Thought Leadership Marketing: From Hidden Talent to Visible Expert - Presented at the Iowa AMA


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Thought Leadership Marketing: From Hidden Talent to Visible Expert - Presented at the Iowa AMA

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers are being asked to position their firms as thought leaders in the industries they serve, but many marketers are still murky on just what thought leadership is and even more unsure of how to activate their experts for thought leadership. Marketers need more than just a body of content and social media to become thought leaders on the issues that are most relevant to their customers.

This event is designed for marketers who seek to use thought leadership as a means to market their brand and want to know the best way to establish thought leadership within their industry. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of what thought leadership is, and what it is not, how to build the discipline of thought leadership in an organization and how to take the first steps away from ‘hidden talent’ toward the ideal of ‘visible expert’.

Attendees will leave armed with a series of tools to help them determine and test their platform, establish the right thought leadership channels and build the case for thought leadership marketing in their organization.

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Thought Leadership Marketing: From Hidden Talent to Visible Expert - Presented at the Iowa AMA

  1. 1. Thought  Leadership  Marke2ng   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  2. 2. Presenta2on  Roadmap   What  is  Thought  Leadership  Marke(ng?   Why  become  a  thought  leader?   How  do  we  become  a  thought  leader?   How  have  others  used  thought  leadership?   What  can  I  do  to  leverage  thought  leadership   in  my  role?   •  Thought  Leadership  self-­‐assessment   •  •  •  •  •  The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  3. 3. What  is  Thought  Leadership?   “Thought  leadership  centers  on  earning  trust  and   credibility.  Thought  leaders  get  no4ced  by  offering   something  different—informa6on,  insights,  and   ideas  –  for  instance.  Thought  leadership  posi4ons   you  and  your  company  as  an  industry  authority   and  resource  and  trusted  advisor  by  establishing   your  reputa4on  as  a  generous  contributor  to  your   industry.”   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  4. 4. Thought  Leadership  is  a  Way  of  Being   “It’s  not  about  trying  to  pon4ficate  on  how  great   you  are,  or  just  trying  to  edify  yourself.  In  a  lot  of   ways,  it’s  truly  a  way  of  being.  It’s  something  you   can’t  say  about  yourself…  it’s  really  what  others   say  about  you.”   Brian  Carroll   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  5. 5. Thought  Leadership  Is:   •  Not  just  being  heard  in  important  debates  but   being  able  to  lead  and  shape  conversa2ons   •  Not  just  appearing  in  leading  publica(ons  online   and  off,  but  being  seen  as  the  go-­‐to  source  of   opinion   •  Not  just  thinking  and  expressing  but  integra2ng   the  thought  leadership  into  new  products   •  Not  just  marke(ng  but  entering  adjacent   markets   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   Source:  hQp://­‐growth-­‐of-­‐thought-­‐leadership-­‐as-­‐a-­‐marke(ng-­‐strategy/   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  6. 6. However,  Thought  Leadership  is  Not…   PR   Evangelism   Haydn  Shaughnessy   Thought  leadership  has  to  have  one  essen4al  component.  Thought   leadership  must  contain  ideas  that  are  in  some  sense  leading  a   conversa6on,  a  market  segment,  a  professional  group.  Task  number   one  in  designing  a  thought  leadership  program  is  to  decide  what   conversa4on  or  market  or  group  you  want  to  lead  and  can  lead.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  7. 7. Presenta2on  Roadmap   What  is  Thought  Leadership  Marke(ng?   Why  become  a  thought  leader?   How  do  we  become  a  thought  leader?   How  have  others  used  thought  leadership?   What  can  I  do  to  leverage  thought  leadership   in  my  role?   •  Thought  Leadership  self-­‐assessment   •  •  •  •  •  The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  8. 8. The  Thought  Leadership  Equa2on   Competence,  purpose  and   core  market   understanding  inform  the   point  of  view  &  thought   leadership  plaDorm.   