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  • 1. Children’s Literature: Importance and Components An Interactive Power Point Philip VanElsacker Ed. 205
  • 2. Why read to Children?
    • Benefits children’s growth as readers and learners.
    • Teaches children to appreciate the written word.
    • Helps children develop important language skills that will help them learn to read on their own.
    • Helps build children’s listening skills and attention span.
    • Introduces child to new concepts.
  • 3. What are characteristics of good children’s books?
    • Good books have a beginning, middle, an ending, and a conflict or problem that is being solved
    • Good books use language that is pleasing to listen to
    • Good books evoke feelings from the audience
  • 4. Children’s Literature Main Slide Nouns Verbs Adjective Compound Words Synonyms Antonyms Contractions Resources About the author Quit Click on picture for video link on verbs.
  • 5. Nouns Quit A noun is a person, place, thing or idea. When the DOG bites. When the BEE stings. In these sentences, the noun is capitalized. Can you guess the nouns in this sentence? Brown paper packages tied up with strings.
  • 6. Verbs Quit Verbs carry the idea of being or action in the sentence. I AM a student. The students PASSED all their courses. In these sentences the verb is capitalized. Can you guess the verb in this sentence? The truck demolished the restaurant.
  • 7. Adjective Quit Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in a sentence. The TALL professor A MONTH’S pay Here the adjectives are capitalized. Can you guess the adjective in this sentence? The lugubrious lieutenant lost his platoon.
  • 8. Quit Compound Word A compound word is two separate words that are joined together to make one word. Examples of compound words: firefly secondhand softball keyboard
  • 9. Synonym Quit Synonyms are different words with the exact or very similar meanings. What are the synonyms in this group of words? buy, quick, purchase, sick
  • 10. Antonym Quit An antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another. What could be the antonym’s of these words fast: big: long:
  • 11. Contractions Quit Contractions are shortened forms, or the shortening of a word or phrase. For example can’t - won’t - he’ll - didn’t - don’t What contractions do these words form? does not - we are - we have
  • 12. About the author
    • My name is Philip VanElsacker and I am a student at GVSU. I am majoring in English with a minor in elementary education. I hope on becoming an elementary teacher someday, teaching wherever life takes me. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to email me at vanelsap @student. gvsu . edu
  • 13. Resources Quit http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=h4QEzJe6_ok http://grammar. ccc . commnet . edu /grammar. htm http://www. flickr .com