translation and audio so student can hear the language
    16. 16. Making it Personal• The Creation Story - 4 versions • 2 Mi’kmaq (video & pdf) • Cree (website) • Forum Topic: The student’s creation story - either passed down thru family, community, or ethnic group
    17. 17. Feedback & Technical Forum• Technical forum is active and provides insight into course improvements (14 threads with 47 posts)
    18. 18. Next Delivery• Inconsistencies in course structure because of time factor. Example: PowerPoints in week 6 seem disjointed• Images need to be added• Rewrite learning objectives and examine if the unit content test those objectives• Risks to making changes once posted
    19. 19. Thank-you!