Thought  leaders  outshine   their  compe6tors  who   compete  on  price  and   adver6sing.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   Strategic  use  of  TLM  tools   and  channels  with  media   collabora4on  garner  your   share  voice  in  the  industry   and  spark  the  industry   dialogue  around  your   ideas.     As  buyers  seek  out  more   real  market  dialogue,  SOV   is  an  increasingly  important   factor  contribu6ng  to   marketplace  success.   Thought  leaders  and   trusted  advisors  occupy   the  greatest  share  of  mind   among  business  buyers.     Share  of  mind  predicts   share  of  market.  Thought   Leadership  Marke6ng   steadily  increases  your   SOM  with  buyers,   growing  your  share  of   market.   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  9. 9. Marke2ng  is  Converging  on     Thought  Leadership   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  10. 10. Growing  Chorus  of  TLM  Advocates   •  •  •  •  The  Gartner  Group  cites  Thought  Leadership   Marke(ng  (TLM)  as  a  major  business  trend   that  was  incubated  in  high  technology  and   consul(ng  circles  but  is  now  rapidly   becoming  an  established  field  in  marke(ng   and  a  basis  of  compe((ve  differen(a(on.     The  Economist  Intelligence  unit  iden(fied   Thought  Leadership  Marke(ng  as  a  top   “Megatrend”  in  B2B  marke(ng.  B2B   marketers  view  “posi(oning  the  business  as   a  thought  leader  in  the  industry”  and   “standing  out  from  the  compe((on”  as  top   challenges.     A  recent  analysis  by  the  Corporate  Execu2ve   Board  shows  that  high  value  customers  like   business  clients,  wealthy  individuals  or  chief   financial  officers  are  increasingly  demand   educa(on  and  advice  as  part  of  the  sales   experience.     Forrester  Research  also  has  ongoing  thought   leadership  research  projects.     The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  11. 11. Thought  Leadership  Gets  APen2on   •  9  of  the  top  11  effec(ve  ways  of  geng  a   business  buyer’s  aQen(on  involve  Thought   Leadership  Marke2ng   How would you rate the effectiveness of the following marketing vehicles in getting your attention? Mean Rating (N~344) Speech or presentation at a conference or trade show Case studies describing successful customer solution implementations Article in the business or trade press Invitation to a Webinar, seminar, or workshop Analyst firm recommendation (such as Gartner/IDC/Forrester) Search engine hits when doing research or surfing the Web White paper offered on the Internet Electronic newsletter from the service firm Conference sponsorship Direct mail brochure Email from a sales representative from the service firm Phone call from a sales representative from the service firm TV or print advertisement Vendor's blog Online advertisement Sporting or cultural event sponsorship The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   Source: ITSMA, How Customers Choose Study, North America 3.7 þ 3.7 þ 3.4 þ 3.4 þ 3.3 þ 3.2 þ 3.1 þ 2.9 þ 2.8 2.5 2.3 2.3 2.3 þ 2.3 2.2 2.0 www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  12. 12. Thought  Leadership  Wins  the  Sale   “Tradi4onal  approaches  to  B2B  marke4ng  are   losing  their  impact.       Today,  B2B  marketers  are  turning  to  thought   leadership  marke4ng  as  a  way  to  differen4ate  their   organiza4on,  products  and  services  in  an   increasingly  compe44ve  market.”     “Thought  leadership  marke4ng  helps  to  posi6on   you  as  trusted  advisor  in  your  industry.”     Economist Intelligence Unit The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   A  Cahners  Research  study  of  business-­‐to-­‐business   buyers  shows  that  selling  professionals  who  become   trusted  advisors  and  understand  the  needs  of   economic  buyers  are  69%  more  likely  to  come  away   with  a  sale.   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  13. 13. Presenta2on  Roadmap   What  is  Thought  Leadership  Marke(ng?   Why  become  a  thought  leader?   How  do  we  become  a  thought  leader?   How  have  others  used  thought  leadership?   What  can  I  do  to  leverage  thought  leadership   in  my  role?   •  Thought  Leadership  self-­‐assessment   •  •  •  •  •  The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  14. 