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A presentation i did for class about Tech

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  • There are many genre of electronic gaming, however, today, I want to talk to you a specific type of electronic gaming called a First Person Shooter.
  • Now, What is a First Person Shooter?A first person shooter game is a type of game that centers on projectile weapon-based combat that is set in a 3D environment. This means that when you play a FPS game, you will be looking through the eyes of another person. Like we can see from this picture
  • Now for the history of FPS, the first FPS type game ever created is called Maze War. It started the principle of 1st person perspective games, by having you look through the eye of another person and having a gun.
  • However, the game that revolutionizes the concept of FPS games was not Maze War, but instead, is called Doom. With its unique design, Doom managed to popularize FPS gaming which lead to the development of more FPS games.
  • When it comes to FPS games, there are mainly 2 types of way, you can play a game. You can buy a retail games like Call of Duty MW3 cost around $60 USD when it was first released.
  • Or you can get downloadable games like this one called crossfire that is Free to play. Now you might be wondering, why would someone pay so much, if they can just play free games? I will explain this as we go on.
  • In Retail Games,everyone starts on an even footing, and as you kill more people, you level up, unlock more upgrades or guns.
  • However for Downloaded Games, if you are willing to spend money, you can buy weaponseven if you only level 1. This creates a level of unfairness to other players, as some will start with a machine gun, while others only have a pistol.
  • For Retail Games, the graphics is oftenso good that they look quite real, and some games allow you to blow up a whole building and you can watch as the debris explode and fly everywhere.
  • However, for downloaded game, the graphics is often cartoon-ish or don’t even look real. So that’s the definite win for the Retail Game
  • Now, in all FPS Gaming, there is always hackers. Hackers are people who create 3rd party program to cheat in games. For Retail gaming, there is almost next to no hackers, however for downloaded games, there is tons of hackers. This is because the only way to counter hacking, is for the Admin banned the hackers. In downloaded games, they will just create new free accounts to continue hacking. However, who would want to banned from playing a $60-90 game?
  • Are video gaming really bad for us?To me, I believe that FPS gaming is not harmful to people. Frankly, I admit that constantly shooting people might have an emotional effect on a 9 year old. Like when my cousin got so mad that he keep dying that he started crying. True Story. and this is why most FPS games have an ‘M’ rating on it. However, most people that play FPS games are matured adults, and I’m sure they are emotionally prepared for shooting some digital people.  Personally, when I play FPS games, I don’t get frustrated or really angry when I die. I just stare at the screen while I wait to revive, than keep playing. I never got so frustrated that I had to go see a therapist or have to urge to shoot someone.  Some scientist says that FPS games harms people, due to the fact that computer gives out a lot of radiation. However in my opinion, computers gives out the same amount of radiation as a non-gamer onFacebook or reading 9gag.
  • Why do some people like it?There are many reasons why people like FPS games. It’s competitive. ( people fight against each other on the internet to be the best player.)It’s fun to win at something.It is a good way of venting your frustration at something. (story telling: The last time I got mad at my parents for constantly nagging at me, so I just went to my game, vent my frustration by shooting at some things.)For most players, you don’t need much skill to play this game. Only on a professional level do you need a lot of skills. And most importantly, you can play with your friends.
  • The End.
  • FPS Gaming

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