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Comic Essay

  1. 1. Comic essayIn this essay I will be comparing the two comics Beano and Spider Man and looking at theirdifferences and similarities.The typography used on the beano front cover is designed for young people with the targetaudience of 5-10. The language used on the front cover is informal because of the targetaudience. The connotation for using informal language is for the target audience understandsthe words used. The price is very low at 50p this is great because the target audience wouldbe able to afford the comic. There is a date and issue number on the comic it makes it mucheasier for collectors of the comic to collect the comics. When in the speech bubble it says“it’s a girl” is easy to understand whats going on. The comic advertises lots of freebees tohelp make people buy the comic. There is a plug used which advertises joining a beano clubfor free. Its free the connotation for this is that its free because the target audience would notbe willing to pay more money with the money their monthly allowances. The masthead usesvery bold colours such as the primary colour red which connotates anger but when the colouryellow is added, it brightens the masthead and makes it more calm and bold at the same time.The masthead is bubble writing and looks 3D and that helps catch the target audience’s eye.The words used are informal so the target audience will be able to understand the languageused. The price of the comic is 50p the connotation is that the target audience will be able toafford the comic but the price has been put in small the connotation is that the first thing tocatch the audience is not the price. The freebee and the plug have been written in bold coloursand simple writing the connotation is that its simple for the target and not too grown up. Thegender is for males because the comic advertises a freebee beano banger and that is not thesort of things girls would want to buy. The words in the speech bubble are bold and red theconnotation is that its young and masculine.
  2. 2. The typography used in the spider man comic is designed for the target audience of10-15.The spider man comic uses formal language because the target audience is much older andsmarter than the beano audience. The plug says “the civil war chapter” on the top of thecomic the connotation is that the comic is set in the civil war. The institution of the comic isMarvel. Marvel has produced many comic so the readers of those comic would be interestedin reading spider man. There is an issue number this helps collectors collect the comic, this isgood for comic and its collectors. There is also a price that is suitable for the target audience.There are formal words used in the comic such as astonishing this explains that its for anolder age range. Prey for life is a play-on words, prey is food but is used as pray and is prayto god. This co notates that spider man is the prey because he looks weak and there is thevillain preying spiderman. The colours used are masculine and dark it helps set the genderwhich is male. The masthead doesn’t stand out, it is also dull this help show that it’s a darkComic not meant for girls. The font used in the masthead is bold and bright the connotation isthat it stands out and is attractive to the audience because of the colours used. The red outlinein the masthead connotates danger and masculinity. The font is big and slightly bubblewriting this helps the masthead stand out from other comics but its not too childish. Spiderman has been put in the front and the scenery is a desert and the villain is showed theconntation helps the target audience know what is in store in the comic without revealing allthats in the comic. Spider man looks weak and vulnerable because his mask is ripping off hisface, he is sweating the connotation is to interest the reader so their interested in finding outwhat happens to spider man.The magazine front cover tells more information. Like dennis having a new baby sister. Thefacial expression on Dennis’s connotates that hes not happy about the new of happy a newbaby sister...theres more trouble going to be caused be dennis.The spider man magazine front cover tells more information. The birds following the villaincoontates that he controls birds or has something to do with birds. The cactus connotates thatthe setting is in a desert.the target audience for the beano comic is targeted to 5-10 years old. The comic is based ona kids on cbbc. The target audience is boys because of the colours used and the maincharacter is a boy, the way the main character is drawn- with messy hair shows that hedoesn’t care and is very mischievous. I think it is very successful because of the free bangerswhich only young boys would want, colours used, and the main character and the informallanguage.
  3. 3. The target audience for the spider man comic is 10-15 years old. Its for boys because of thecolours used. The illustration is more detailed and not as simple as it would be for a kidscomic. This is successful because of the language used and the fact that it shows theinstitution, only older people would be more interested in the institution.