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Media magazine annotation

  1. 1. Main image Front Cover Analysis This promotional photo Shows Hugh Jackman still in character His expression is determined, serious,Mastheadbig so people buy the magazine and it stands out from the rest bold so it stands out Fixed on his goal, brave and looking in the distanceRed connotating danger empire has connotations of dominant. The main image Meaning he has something on his mind. He isis in front of the masthead because its more important than the masthead.Other images Wearing a tank top to show that he is muscly andThe background image is the sky Strong. The white represents purity but his jeans areConnotating that the WolverineIs on top of the world, stronger Black which connotates darkness making the coloursThan anyone and every one looks Of his clothes contradict each other.Up to him. The Wolverine looks like an anti heroSell lines Because of his anti hero-claws, he’s a guy who’sAre written in capital letters to grab Tough and wouldnt seem to be a good guy butThe readers attention, most of the sell At the end of the day he saves the day, therefore theLines in this magazine are about Colours of his clothes help illustrate this.‘X-MEN’ or about films that are similar Date/Issue No./PriceTo the movie like ‘The Dark Knight’ and The price of Empire magazine is £3.90 which is a highHighlight the most significant feature Price for a magazine as Empire is monthly magazineOf this issue. The sell line about Therefore the target audience would be willing to pay‘X-MEN’ is a bigger size than all the other £3.90 a month there for the target audience wouldSell lines and has a different colour so it Have a lot of money and in the a-c social grade.Stands out and looks individual from all The text is very small because its not as importantThe rest as any of the other text.Coloursthe colours used are blue, black and white, Other Sell LinesThey have connotations of manliness and The sell line ‘WOLVERINE HAS RETURNED’White is neutral and pure connotating connotates that wolverine is back to find thetwo sides to the movie. people who did wrong to him in the last movieMain sell line Connotating that there will be more action inThe main sell line is “X-MEN…” and this movie and you wouldn’t want to miss out.“WOLVERINE” , both sell lines are smaller Barcode The wolverine returned for empire magazine,The title of the magazine and also behind The barcode is shown on the front so its only empire magazine has the story on theThe main image this is because Easier for the shop keeper to scan and it wolverine.Of how big the fan base is of the X-MEN film Means the reader has to wait less at theAny fan would recognize the Wolverine at the counter so they can start reading the magazine as soon as they get itFront of the magazine. The colours also the coloursThe Wolverine is wearing keeping with the theme of purity and darkness.
  2. 2. ProposalFor this piece of course work Im going to create a magazine for a certain target audience. The type of magazine I will be creating is a magazine for blockbuster films that specialises in horror films. I chose this genre because I have many ideas for the photo shoot and I will be able to be creative during the shoot.The target audience is teenagers who love watching blockbuster horror films and like reading about what happens back stage during filming. My target audience will have a large collection of horror films and would be interested in going to the cinema regularly, they will also have an interest in what actors and actresses get up to and the type of life they live. I chose this target audience because teenagers love being scared and watching horror movies, the target audience is for both girls and boys. The social class for my target audience is b-d because teenagers arent that good at saving up money and have less money than adults and so should be able to afford this monthly magazine.I will search the internet to look at similar magazines like mine e.g. Empire and Total film, and look at the type of articles they write so I can get some ideas for my magazine.My magazine will be publisher will be Bauer (Bauer Media Group) because they produce magazines that are similar to mine like Empire
  3. 3. Mood Board
  4. 4. Sell Lines Contents Ideas• Win a trip to Hollywood to see the filming of new • Behind the scenes to the Oscars blockbuster movie Woman In Black • Oscars winners and losers/ worst and best moments• FREE A3 posters of Daniel Radcliffe in Woman In • The hunger games- sneak preview on the film Black, Megan Fox in Unborn and Sharni Vinsonin Your • Vans- new shoes in stores now Next • Lynx-new spray for women• Win a trip to meet the cast members of the film mirrors • Breaking dawn part one INSIDE• FREE dvd of behind the set of no ordinary girl • Taylor Lautner on a date?!!!• Latest news on the set of 21 jump street • Hollywoods newest couple• Be the first to know • Get to know the cast• World exclusive on paranormal activity 3 • Taylor lautner flashes?!!!!• Top tips on how to become a movie star • Exclusive pictures from behind the scenes of October• Meet Rihanna 31st• Movies from the 80’s• Win a trip to an old fashioned cinema in London• FREE Breaking Dawn part two Bella’s bracelet• FREE chucky DVD• FREE nightmare on elm street DVD
  5. 5. Design sketches
  6. 6. Film names• No ordinary girl• October 31st• Death child• I have a way of finding you• Daunting• screech
