The Realities of Social Networking


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The Realities of Social Networking

  1. 1. The Realities of Social Networking The MarketingSavant Group Usefulness and Dangers of Social 888.989.7771 Networking Sites and Social Media The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  2. 2. Social Media is the #1 Activity on the Internet! via: WWW.VIRTU-ASSIST.COM The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  3. 3. It Can Also Be Distracting… The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  4. 4. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE Connect with important people in public channels at any time. Make an important new content. Reach the un-reachable person. The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  5. 5. NEVER MISS A THING Who’s doing the talking about you? Where they’re doing that talking? How often those conversations are happening? Where the larger conversations are that you want to be part of? The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  6. 6. GET MONEY FOR COLLEGE The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  7. 7. BUILD YOUR PERSONAL BRAND The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  8. 8. FIND YOUR NEW ROOMMATE Students reported finding their college roommates through Facebook Used after the decision was made to connect to other in-coming students: “It made me more excited about going there.” The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  9. 9. GETTING ELECTED Hwang, a senior at Wootton High School, was elected a student member of the Montgomery County school board last year, in part by campaigning among the county's 142,000 students with a Web site modeled on Obama's. The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  10. 10. FIND FRIENDS WHO ‘GET YOU’…ANYWHERE use the web to connect with other teens who share your interests, whether it's in vegetarianism or videogames The Internet simply reflects and magnifies what you have always done offline The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA WITHDRAWAL The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  12. 12. LET’S GO PHISHING ON TWITTER Scams that ask you for personal information – can you tell the ‘real thing’ from a ‘phisher’? The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  13. 13. DON’T MAKE ‘WHERE ARE YOU?’ IRRELEVANT… GPS + social media makes for a troublesome combination. Use carefully. The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  14. 14. DO YOU HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA INSURANCE? Teenagers are especially likely to reveal personal information, leading insurers to warn parents that they could face higher homeowner’s insurance premiums if their children are online “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that burglars are using social networks to identify likely targets.” The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA CAN GET YOU FIRED Don't 'friend' your boss on FB and then complain about your job. The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  16. 16. SOCIAL NETWORKERS ARE AN IDENTITY THIEF’S DREAM 33% of social network users have at least three pieces of information posted that could lead to identity theft Think before you share on social media sites The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  17. 17. THE RESUME IS (ALMOST) DEAD 45% of employers are using social networks to check out job candidates before hiring them 35% of those employers decided not to offer a candidate a job because of what they found on an applicant’s social networking page The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  18. 18. Top 10 Ways Social Media Can Get You in Trouble 1) Forgetting that ‘Google is 6) Post publicly that you are Forever’ looking for a job, when you already have one 2) Friending your manager on Facebook and then 7) Announcing your new job on Twitter when you’re still complaining about your job employed 3) Posting inappropriate photos 8) Share company information on Facebook, forgetting that with your friends your profile is public 9) Bad mouth friends other 4) Calling in sick, when you’re employees on Facebook or not, and posting about it Twitter (ever) 10) Spending more time on 5) Post pictures of yourself Facebook than being while committing illegal acts productive during work hours The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  19. 19. Top 10 Tweets to Get You Fired 1) "hate my job!! i want to tell my bosses how dumb they are and how meaningless this job is, then quit, and be happy!“ 2) "So my job was to test all the food at the new restaurant, can I just say, ughew. I'm going to taco bell then twistee treat.“ 3) "Workin... This job sucks worse then the economy!“ 4) "I'm going to work! Walmart! Must find better job! I hate it when chicks there have a deeper voice than me and refer to me as foo!“ 5) "Also I'm really bummed that I'm working today, i asked off so i could study but my boss is a ******* **** ***** ***** who can't read.“ 6) "Coworker smuggled out a chair for me. Currently being paid to SIT around and listen to John Barrowman on my iPod. I don't hate my job today!“ 7) "having sex dreams of people you work with makes for an awkward day.“ 8) "smoking weed at work is so [EDITED] great :)“ 9) "It's bad when you overhear the n00b programmer say "I used to work at McDonalds with him" and you wonder if he is talking about the CEO...“ 10) "Huh, with my boss on twitter, maaaybe I should take down that sexy picture of her... but her reaction will be priceless!" The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  20. 20. Social Networking Common Sense These ways of socializing and communicating can be fulfilling, and yet, they come with certain risks: • INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT – The online world can feel anonymous. People sometimes forget that they are still accountable for their actions. • INAPPROPRIATE CONTACT – Some people online have bad intentions, including bullies, predators, hackers, and scammers. • INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT – You could find pornography, violence, or hate speech online. Be aware of these risks and be aware of how you communicate — online and off — engage in conduct that you can be proud of. The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  21. 21. The Realities of Social Networking The MarketingSavant Group Usefulness and Dangers of Social 888.989.7771 Networking Sites and Social Media The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771