14. Thought  Leadership  is  APained,  Not  Claimed   Resonance     Industry   Recogni2on   Thought   Leadership   Execu2on   Intellectual   Capital  &   Content   Followership   of  Ideas   Thought   Leadership   Movement   of  Ideas  in   the   Marketplace   “Thought  leadership  is  the  recogni4on  from  the  outside  world   that  the  company  deeply  understands  its  business,  the  needs  of   its  customers  and  the  broader  marketplace  in  which  it  operates.”   Elise  Bauer   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  15. 15. Develop  a  Thought  Leader’s  Mindset   Love  what  they  do   Have  the  drive  to  teach   Reach  out  &  communicate   Take  risks  with  messaging   Balance  confidence  &  curiosity   Put  in  the  2me  today   Persistent  presence   Everyone  is  in  Marke2ng   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  16. 16. Recognize  a  Thought  Leadership  Opportunity  in   Your  Industry   Gap  in  the  Conversa2on   •  Customers   •  First-­‐mover   •  Economic   Significant     Industry  Shi[   •  •  •  •  Trends   Compe(tors   Technology   Counter-­‐cycle   Thought   Leadership   Opportunity     Window  of   Opportunity   •  Legisla(on   •  First-­‐mover   •  Economic     Predic2on  Opportunity   •  Where  is  the  market  going?   •  What  weaknesses  exist?   •  Shape  and  shi`  the  dialogue   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  17. 17. Shape  the  Four  A’s  of  Thought  Leadership   Marke2ng   Assets  –  A]tude  –  Acceptance  –  Alignment     Read  the  en(re  ar(cle:  hQp://www.marke(­‐as-­‐thought-­‐leadership-­‐marke(ng/   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  18. 18. Create  Your  Thought  Leading  Assets   You  must  have  a  sufficient  base  of  assets  or  be   able  to  develop  these  assets  in  order  to  be  a   thought  leader.     •  Do  you  have  the  required  assets  to  leverage  as  a   thought  leader?   •  Intellectual  capital   •  Innova(on  &  intellectual  property  crea(on   •  Unique  insight  and  exper(se   •  Cases  &  results  on  your  products  &  services   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  19. 19. Cul2vate  a  Thought  Leading  A]tude   One  important  aspect  that  we  find  in  the  making  of   a  successful  thought  leader  is  their  atude.   Thought  leaders  have  a  value-­‐first  mentality  and  a   proclivity  for  educa2ng  your  market  and   customers.   •  Desire  to  educate  clients;  the  market   •  Willingness  to  share  real  value  (this  makes  it   easier  to  use  social  media  as  well)   •  Ability  to  control  your  “urge  to  sell”   •  Long-­‐term  mindset  on  contribu(ng  to  the   industry  dialogue   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  20. 20. Secure  Market  and  Peer  Acceptance   Studies  by  ITSMA  and  The  Economist  Intelligence   Unit  have  pointed  to  the  efficacy  of  thought   leadership  content  in  gaining  the  aQen(on  of  and   persuading  buyers,  but  that  content  is  of  liPle   value  of  the  market  won’t  accept  you  as  a  thought   leader.   •  How  will  our  thought  leadership  be  accepted?   •  Are  clients  persuaded  by  thought  leadership?   •  Is  the  industry  in  need  of  fresh  perspec(ve?   •  Are  we  credible,  or  at  least  neutral  in  our   industry?   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  21. 21. Gain  Alignment  Within  the  Organiza2on   Alignment  could  very  well  be  the  glue  that  holds  this  all  together.  If   your  CEO  is  not  on  board  (nothing  is  worse  than  coming  up  with  a   great  marke(ng  strategy  only  to  have  your  CEO  on  a  different   planet)  or  if  your  front  line  teams  are  not  on  board,  thought   leadership  marke(ng  is  not  a  viable  strategy.  Being  a  thought   leader  takes  an  en2re  company’s  support  to  succeed.     What  does  the  thought  leadership  aligned  organiza(on  look  like?   •  Clients  embrace  ideas  &  engage  in  dialogue   •  Front-­‐line  teams  embrace  and  leverage  thought  leadership   •  Thought  leadership  is  aligned  with  industry  challenges  &   conversa(ons   •  The  point  of  view,  channels  and  tools  work  together  to  deliver   results   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  22. 22. Your  Thought  Leadership  Must  Have  a  Unique  POV   Clarity   Language   that   resonates   with  the   target   Rigor   Deliver  your   TL  with  (ght,   consistent   logic   Focus   Develop  a   single,   fundamental   message   Point   of  View   Prac2cality   Demonstrate   implement-­‐ a(on   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   Novelty   Develop  a   unique   problem   diagnosis     Relevance   Meet  a   specific   market  need   Validity   Provide  a   solu(on  that   is  proven   effec(ve   Source:  The  Bloom  Group’s  2006  survey,  AOaining  Thought  Leadership   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  23. 