  7. 7. Magazine names• MegaMovie• BigFilm• Domain• Monitor• Screen• Cinema Boost• Engineer• The Flicks• Silver Screen• Big Screen• Show• Sky scraper
  8. 8. Features SubheadingsThe features section helps the person who The subheadings drawreads empire magazine turn to the article attention to the key features inthat they find most interesting. The features the magazine for example thesegment is followed up by pictures that ‘features’, ‘regulars’, ‘in Content page analysishave large page numbers and information cinemas’ and ‘at home’about what would be featuring on the pagewhich makes it easy for the person readingthe magazine to find the page they find Datemost interesting and want to read. The date is small and at The bottom of the page Because its not that important But the issue number is bold And large, this is because its more Important that the date this is toArticle Preview Show what issue people are buyingthe picture used is a small Which helps people who buy theImage out of the many images that Magazine regularly so they can keepWould be in the article. This lets Track of the issues they have and don’tReader decide if they will be interested haveIn reading the magazine and article, At homeThe page number is in bold and has a the at home section has a selection of what newVery outsized font so it stands out and DVD’s are out, what TV shows to watch, blue-Makes it easier for the reader to find ray, games to buy and what the top 10 ghost moviesThe article on “wolverine”. are all these have been chosen by the magazine asThey have used pictures of people you to what they think their readers would enjoy. Itwill be able to recognise so you read the article makes it easy for the reader to go to the page as theThe image catches your attention drawing your page number is in bold and has a larger text that theAttention to read the article information about what would be featured on the page, the reviews are also written in a large text so they stand out too, the reviews are used to promoteCover Feature the DVD’s, games, movies etc.The cover feature has the mostPictures compared to the rest of In CinemasThe features on the contents page, this tells film fanatics what are theThis is because it’s the most important Best movies to see in cinema, itArticle in the magazine and also so it Tell you what are must watch moviesAttracts people who don’t usually read And prevents you from beingThe magazine. Disappointed when you go to the Cinema as it shows the ratings, it’s a sneakText/Colour scheme peak on allThe text on both pages are small and have a simple Blockbuster movies. There are pagefont. The colours used are blue and black so that the Numbers for each rating so youtext doesn’t stands out in comparison to the pictures so Get more detail on the film. Readers whothe pictures stand out more attracting the readers to usuallylook pay more attention to the pictures. The titles for Read this magazine wouldthe feature are written in capital letters to make them know that empire magazine alwayseasy to read and stand out from the extra information has ratings so this is part of the regulars.about the features which s written smaller text. Theword ‘Oscars‘ is written in red which makes it stand out Regularsfrom the other text as it doesn’t follow the colour The regulars segmentscheme, lists all the regular features empireIts eye catching and draws you in magazine has, which makes it easySo it’s more obvious that that’s the for readers who usually read theMain article and its in a larger font making it easier to magazine and who are interestedsee. in some of the articles featured.
  9. 9. interviewMain ImageThe main image is a shot that is taken Double Page Analysis Pull quoteout of the movie with ‘The Wolverine’ the quote used is fascinatingand ‘Victor Creed’ and essential and has beenIn the shot. Its interesting as it shows a taken out of the article to getfight scene from the movie and the reader interested and to Colour schemetherefore attracts the reader to read persuade the reader to read The scheme colour is darkmore of the article. The image takes up and bright making it pure the article. The text is writtenalmost half the page because it makes in purple with a large fond and evil which reflectsit look as if there less to read and alsoempire readers will be attracted to the and some of the words are in the character of thelarge image. bold making it stand out Wolverine. Blues, blacksSecond image from the rest of the text and whites are used as the second image is smaller than the drawing the readers the colour scheme, thesefirst but is still large and can attract the attention and making it the colours havereaders attention to keep them reading first thing the reader looks at connotations ofthe article. Its also a shot from the manliness, neutral andmovie with Wolverine in the shot. This pure which connotateis an interview picture where Hugh two sides to the magazineJackman talks about his character and the Wolverine‘Wolverine’ and so is a key feature, itsan extreme long shot of the Wolverine Wolverine briefingusing a scene from the movie. In this segment has a lot of significant informationText about the movie. it tells theThe font used is simple, reader who the director,the font is about 8-12 release date, main actorsand the words used are and actresses in the movienot too hard to and the plot line to theunderstand movie. this segment helps readers understand what the article is about and attracts people to read the article to know more.
