Seasonal Marketing: Prepping for the Next Wave so You’re Always One Step Ahead


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Start planning for your next seasonal marketing campaign now so that you’re well prepared when back to school bells ring and the colors start to turn. This webinar will walk you through a checklist of things you can do now to prepare for next season’s promotion. Here’s a quick look at some of the topics we’ll cover in the webinar:

* Pick seasonal themes to base your marketing message around
* Select seasonal products/services to promote
* Set up your promotional calendar
* Reference Chase’s calendar of events for additional promotional opportunities
* Create a strategy to implement seasonal marketing year round
* Effectively integrate social media into all of your seasonal marketing efforts

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Seasonal Marketing: Prepping for the Next Wave so You’re Always One Step Ahead

  1. 1. Marketing Through the Seasons The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 Your guide to creating a marketing plan for every season! www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  2. 2. Can I Get the Slides? YES! Are you recording the webinar? YES! www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  3. 3. Post-Webinar Resources www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  4. 4. What You Will Learn • The benefits of seasonal marketing • How to pick seasonal themes to base your marketing message around • Reference Chase’s Calendar of Events for additional promotional opportunities • How to select seasonal products and services to promote • How to set up your promotional calendar for the year • Create a strategy to implement seasonal marketing year round • Effectively integrate social media into all of your seasonal marketing efforts www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  5. 5. Why Seasonal Marketing? • Tap into increased consumer spending • Take advantage of inherent marketing themes • Heightened consumer awareness and excitement surrounding the season, holiday or event • Create a sense of urgency with limited, seasonal promotions • Give customers something to be excited about leading up to your promotion and a reason to buy during the promotion • Annual traditions induce emotional buying patterns www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  6. 6. Seasonal Marketing by the Numbers • Online spending increased 15% November – December 2001 from the previous year • During November and December of 2011, US consumers spent $37.2 Billion on online purchases, according to comScore • In 2011, US consumers spent $1.25 Billion on Cyber Monday alone • According to B2B Marketing, marketing emails sent in November have the highest open rate, at 12.28% • Targeted emails sent in November also result in more transactions than any other month www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  7. 7. 5 Steps to a Sound Seasonal Marketing Strategy 1. Select marketing themes for each season a. Seasons b. Holidays c. Events d. Anniversaries e. Sporting Events 2. Align products and services with their respective season, holiday or event 3. Create a seasonal marketing editorial calendar for the entire year 4. Integrate seasonal marketing into your regular marketing strategy 5. Promote your seasonal promotions www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  8. 8. Pick Out Your Themes • Pick out holidays to base themes around • Reference Chase’s Calendar of Events to find: – Holidays – Relevant Dates – Famous anniversaries – Major sporting events www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  9. 9. Chase’s Calendar of Events • A single reference source for calendar dates, and for authoritative and current information about various observances throughout the year • Includes – Special events – Holidays – Federal and state observances – Historic anniversaries – Unusual celebratory traditions www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  10. 10. Holidays • Christmas • Valentine’s Day • St. Patrick’s Day www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  11. 11. Relevant Dates • Earth Day • April Fool’s Day • Relevant industry dates www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  12. 12. Famous Anniversaries • Abe Lincoln’s birthday • Columbus Day • Industry anniversaries • Watch the Google Doodles www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  13. 13. Major Sporting Events • Olympics • March Madness • Super Bowl • World Series • PGA Championships • Stanley Cup • Major local sporting events • Involve any teams or leagues that you sponsor www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  14. 14. Go for the Gold Summer Ideas! Even if you can’t sponsor the 2012 Olympics, you can still get your business involved in Olympic-sized promotions! • Offer a 5% discount for every gold medal your country wins, capped at a certain number. • Tie discounts to the win of your favorite athlete. If, say, Michael Phelps wins a gold, give customers $10 cash back on that day. • Advertise Olympics specials: 25% off all athletic gear until Aug. 24 (the last day of the games). • Selling special products or services, such as a special Olympic-themed mixed drink, especially for the Olympics. www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  15. 15. Research Seasonal Consumer Demand • Look at last year’s trends – Check sales records – Look at your analytics during that period for top- performing keywords – What content on your website performed the best? • Research high volume search terms and keywords – The Google AdWords Keyword tool is great for this research www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  16. 16. Align Your Products/Services with Seasonal Demand • Consumer demand changes seasonally and it’s important to give them what they want • Once you have figured out when different products and services will be in high demand, figure out how you’re going to promote them during their respective “peak” seasons www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  17. 