Op 6 draft part 2


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Op 6 draft part 2

  1. 1. Information of Genre Delia Dan Part C "womans film" Melodramas are a subgenres of drama films,characterized by a plot to appeal the emotions from the film to the audience, viewer. Addiction Drama I think the subgenre could be addiction drama because the girl is addicted of not eating and always forcing herself to vomit. Crime Drama When serious thinks happening in the storyline till the end of the movie, about crime or killing
  2. 2. Conventions Of Genre Drama Andreea Cristea Part CConvention Name of film Still shots How they show the conventionLove Ps I love you By the way they look at each other, it shows how they are in love, also by the close-up shot.Sadness If only By using a close up shot of the woman crying, shows she is sad because of love. It shows her emotions.Lost love A walk to remember By the shot showing that she is sick. Also that she is pale, and it shows something is not right, she is not feeling good.Social class Titanic Shows the difference by the clothes they are wearing, and the way their parties are. The higher class, they look more posh, more sitting down, but the working class, they dance, they have fun.
  3. 3. Conventions Of Genre Drama Andreea Cristea Part CConvention Name of film Still shots How they show the conventionTragedy Romeo and Juliet Shows with a close up shot, that she is trying to kill herself which is a tragedy.Happy Notebook Because it is a love story, it shows a mid shot of the 2Ending lovers together. Because they are old now, it shows that they are together, and they been together for a long time.Poverty North Country Shows the poverty, because the woman wear a helmet, which is a very hard job, therefore she is doing this because of the need of money.Isolation Shows that the girl is by herself, she is scared. By the way she is sitting, it shows fear, she is hiding.
  4. 4. Conventions Of Sub-Genre Thriller Andreea Cristea Part CConvention Name of film Still shots How they show the conventionMirror Odd Girl Out Shows that the girl is looking in the mirror, it builds enigma, don’t know what will happen next.Shadows Child’s play Shadows, to emphasise the fear.Flashback Resident Evil The movie includes flashback, to inform the audience what has happened before.Death / The ring Shows that the the girl from the ring is trying to kill the girl.Killing Shows the girl screaming, also a blonde girl being killed, which shows naivity.Blood Halloween Blood is also a convention for a thriller. It shows that (The curse of something is not clear, Michael Myers) something bad has happened.
  5. 5. Conventions Andreea Cristea Part CConvention Use/Develop/Challenge Description & Purpose Examples from FILM (name of film with still shot)Isolation USE- we will use isolation a A girl who is very depressed, convention in our opening she is always by herself, sequence, to show that the isolated from others. Not very girl is isolated, that is how she friendly, and she always hides feels. something.Sadness DEVELOP- To show that the A close up shot of the woman’s If only girl is very sad, when she face, to show the emotions. remembers about what happened, she starts crying. We can develop this by using a close up shot of her face, to show emotion of sadness.Tragedy Trying to jump of a bridge. To When the girl feels depressed, build enigma. she is trying to jump off the bridge, but her friends save her.