23. Develop  a  Single  Focused  Message   •  A  strong  point  of  view  must  have  a  single,  overriding   message  that  can  be  stated  in  one  or  two  sentences.     •  All  explana(on  and  evidence  should  reinforce  the  main   message.     •  The  message  should  be  clear,  specific,  and  intriguing,   because  of  its  relevancy  and  novelty.     •  It  should  deliver  one  or  more  of  the  following:     –  a  new  way  of  thinking  about  an  issue,     –  a  new  solu(on  to  an  emerging  or  exis(ng  problem,     –  a  new  insight  into  a  trend  or  phenomenon,     –  a  new  set  of  experiences  that  reinforce  or  contradict   conven(onal  thinking  or  prac(ce.     The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  24. 24. Express  a  Novel  Problem  Diagnosis   •  A  point  of  view  must  be  unique  and  break  new  ground.     •  To  ensure  that  their  ideas  are  novel,  a  firm  must  be   thoroughly  aware  of  other  points  of  view  on  the  topic,   both  those  in  business  and  academia.     •  A  novel  point  of  view  can  address  a  topic  that  has  been   addressed  by  others  (e.g.,  Sarbanes-­‐Oxley,   organiza(onal  change  management,  labor   nego(a(ons)—but  only  if  it  sheds  new  light  on  the   nature  of  the  problem  and/or  the  solu(on.     •  A  new  “label”  applied  to  a  previously  stated  problem   or  solu(on,  new  case  example  of  an  exis(ng  issue,  or   new  sta(s(cs  underscoring  an  o`-­‐discussed  challenge   do  not  make  a  point  of  view  novel.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  25. 25. Your  Solu2on  Must  Resonate  with  Relevance  to   the  Target  Audience     •  A  point  of  view  must  meet  a  cri(cal  and  specific   market  need.     •  It  must  demonstrate  a  “case  for  ac(on.”     •  The  target  client  must  believe  they  share  the   problem  and  that  they  have  to  take  ac(on  now.     •  If  a  target  audience  is  unaware  of  a  problem  that   a  firm  discusses,  the  firm  must  provide  solid   evidence  that  the  problem  exists.     •  This  requires  real-­‐life  examples,  sta(s(cs  that   point  to  an  inescapable  trend.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  26. 26. Publish  Concepts  that  are  Proven  and  Valid   •  A  firm’s  solu(on  must  be  supported  with   strong  evidence  of  how  the  solu(on  works   and  where  it  has  been  used.     •  This  proof  must  take  the  form  of  case  studies   of  organiza(ons  that  are  willing  to  go  public   and  will  vouch  for  the  efficacy  of  the  solu(on.   •  If  a  point  of  view’s  validity  cannot  be  proven   conclusively,  it  is  just  an  interes(ng  theory.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  27. 27. Demonstrate  the  Prac2cality  of  Your  Ideas   •  A  firm  must  demonstrate  that  its  solu(on  can  be   implemented.     •  The  point  of  view  must  outline  and  detail  the   approach,  and  must  demonstrate  that  the  firm  knows   the  biggest  barriers  to  implemen(ng  its  approach  and   how  to  resolve  them.     A  firm  must  guard  against  communica(ng  blatantly   that  its  target  clients  need  outside  help  to  adopt  the   solu(on.     •  The  difficulty  of  the  problem  and  the  solu(on—  and   the  insights  and  experience  the  firm  demonstrates   through  its  point  of  view—should  make  it  clear  to  the   target  audience  that  it  needs  assistance.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  28. 28. Cra[  Your  Solu2on  with  Rigor  and  Logic   •  A  point  of  view  must  have  (ght,  consistent  logic   throughout.     •  Asser(ons  must  follow  from  previous  asser(ons,   and  must  be  grounded  in  fact  and  be  defendable.     •  The  logic  of  the  argument  must  follow  the  form   of  problem/solu(on.     •  Logic  “gaps”—  assump(ons  made  by  the  content   experts  that  may  not  be  held  by  the  target   audience—must  be  filled.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  29. 29. Deliver  Your  POV  with  Absolute  Clarity   •  A  point  of  view  must  be  communicated  in  language  and   concepts  that  the  target  audience  understands—not  the   firm’s  language  and  vernacular.   •  A  point  of  view  can  be  communicated  in  a  compelling  way   through  the  use  of  such  wri(ng  devices  as  analogies,   metaphors,  anecdotal  leads,  and  hypothe(cal  examples.     •  The  structure  of  the  point  of  view  should  be:   –  –  –  –  –  –  statement  of  problem;   brief  statement  of  solu(on  and  benefits  of  solu(on;   elabora(on  of  problem;   elabora(on  of  solu(on  (with  examples);   challenges  to  implemen(ng  the  solu(on;  and   summary/case  for  taking  ac(on  now.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  30. 30. Create  Thought  Leading  Content   •  •  •  Instruc2onal  -­‐  Instruc(onal  posts  tell   people  how  to  do  something.  I  find  that   Tips  posts  are  generally  the  ones  that   are  among  my  most  popular  both  in  the   short  term   Informa2onal  -­‐  This  is  one  of  the  more   common  blog  post  types  where  you   simply  give  informa(on  on  a  topic.  It   could  be  a  defini(on  post  or  a  longer   explana(on  of  some  aspect  of  the  niche   that  you’re  wri(ng  on.  This  is  the  crux   of  successful  sites  like  Wikipedia.   Reviews  -­‐  Another  highly  searched  for   term  on  the  web  is  ‘review’  -­‐  I  know   every  (me  I’m  considering  buying  a   new  product  that  I  head  to  Google  and   search  for  a  review  on  it  first.  Reviews   come  in  all  shapes  and  sizes  and  on   virtually  every  product  or  service  you   can  think  of.     The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   •  •  •  Lists  -­‐  One  of  the  easiest  ways  to  write  a   post  is  to  make  a  list.  Posts  with  content   like  ‘The  Top  Ten  ways  to….’,  ‘7  Reasons   why….’  ‘  5  Favorite  ….’,  are  not  only  easy  to   write  but  are  usually  very  popular  with   readers  and  with  geng  links  from  other   bloggers.     Interviews  -­‐  Some(mes  when  you’ve  run   out  of  insighoul  things  to  say  it  might  be  a   good  idea  to  let  someone  else  do  the   talking  in  an  interview  (or  a  guest  post).   This  is  a  great  way  to  not  only  give  your   readers  a  relevant  expert’s  opinion  but  to   perhaps  even  learn  something  about  the   topic  you’re  wri(ng  yourself.     Case  Studies  -­‐  Profile  a  client,  a  peer,  an   organiza(on  or  person  that  you  admire   either  through  direct  contact  or  an   interview  with  them  or  by  doing  some  of   your  own  benchmarking  ac(vity.     www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  31. 31. Presenta2on  Roadmap   What  is  Thought  Leadership  Marke(ng?   Why  become  a  thought  leader?   How  do  we  become  a  thought  leader?   How  have  others  used  thought  leadership?   What  can  I  do  to  leverage  thought  leadership   in  my  role?   •  Thought  Leadership  self-­‐assessment   •  •  •  •  •  The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  32. 32. Thought  Leadership  Marketer:   Miron  Construc2on   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  33. 33. Thought  Leadership  Marketer:   Faith  Technologies   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  34. 34. Thought  Leadership  Marketer:     Cisco   •  En(re  senior  management  team  is  organized  around  the  goal   of  promo(ng  Cisco  as  a  thought  leader  in  the  technology   field   •  Earning  credibility  by  crea(ng  informa(on  that  places   company  objec(ves  second  to  the  goal  of  educa(ng   prospects   •  Every  Cisco  execu(ve  must  establish  and  nurture  his  or  her   own  reputa(on  for  thought  leadership,  through  blogging,   public  speaking,  and  wri(ng  ar(cles   “When  you  look  at  thought  leadership  you  can  break  it  out  into  a   number  of  different  areas.  It  must  be  visionary.  It  looks  at  the  future.   It  must  be  provoca4ve,  and  it  must  put  the  our  customer’s  needs   first.”   Mark  Peshoff,  Senior  Director  of  Cisco’s  Execu(ve  Thought  Leadership   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  35. 35. Thought  Leadership  Marketer:   Cisco   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  36. 36. Thought  Leadership  Marketer:   Cisco   “Once  thought  leadership  is  established,  the  rest  of  the   industry,  the  media,  academia,  government  policymakers   and  the  broader  business  community  turn  to  that  company   for  ideas  and  for  insights  into  where  things  are  going.”     “The  credibility  we  gain  through  thought  leadership   contributes  to  a  sustainable  market  leadership  posi4on.     “Cisco’s  status  in  the  technology  field,  and  the  business   world,  and  its  dedica4on  to  thought  leadership  are   inseparable.”   Mark  Peshoff,  Senior  Director  of  Cisco’s  Execu(ve  Thought  Leadership   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  37. 37. Thought  Leadership  Marketer:   Pheedo   •  Start  the  conversa(on  &   set  the  tone  for  a  new   industry   •  First  to  market  with  data  &   expecta(ons   •  Built  on  blogging  &   community   •  Strong  media  &  speaking   presence   •  Over  50%  of  growth   aQributed  to  TLM  ac(vi(es   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  38. 38. Pheedo  Pheed  Read  Report   •  Created  “industry  first”  data,   reports  and  research   •  Generated  over  2000  media   men(ons,  20  analyst  calls,  70   speaking  engagements  and   over  $1M  in  new  business   •  Thought  leadership  posi(on  is   s(ll  unmatched  by   compe(tors  today   •  Secured  stories  in  WSJ,  NY   Times,  Ad  Week,  Ad  Age,   Business  2.0,  and  over  25   other  major  press  hits  in  just   2  mos.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  39. 39. Thought  Leadership  Marketer:   •  Startup  company  successfully   launched  using  thought   leadership  principles   •  Executed  full  12  month  social   media  &  thought  leadership   plan   •  Chosen  by  DeloiQe  and  Sara   Lee  to  lead  a  Flex  Work   roundtable  session  &   research  project   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  40. 40. Life  Meets  Work   Work/Life  Issues  Research  Report   •  Take  a  thought  leadership   posi(on  during  Na4onal   Work  &  Family  Month   •  Industry  wide  survey  that   reached  the  top  work-­‐life   Fortune  500  leaders   •  Used  to  influence  pending   work/life  legisla(on   (gathered  support  from   direct  compe(tors)   •  Garnered  over  100  media   men(ons     •  Generated  over  140  new   leads  for  LMW  services   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   Thought  Leadership  Toolkit   ü Research  survey   ü Whitepaper   ü Media  rela(ons   ü Blogger  rela(ons   ü Webinar   ü Lead  follow-­‐up  and  nurturing     www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  41. 41. Thought  Leadership  Marketer:   Indium  Corpora2on   “[Being  a  Thought  Leader]  is   being  considered  the  best,  most   authorita4ve,  trusted  source.  It   means  being  the  “go  to”  people.   It  means  being  given  the  first   look,  being  invited  into  a   development  project  and  asked   for  advice.  It  means  being  the   organiza4on  that  others  MUST   HAVE  involved  with  a  project.     And  it  all  leads  to  increased  sales,   profits,  and  image  or  it  simply   didn’t  maOer..”   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   Rick  Short,  Indium   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  42. 42. Presenta2on  Roadmap   What  is  Thought  Leadership  Marke(ng?   Why  become  a  thought  leader?   How  do  we  become  a  thought  leader?   How  have  others  used  thought  leadership?   What  can  I  do  to  leverage  thought  leadership   in  my  role?   •  Thought  Leadership  self-­‐assessment   •  •  •  •  •  The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  43. 43. Publish  Content  in  Many  Forms   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  44. 44. Use  Your  Complete,  Correct  and  Ac2ve   LinkedIn  Profile   3   1   2   5   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   4   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  45. 45. Connect  with  Thought  Followers   •  Track  who  is  looking  at  your   profile,  then  research  those   people  and  their  companies   in  more  depth   •  Follow-­‐up  with  a  connec(on   request,  phone  call,  e-­‐mail   or  InMail   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  46. 46. Share  Ar2cles  from  Your  Blog   •  Share  with  your   LinkedIn  connec(ons   •  Email  to  your  prospects   and  clients   •  Contribute  to  industry   forums   •  Print  out  for  your  next   client  visit   •  Comment   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  47. 47. Curate  Insights  from  Industry  Sources   •  Use  in  status  updates  to   LinkedIn   •  Send  links  to  your   network   •  Share  in  LinkedIn   Groups   •  Share  on  other  social   media  profiles     The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  48. 48. Make  Thought  Leadership  a  Habit   •  Share  insights  with  your  connec(ons   •  Look  for  opportuni(es  to  add  perspec(ve  to  a   conversa(on   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  49. 