17. Promoting Your Promotion – Media Outreach A successful seasonal marketing campaign is all about timing and getting the word out! • Media Outreach – Free publicity – Large audience – Must pay attention to different outlet lead times • A monthly magazine publication may require you to pitch your story 3-6 months in advance • Daily newspapers may require virtually no lead time so you can pitch your story and have it published the next day www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  18. 18. Promoting Your Promotion – Social Media • Social media allows you to meet your customers in their medium economically and efficiently • Allows for efficient customer conversion with an easy transition to ecommerce sites • Create a special landing page on your website or Facebook page specifically for the promotion • Use Facebook ads to get the word out • Leverage the power of blogging to go into more detail about the promotion • Inform your Twitter Followers and Facebook fans a month prior and remind them of the promotion several times leading up to it • Use Pinterest to launch your seasonal product line or feature promotional products or services www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  19. 19. Promoting Your Promotion - Email • Leverage your email list to promote your seasonal campaign to current and previous customers • Email allows you to reward repeat customers with coupon codes or priority access to “limited supplies” • Can include links to promotion landing pages for easy conversion www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  20. 20. Focus on Benefits For example, Piperlime—an online retailer of shoes, apparel, and accessories for men and Holiday shoppers are more women—sent an email with this subject line in the summer of 2011: “Last day! 20% off fall likely to open emails that apparel + smokin’ slippers.” This has all the have enticing subject lines. characteristics of a winning subject line: • Useful – The offer of 20% off is valuable to Keep these four the email’s recipient. characteristics of winning • Ultra-Specific – The subject line is clear: the recipient can save on fall clothing for subject lines in mind: one more day. • Unique – This promotion stands out • Useful because instead of offering a discount at the end of the season like most retailers, • Ultra-Specific Piperlime offers it at the beginning. Plus, the reference to “smokin’ slippers” is • Unique unusual and catchy. • Urgent • Urgent – “Last day!” pushes the recipient to read the full email sooner rather than later. www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  21. 21. One Step Ahead • When to start planning – Have a seasonal marketing schedule mapped out for the year – Planning for each promotion should begin 2 months prior to the beginning of the season, holiday or event • When to launch the promotion – Your target window to promote is about one month prior – You don’t want to jump the gun but if you start too late other businesses will have a head start on you www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  22. 22. 10 Seasonal Social Media Marketing Ideas 1. Write a series of blog posts about your best seasonal products & services or tips to get through the season or holiday 2. Hold a Facebook contest or sweepstakes in honor of the holiday or event 3. Create a Pinterest board dedicated to your new product line 4. Create a Pinterest board for followers to pin their favorite seasonal items 5. Send a targeted email announcing your seasonal promotion and include a discount code 6. Launch a series of holiday-themed YouTube videos – entertaining or informative 7. Offer 20% off or a free drink to all dads who check in at your place of business on Foursquare on Father’s day 8. Create your own holiday-themed hashtag on Twitter to build a buzz surrounding your marketing campaign during the weeks leading up to it 9. Have your designer tweak your logo to incorporate the season and use it as your avatar on the social networks 10. Create a special seasonal/holiday landing page on your Facebook page or your website www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  23. 23. Seasonal Marketing Success Story – Starbucks • Offer popular seasonal drinks – available for a limited time only! • Cup Magic Mobile App – Customers can “collect” seasonal cups – Allows consumers to send e-gifts to their friends and family – Informs customers of seasonal specials and promotions www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  24. 24. Seasonal Marketing Success Story – OfficeMax • OfficeMax wins the creativity prize with their customer-created “Elf Yourself” videos • Customers can transpose pictures of their friends and family onto the heads of elves to create custom holiday dance videos • Doesn’t have anything to do with office supplies but gets people excited about the season and talking about their campaign www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  25. 25. Seasonal Marketing Success Story – Kohl’s • Kohl’s rode on the viral coat-tails of the YouTube sensation “Friday” by Rebecca Black • Created a spinoff of the video to promote their Black Friday sale • Takes advantage of the popularity of the original song • The video makes people laugh and informs consumers about their biggest sale of the year www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  26. 26. Integrate Seasonal Marketing Into Your Regular Marketing Strategy • Download the Seasonal Marketing infographic and use it to map out seasons, holidays, events, trade shows and historical anniversaries to promote throughout the year • Incorporate these promotional dates into your editorial calendar • Work 2 months in advance – look ahead to make sure you are ready to roll out an organized seasonal campaign a month prior to the actual season or event • Leverage your social networks, email contacts and the media to promote your seasonal marketing campaigns www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  27. 27. SeasonalPlanningInfographic
  28. 28. Post-Webinar Resources www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  29. 29. Smile if you liked it! The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 Thanks You for Attending! www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771
  30. 30. Thanks for Joining! SEE YOU AT THE NEXT WEBINAR! www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771