Thought Leadership Marketing - Silicon Valley AMA (SVAMA)


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Thought Leadership Marketing presentation delivered to the Silicon Valley AMA chapter on 12/11/2008.

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Thought Leadership Marketing - Silicon Valley AMA (SVAMA)

  2. 2. After-Event Slides & Resources  The slides and resource links are available electronically after the event:
  3. 3. The Five Key Topics We’ll Explore: 1 | Defining Thought Leadership & Its Growth in Marketing Thought leadership is fast becoming the most widely used and desired B2B marketing practice... 2 | Attaining Thought Leader Status – The Thought Leader’s Mindset Thought leaders set themselves apart using eight mandatory attributes. 3 | Thought Leadership Cases & Companies Who’s using thought leadership marketing and how. 4 | The Thought Leadership Marketing Toolkit The tools of the trade for thought leadership marketers. 5 | Building & Measuring the Thought Leadership Marketing Plan How to, pitfalls and how to know if you’re succeeding with thought leadership marketing.
  4. 4. Who are Thought Leadership Marketers?  Thought leadership marketers focus on earning trust and establishing credibility.  Thought leaders get noticed by offering something useful and different—information, insights, and ideas, for instance.  Thought leadership marketers earn the position of industry authority, resource and trusted advisor.  They establishing their reputation as a generous contributor to the industry.  Thought Leaders Attain – Not Claim
  5. 5. Benefits of Thought Leadership Marketing  Prospects put themselves further into the sales cycle  Shorten the sales cycle  Change the pattern & terms of how people buy from you  Diminish price resistance  Prospects experience your value before buying  Buyers invested in you before purchasing  Growth in media placements & requests  Search Marketing find-ability  Great content is good for search engines and customers
  6. 6. TLM Tops B2B Marketers Lists “Traditional approaches to B2B marketing are losing their impact. Today, B2B marketers are turning towards thought leadership as a way to differentiate their products and services in an increasingly competitive market.” Economist Intelligence Unit, 2008
  7. 7. Thought Leadership Marketing – Your Priorities Need to Align with Customers’
  8. 8. Thought Leadership Marketing – Priorities in all Times (not just tough times) Also Seeking:  Trust(worthiness)  Assuage Fears  “Feel Good” about decisions  Positive Messages  HELP!
  9. 9. Thought Leadership Marketer Cisco  Entire senior management team is organized around the goal of promoting Cisco as a thought leader in the technology field  Earning credibility by creating information that places company objectives second to the goal of educating prospects  Every Cisco executive must establish and nurture his or her own reputation for thought leadership, through blogging, public speaking, and writing articles “When you look at thought leadership you can break it out into a number of different areas. It must be visionary. It looks at the future. It must be provocative, and it must put the our customer’s needs first.” Mark Peshoff, Senior Director of Cisco‟s Executive Thought Leadership
  10. 10. Thought Leadership Marketer Cisco
  11. 11. Thought Leadership Marketer Cisco “Once thought leadership is established, the rest of the industry, the media, academia, government policymakers and the broader business community turn to that company for ideas and for insights into where things are going.” “The credibility we gain through thought leadership contributes to a sustainable market leadership position. “Cisco’s status in the technology field, and the business world, and its dedication to thought leadership are inseparable.” Mark Peshoff, Senior Director of Cisco‟s Executive Thought Leadership
  12. 12. Thought Leadership Marketer Crest Toothpaste In the 1950s, the Holy Grail of toothpaste was to create a product with therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits. Crest got there first—and dominated for decades.  1960 recognition by the American Dental Assoc.  Set the conversation for the entire toothpaste industry  The Crest Dental Plan (Club Crest)  “Health Expressions” newsletter  Online resources for both dentists and consumers (lessons, talking points, chat)  Best-selling toothpaste in America for more than three decades.
  13. 13. Thought Leadership Marketer Breakthrough Management Group, Inc. Leader in Six Sigma consulting, training, and software support tools  Media Availability & Expert Commentary (hundreds of column inches worth of helpful press)  Keynote speakers, industry event chairs  Cause Alignment  CEO Blog  Newsletters  Free Webinars
  14. 14. Thought Leadership Marketer Breakthrough Management Group, Inc. “Our thought leadership efforts have become the flagship for BMG’s reputation, which has helped our global expansion tremendously,” says Silverstein. “It has been especially helpful in Asia and Latin America, where name recognition goes a long way. My industry reputation has helped BMG’s sales team get their foot in the door in key overseas markets.” David Silverstein, CEO, BMGI
  15. 15. Thought Leadership is a Way of Being “It’s not about trying to pontificate on how great you are, or just trying to edify yourself. In a lot of ways, it’s truly a way of being. It’s something you can’t say about yourself… it’s really what others say about you.” Brian Carroll
  16. 16. Mapping the Thought Leadership Marketing Toolkit
  17. 17. Building Blocks of Thought Leadership Marketing Lead Capture & Nurturing Media & Outreach Delivery Schedule Content/Intellectual Capital Industry Dialogue Passion / Mindset / Commitment
  18. 18. Recognizing A Thought Leadership Marketing Opportunity  Significant shifts or changes in your industry or field  Recognition that getting your ideas out ahead of your competitors is critical to success  A mentor leads you to the opportunity  No one‟s having the conversation you want to have in the industry or local area  Facing a business crisis  The desire to „attract‟ more of the right clients than to „hunt‟ the “right now” clients
  19. 19. Are You Ready for Thought Leadership? 1) Do you love what you do? 1) Passionate enough to push TL 2) Sustain interest in years to come 2) Are you willing to teach? 1) “Educate the market” mentality 2) Do you “enjoy helping your customers & prospects”? 3) Are you comfortable with “reaching outside”? 1) Expand beyond your existing network 4) Are you will to take a stand with your message? 1) Do you have a unique position on industry issues? 2) Can you frame & express those views? 3) Can you get people to notice?
  20. 20. Are You Ready for Thought Leadership? 5) Are you a “confident learner”? 1) Balance your positions with listening 2) Ears to the ground for trend shifts & opportunities 6) Do you have a “long-term” perspective? 1) Spend time today for reward tomorrow 2) “Faith in the future” 7) Are you comfortable with “no end point” to TL? 1) Willing to work a long time toward this goal 2) Stay motivated!
  21. 21. Five Keys to Successful TLM  Be Generous With Your Knowledge  Share beyond the marketing speak  Be Consistent  Calendar your activities – daily, weekly, monthly routine  Always Deliver Value  Listen, think, revise, teach, repeat  Take A Stand  Take your strong positions to market  Focus On The Long-term Benefits  Track your results in months & years
  22. 22. Altruism Before Capitalism “In short, this is simply an organization putting the needs of its constituents ahead of its own needs. Or, aligning itself with advancing the welfare of its customers before (and while) advancing its own. “ Dana VanDen Heuvel
  23. 23. Thought Leadership Marketing Thank You! Need help after the presentation? Email
  24. 24. Panel Discussion: Getting the Most Out Of Your Marketing Budget  Mark Stiving, Ph.D.,  Joe Giglierano,  Value-based Pricing  Marketing Leader, National Department Chair, Semiconductor Inc. SJSU  Bill Flitter,  Karen Warner Nelson,  CEO/Co-founder Pheedo Inc.  President/CEO, Pacific Media