49. Presenta2on  Roadmap   What  is  Thought  Leadership  Marke(ng?   Why  become  a  thought  leader?   How  do  we  become  a  thought  leader?   How  have  others  used  thought  leadership?   What  can  I  do  to  leverage  thought  leadership   in  my  role?   •  Thought  Leadership  self-­‐assessment   •  •  •  •  •  The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  50. 50. Thought  Leadership  self-­‐assessment   1.  Do  people  use  the  term   “expert”  when  describing  you   or  your  firm?   2.  Do  you  have  a  “conversa2onal   marke2ng”  a]tude  rather   than  a  “sales  first”  a]tude?   3.  Do  your  marke2ng  materials   say  more  about  your  client’s   work  than  yours?   4.  Do  you  strive  to  know  your   clients’  industries  as  well  as   they  do?   5.  Are  you  publishing  or   perishing?   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   6.  Are  you  are  considered   “honest,  trustworthy  and   selfless”?   7.  Are  you  considered  one  of  the   top  3  picks  for  your  products/ services  by  your  target   audience?   8.  Do  you  command  higher  prices   and  fees  for  your  products  or   work?   9.  Do  you  impact  the  decision   even  if  you  don’t  get  the   business?   10.  Does  your  compelling  point  of   view  create  coherency  out  of   marketplace  chaos?   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  51. 51. "Our  brand  is  the  only  _____  that  ______."   Onliness   Our  brand  is…   Harley  Davidson  is…   What:   How:   The  only  (category)   The  only  motorcycle  manufacturer   that  (differen(a(on   characteris(c)   that  makes  big,  loud  motorcycles   Who:   for  (customer)   for  macho  guys  (and  “macho   wannabes”)   Where:   Why:   When:   in  (market  geography)   mostly  in  the  US   who  (need  state)   who  want  to  join  a  gang  of  cowboys   during  (underlying  trend)   in  an  era  of  decreasing  personal   freedom.   The  Onliness  Statement  dis6nguishes  your  organiza6on  from  every  other   organiza6on.  It  is  a  posi6oning  statement  that  says  what  you  do  and  for  whom,   and  what  makes  it  unique.   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  52. 52. Develop  Your  Onliness  Statement   What:  The  only  (category)   What:_________________   How:  that  (differen(a(on)   How:__________________   Who:  for  (customer)   Who:__________________   Where:  in  (market/ Where:________________   geography)   Why:  who  (need  state)   Why:__________________   When:  during  (underlying   trend)   When:_________________   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  53. 53. QUESTIONS?   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771   dana@marke(   Thanks  for  APending!   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  54. 54. Thought  Leadership  Marke2ng  Resources   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  The  Pyramid  Principle,  Barbara  Minto   Get  Slightly  Famous,  Steven  Van  Yoder     Sustainable  Thought  Leadership,  Sari  Aapola   Brand  Stand,  Craig  Badings   Thoughts  on  Thought  Leadership,  Robert  Buday  and   Bernie  Thiel     Value  Forward  Marke6ng,  Paul  R.  DiModica   The  Challenger  Sale,  CEB     The  Trusted  Advisor,  David  Maister   How  to  Become  a  Thought  Leader,     The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  55. 55. Thought  Leadership  Marke2ng   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  56. 56. APPENDIX   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  57. 57. Thought  Leaders  Master  the  4  C’s   Competence   Define  your  core  competence  and  translate  it  into  marketable   intellectual  capital  with  a  differen(ated  point  of  view   Content  Crea2on   Create  problem  solving,  useful  and  influen(al  content  across  a   variety  of  media,  to  move  your  customer  from  “I  don’t  know   you”  to  “I  trust  you  to  solve  my  problem”   Channels   Use  those  thought  leadership  marke(ng  to  dialogue  with  and  learn   from  your  audience  while  sharing  your  thought  leadership  message   within  an  industry   Connec2on   In  order  to  be  a  successful  thought  leader,  an  organiza(on  should  have   a  well-­‐developed  and  ac(ve  online  and  offline  social  networking   strategy  in  place   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771  
  58. 58. Thought  Leadership  Plan:   Pheedo   The  Marke(ngSavant  Group   www.marke(   888.989.7771