  10. 10. Interview with Mary Medrana Article DraftThis week we’re glad to be introducing to you the new upcoming star from the movie October 31 st . In this interview she talks about her life on the set of October 31st, whatshe struggled with when filming and what she actually does on her days off.First of all I’d like to congratulate you on the film, how did you feel winning such a big awards such as the Oscars?I never expected to have won anything after my first film, I cant even explain to you how amazed I was when I heard the news that I was nominated for such incredibleawards. This film was meant to be something I did for fun that would hopefully lead to other acting jobs, but instead this film put me on the map, I couldn’t be happier abouthow well this film did and Im actually proud to be part of this film phenomenon. Seeing as this is my first film and it did so well just means Im a great actress. No Im joking, itmeans that this is just the beginning of my acting career.How was you experience on the set of October 31st?At first I didn’t know what to expect because I had never really been on the set of a big blockbuster film, but its actually really fun seeing how things work on a set and seeingpeople at work. One day I hope to be a director or someone who in the background and help make the movie better, I think without them movies wouldn’t be as great asthey are.What’s the weirdest thing a fan has done to get your attention?I had this guy like jump onto the red carpet and he actually proposed to me, I mean it was so cute but I’d never experienced anything like it, I didn’t know what to say or howto let him down easy so I just said may be in a few years. He was cute anyways so I wouldn’t mind meeting up with him in the future. There was also this other time where afan had got into the back of my car while the driver wasn’t looking, I thought she was very dedicated because I remember I was a fan girl once myself, so we just sat there inmy car talking while we drove her back to her house. I don’t think I’ll ever forget those moments.Whats it like on the red carpet?Its interesting, you have so many people wanting to take pictures of you and wanting to have an interview with you. Im not used to having so many people being interestedin me. Its fun while it lasts but I wasn’t sure what I should do when I first got on the carpet. Im not sure If I’ll ever get used to all the attention you get. Its somehow stressful lin a way because you have everyone shouting your name but on the Brightside you get to see all your fans with their banners and its delightful talking to them , takingpictures with them and signing autographs for them.What made you want to do this movie?Since I was a kid I always loved watching horror movies and I would try to re-enact the scenes from movies id have watched. I usually performed my re-enactments in front ofmy mum and she would film most of them and put them on youtube, after a while my videos started getting more and more views and people could comment and say howgood I was at re-enacting horror scenes and once someone had commented on how my video was actually better than the real thing and from then on it had been a dream ofmine to star in a horror movie.How was it like filming the scariest part of the film?it was the most fun I had had in a long time. I loved watching how they transformed me to look scary, I looked completely different, it was amazing. Filming the scenes wasjust extraordinary, there is so much work that goes into filming the scenes and I got to see that, now I know how they make thing look so real and one of the directors toldme how they make things like ghosts appear. I never really thought the scenes were scary till I had watched the movie for the first time in the cinema. The movie was likenothing I had imagined, it looked so different to when we were filming. I was literally glued to my seat.Did you find it weird seeing your face on TV when the movie was being advertised?I have to honestly say that I did, first time the trailer was on TV my mum literally screamed my name and I ran up the stairs to see what was wrong and she was like “look it’’re on TV”. I just stood there astounded and surprised. It was so exciting, and from then on the movie had become reality to me. Since then when I walked down thehigh street people would recognise my face from the movie trailer, some people would stop and ask for my signature, it felt pretty amazing always got a happy feeling whensomeone recognised me.Have there been any embarrassing moments at premieres?Oh gosh yeah! There was this one time at the LA premiere and I was wearing a long lacy brown skin tone dress and I had these long six inch heels and as I was walking myheels got tangled up with my dress and I ended up tripping and bumping into Taylor Lautner who was unfortunately standing right next to me, it was extremely embarrassingbecause I thought I had torn my dress which at that time would have made matters worse but it turned out to being the highlight of the night because I was fortunateenough that I ended up talking to Taylor the whole time we were at the premiere.
