Introducing Vanessa West


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Introducing Vanessa West, the Popera Diva

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Introducing Vanessa West

  1. 1. july 7, 1990 something very special happened
  2. 2. What began as an entertainment idea for a fundraiser became a phenomenon watched by over 800 million viewers worldwide. A recording of the concert became the biggest selling classical album in history. It was of course the debut performance of the Three Tenors, and arguably the birth of ‘popera’.
  3. 3. introducing Ope Opera singer, lover of 80s music and emerging ‘Queen of Australian Popera’. This brochure details her latest project – an album in production reflecting a grand collision of 70s and 80s songs and operatic style. Vanessa’s bringing back iconic songs by artists and legendary groups of this era with her unique vocal talent and stirring orchestral arrangements. “I love the thought that in one performance I could be singing songs p per from Madame Butterfly and Bonnie Tyler f – I mean, who else gets to do that!
  4. 4. popularity is not surprising. Opera was once entertainment for the people, but somewhere along the way lost its common touch. Audiences never lost their love of beautiful voices – they just needed to feel the songs were theirs again.
  5. 5. We want to hear songs we know and relate to They are the soundtrack . of our lives after all. Consider Andre Rieu’s success. Look into the eyes of any of his greying and swaying audience members and you will see someone transported back in time to a Saturday night dance.
  6. 6. Popera has long known the power of presenting the familiar to audiences. Some of the most successful Popera artists and groups have performed covers of artists such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey and Bryan Adams and with good reason. These singers are “power ballad power–hitters”.
  7. 7. Generation Y may be digitally downloading new music but 40-somethings with disposable incomes are still buying physical CD albums. Why not develop music tailored to them?
  8. 8. – a time of exquisite highs and excruciating lows. Times when you thought im exqui e hi h an excruciating lows. Tim s wh you though xq isite high and quis atin ows m ting ow ti mes hen hough g y woul liv or i y you firs kiss rst ve, or fir you would live or die by your first kiss, first love, or first heartbreak. uld ive v u rst ki s r r eartbrea ea tb eak a
  9. 9. A grand collision of 70s and 80s songs and operatic style. Bring back iconic songs by artists such as Blondie, Pat Benatar, Dusty Springfield, Bonnie Tyler, Donna Summer, and legendary groups like Air Supply, Spandau Ballet and Foreigner. 80s music and opera may seem strange bedfellows. But like chilli and chocolate, sometimes great things come from the most unlikely partnerships.
  10. 10. Who brought this idea to life? Her name is Vanessa West. Long efore sing Long before singing n opera, Vanessa was opera, Vanessa w a e chil o he 0s. She chilld of the 80s. She liived ild and breathed 80s music. If n breathed 80s mus c e ed sh w sn t o ler skating she wasn’t roller skating up sn’t a d and down her driveway in a er driveway flowing white dress convin w n w ite dress convinced she was m se from ‘Xana she was a muse from ‘Xanadu’, a she was plleading with her mot er h w eading ith her moth g for a perm to look more like the o perm oo more like r brunette from ABBA. brunette from AB Th s b This album iidea gained momentum his de gain momentu e n afte chan meet ng n Florentine after a chance meetiing iin a Floren ter ance eeti ting p azz piiazza in 2005. Whille living iin Floren 2005 Whil liv 05. ile vi n Florence on an opera scholarship, Vanessa was n pe scho a ship, Vanessa cho p d scover d u k g n one the main diiscovered busking iin one of the m c vered p zzas b ndrea Bocelli’ Florenti piiazzas by Andrea Bocelli’s Florent ne celli s ngin teacher singing teacher. He explained a n acher. explain beautiful voice well-tr ned, cou beautiiful voice, well-trained, co ld tifu ice, e trai tran ce transcend any music style, as his most n music style as h m musi yle, famou tuden has prov famous student has proven. amous dent
  11. 11. “ In this unlikely union of musical styles, the innocence of the 80s is captured and heightened with romantic Italian translations and stirring orchestral arrangements.”
  13. 13. Australian arranger and operatic baritone Angus Grant has created the poignant yet powerful orchestral arrangements and shares the same creative vision for this album - a rapport built over 12 years performing and developing shows together with Vanessa, including ‘Puccini’s Women; The Life of Puccini through the eyes of his lovers’ and ‘What A Woman Wants’.
  14. 14. Australia’s emerging Queen of Popera Trained in opera at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne-born soprano Vanessa West debuted internationally in Italy in 2003 in Puccini’s epic classic, Turandot and Verdi’s masterpiece La Traviata in Florence with the L’estate Fiesolana Opera Festival. Vanessa returned to Italy in 2004 to perform in the ‘Australian Opera Gala’ Concert series with Rome’s Festival Euro Mediterraneo, and in 2005 was based in Florence after being awarded the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Award courtesy of the Acclaim Awards. In 2005 Vanessa also performed in various concerts including the 51st Puccini Festival, (Torre del Lago) and has worked extensively with Melbourne Opera Company, performing the roles of Fiordiligi in Così fan tutte, Gilda in Rigoletto, 1st Lady in The Magic Flute and Donna Anna in Don Giovanni. Vanessa also performed the role of Donna Anna more than 60 times in Co-Opera’s Australian and Asian tours of Don Giovanni. Vanessa debuted in the title role of Melbourne Opera’s 2007 touring production of Madama Butterfly and performed the role of the Countess in their 2008 production of The Marriage of Figaro to excellent reviews.
  15. 15. S So if you’d llike to tak a step down memory lane, d take don your pixie boots slip into your acid wash don o boots, ts t jeans and listen to the tracks on the enclosed jeans je lis thh demo CD. demo CD D I hope you enjoy them. pe y en the t contact Vanessa West M: 0409 129 893 west_vanessa This brochure is for promotional purposes only. © Vanessa West his