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Comic annotation

  1. 1. Age range - 8-12Because the maincharacter is youngand the clothes heWears and based onA kids tv show on cbbc(kids channel)Class- A-C1 becausethey get moredisposable incomeGender- boysBecause the maincharacter is a boy theclothes he wearsexpresses that hes astereo type boy. In thetv shows he does lotsof pranks on hisneighbours. The comicalso uses stereo typemale colours on thecomic front coverLikes/dislikes- like-the coloursnotify That the comic is mainlyfor boys Dislike- its too stereotypical some girls might Likereading beano because thereare girls in beano townCodes- the colours usedare very masculine so thatExpresses that it’s a boys comicThe language used is informalBecause of the age range is8-12The price is 50p so the targetAudience can afford the comicits is also for a higher class becausethey could afford it weeklyThe target audience Isyoung boys who like prankingInstitutions – no institutionsBecause the target audiencecare more about the coloursthan the institutionsmasthead- the colours usedare very bold so its eye catchingRepresentation- the maincharacter is a boy with noblyknees and that represents thathes laid back and causal he has scruffyclothes and messy hair and implies thathe doesn’t care about his appearanceFacial expressions- the look onDenniss dads face shows thathe is happy to be having a girlbut the look on Denniss faceshows disappointment Andhis anger and shock to the news ofadding a new baby girl in the equationThe full bleed is setin thehospital Because ofwhatDenniss dadswearingThe speech bubble shows thatThe father is very proud to beHaving a baby girl because orthe exclamation mark and thefacial Features and the text is big, boldso its easy to read and stands outMotion lines- there are motionlines when the dad storms intothe room to share the goodnews with Dennis. When Dennisand nasha (the dog) falls backwardswhen the dad storms inThere is a plug on the topof the comic to inform readersthat there is going to be anew character (Denniss new sister)and tells the reader whats going tobe inside the comicThe target audience will enjoyreading the comic for entertainmentbecause the reader will see that thecharacter relates to them with theclothes he wears and the fact that he’sa boy who doesn’t care about hisappearance boys will learn to relate to the characterIt includes free beesbecause it makespeople buy the comicIssue numberhelpscollectorsBarcode usefulfor selling instoresThe colours used are primary colours, red and black areassociated the devil and those are the colours that dennis wearsAlliteration-thetag lineis catchy andfun and rollsoff the tongue
  2. 2. Play on words when said“play for life…” pray as inGod and prey as food preyThe colours used aremasculine and dark it helpsSet the gender which is malePublishers logo Marvel makespeople who Read the marvelcomics buy this one. it’s away of advertising the comicThere is an issue numberAnd that tells us when theComics have been madeIt helps collectorsThe price is show and isSet for the age range theComic is set for, its is alsoThe amount of money thatThe age range will be ableTo afford.The age range is 10-15People that age would betrying to read scarycomics to show howgrown up the are . The age is 10-15Because of the dark boy like coloursthat are used and the full bleed imagethe villain dressed as a birdmakes people scared.Birds hunt for food such asworms and spiders(spider man is his prey)The cactus shows thatThe scene is set in a desertAnd helps tell what the storyIs on the insideSymbolia -All the birds are followingThe bad guy (he is makingThem follow him) shows thatHe is the leaderThe masthead doesn’tStand out, it is also dullThis help show that it’sa dark Comic not meantfor girlsThere are no framesAround the imageSpider-mans clothes areripped and he is sweatingit shows that he is strugglingThere is a narrative indicatorAt the top of the page“a civil war chapter” ithelps explain that therewill be a war going on in the comicPublishers logo helps peopleknow who the publisher isbecause they might like thethings they publishTypical type of comic art used for the comicMight attract people who like the civil warIntertextual reference shows that marvel has made this comic
  3. 3. Similarities and differences• Beano is more for young ages as for the spider man comic is more for older and more mature ages• The animation is different- the drawing styles are different• The spider man comic shows you the publishers logo as for beano it doesn’t because the target audiencewouldn’t care what the publishers logo was• The colours are more dull but the beano one is more colourful because the target audience usually goesthe eye catching comics but the readers of the spider man comic only care about whats inside the comicnot about the colours because they are more mature• The spider man has more developed words that the readers would understand but the beano comic haseasy to read words because the target audience isnt as mature and developed as the spider man comic• The beano comic has free bees because it need something to draw the target audience in but as for thespider man comic all is added it a civil war chapter because that would interest the audience of the comic.