  11. 11. Key Concepts Research- RepresentationRepresentation is how the magazine represents itself and makes itself different from other magazines using a house style for example texts, fonts, imagery, colours, format, quality and more. There are many stiles and genres of magazines which is called the mode of address. Many types of magazines have a different mode of address depending on what their chosen target audience is for the reason that magazines are designed to be aimed at different genders. Different magazines are targeted towards different genders, for example magazines that talk about cars are aimed at boys/men and fashion magazines are aimed at girls/women. For a car magazine the mode of address would be dark colours like blue and black or red which connotates dominance, there would be adverts to do with cars and competitions that would interest a man or a boy, you would have images of the perfect man or teenager so the target audience would desire what the person in the magazine has. As for a fashion magazine the mode of address would be bright colours like pink and purple (stereotypical colours for girls), there would be adverts that have something to do with clothes, hair products, shoes and make up, you would have competitions that would grab the attention of a teenage girl or woman, the competitions would be like winning a chance to go to a fashion show or being able to meet the new hunk in a new chick flick. Not forgetting the skinny young girl who the target audience would want to look like. Film magazines are generally aimed at both genders, teenagers and young adults magazines such as Total film and Empire usually include pictures if well known actors and actresses who people aspire to be. Music magazines are normally designed for teenagers, the mode of address would be dark colours such as blue, black, whites and reds. There would be adverts advertising new musicians, new albums ect and completions for example winning ipods or winning CD’s. The types of people you would find in a music magazine would usually depend on what type of music the magazine represents and advertises, for example a punk rock magazine would have images of rock or punk bands and musician and classic stereotypes of punk and rock teens.
  12. 12. Key Concepts Research- Codes and ConventionsUsually in a magazine you would be expecting sell lines, which is a few words that are likely to attract the target audience to the features that will appear in the magazine, a masthead is included telling the audience what the magazine is called, it usually has a larger text and different font to the rest of the text on the magazine front page. You would expect to find the price of the magazine on the front page but the font size would be small because the price is not very important and magazines are usually aimed at the target grade ABC1 so they wouldn’t really worry about what price the magazine is. The main images are usually scenes from movies, the main image would be made large so its more eye catching to the target audience. The release date is as small as the price because yet again its not as important as the rest of the text on the front page, the release date helps usual readers keep track of what magazines they have bought, the realised date tells you how often the magazine realised and also helps you tell what social grade the magazine is. The contents page includes regulars, features, reviews and an index page, a contents page also includes pictures of what’s in store inside the magazine. New media is also expected to be found in a magazine, new media is social websites such as twitter and facebook keeping readers informed and telling them news to do with the magazine. New media is used to attract people who use social website, these are usually teens. Adverts are always in magazines and help promote different types of things from brands to music.
  13. 13. Key Concepts Research- institutionAn institution is the job of a manufacturer and are very acknowledged and is usually a income based production that deals with the creation and helps with advertising, entertainment, cover price etc. Most of the wealth is made from advertising. There are different publishers in the UK, the main ones are Emap, IPC Media. Magazines produced by these companies are Teen now, Now and architects’ journal. There are two watchdogs of magazines these are PCC (press complaints commission) and the ASA (advertising standards agency), they deal with any problems a customer would have, suggestions and questions about the magazine.
  14. 14. Key Concepts Research- audienceIts always important that a magazine has a specific audience, it makes it easier to choose the mode of address. Magazines class their audience in social grades. The main social grades are ABC1 and C2DE, ABC1 is the social grade that is given to upper and middle class people such as doctors, managing directors etc and C2DE is the social grade given to working class and under class citizens. Social grades help sum up how much people earn and how much people would be able to spend on a magazine. Social grades are also used to attract certain target audiences. Uses and gratifications theory is a way of understanding why people look for specific media content for enjoyment reasons. The theory talks about how customer look for media that improve facts on celebrities and general day to day life, social relationships and entertainment.
  15. 15. Contact Sheet
  16. 16. Target Audiencemy social group will be ABC1 men and women, girl and boys because they would have more money to buy the magazine monthlyand stay loyal to the magazine.People who would read my magazine:Mary is a 16 year old girl who’s mum works as a lawyer and dad works as an accountant and therefore gets a lot of pocket moneyeach month . She likes movies and is interested in watching upcoming blockbuster movies , she likes finding out what the bestupcoming movies are before anyone else. All her role models are famous actresses such as Kristen Stewart from the Twilight Saga.Mary is not as interested in fashion as she is in movies, she goes to the cinema as often as she can but normally four times amonth. She is not interested in being the most popular person in school but is the one person that everyone goes to when theyare looking for movie gossip or what movies they should go see. In Mary’s room she has a lot of movie posters. Mary makes it herfirst priority to go to all the movie premiers and meet the cast of the movie. once in a while her parents get her VIP tickets topremiers so she gets to walk on the red carpet with the actors and actresses. Mary has her own big TV in her room so she canwatch all the movies she possibly can. Her favourite movie genre is horror because she likes being scared.