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Marketech 08: Using Emerging Media in Marketing – AMA Members-Only Webcast …

Marketech 08: Using Emerging Media in Marketing – AMA Members-Only Webcast
Today's service industry organizations depend on deeper and more relevant customer connections to drive loyalty, retention, referrals and reactivation within their coveted client base. These companies don't just need technology; however, they need a systems perspective on how to integrate the ever changing world of social media, social networking and Web 2.0 into their core business infrastructure to meet their customers in their medium, now and in the future.

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  • 1. MARKETECH 08 American Marketing Association Members Only Webcast December 6, 2007 Also see the PDF Guide: Market ech 08: Using Emerging Media in Marketing Updates at:
  • 2. AMA | Marketech 08
    • Marketing technologies and concepts for 2008
    • Specifics like:
      • Social media mining
      • Video
      • Widgets & gadgets
      • Social media optimization
      • Virtual everything
      • Universal search
    • Web 3.0 for marketers
    • Check out for ongoing updates
  • 3. Market ech 08 Guide
    • Check out the Marketech 08 PDF guide to 2008’s most viable marketing technologies
    • Keep pace with the updates at:
  • 4. Marketech ‘08 “ Technology changes, humans don’t.”
  • 5. Where Everything Is Headed 2006 2050? Digital Non-Digital Today Source: Google 1996
  • 6.  
  • 7. Market rends 08 | Where Are Users Online?
    • 75% of people don't believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements. (Yankelovich)
    • 62% of consumers read consumer-written product reviews on the Internet. (Deloitte & Touche)
    • 43% of retailers have reviews – double in one year (Marketing Sherpa, February 2007)
    • RSS study: Burpee measured a 43% higher click through on RSS feeds with reviews than without. (Burpee)
    • 26% of Search Results Link to Consumer Generated Content (Nielsen BuzzMetrics)
    • Facebook: Users have grown by nearly 300 percent to 18.5 million since last July . Half those users log in every day--making Facebook about eight times better read than the New York Times. (2/07)
  • 8. Social Media Mining
    • Success with marketing technology predicated on a successful customer listening strategy – getting ROI – “return on influence”
    • Capture the ‘long tails’
    • Always listen before engaging (blogging, video, anything…)
    • DIY – build expertise in-house (see left) or outsource - Nielsen, Umbria, Cymphony, others (see resources)
    • What’s next: New measurement attributes, Unstructured data mining, CGM growth, Text mining & intelligence
  • 9. Social Media Mining >> Where to Look
  • 10. Online Video
    • 2008 represents a mass-market benchmark
      • more than 50% of the US population - 155.2 million people - will watch video online.
      • 43% watch less TV
      • How this audience reacts to online video advertising will ultimately shape the format (eMarketer)
      • Ad spending 2X 2007 #’s
  • 11. Convergence of Radio, TV & Video
    • The "Digital Video Barometer" survey of more than 270 industry executives find that:
      • 90% believe that Internet distribution will account for at least 40% of all video content by 2012.
      • 23% believe the Internet will account for 60% of content while
      • 9% think that the Internet will have 80% of video share.
    • 66% thought TV would have at least 60% of all video consumption in five years.
    • "Most of the dollars are going to go into television even then," said Peter Winkler, chief marketing officer at Teletrax.
  • 12. Widgets & Gadgets
    • Small applications that meet specific needs
    • Backed by high value data source
    • Brings your assets to a customers desktop / homepage / website
    • Cannot standalone – needs marketing ‘seeding support’
  • 13. Widgets & Gadgets
  • 14. Universal Search – Micro-content
    • Holistic view of search and content
    • Includes all content sources (no silos)
    • Diminish the supremacy of web page search
    • Could increase importance of vertical search
  • 15. Long Tail of Digital Asset Demand 100% of Assets Thousands of products (SKUs) & brand messages Demand
  • 16. Types of Assets – More Than You Think? Example: Technology Company’s Assets Example: Technology Company 14 Brand families 12,732 Products and services 6 Broad go-to-market themes 42 Industry solutions 6.1MM Web pages 349 Case studies 1,942 Product data sheets 431 White papers 109 Webcasts 31,000 Press articles 219 Events with presence 13 Major sponsorships 432 Active employee blogs 395 Print ads 17 TV spots 421 Major global partners 227 HR initiatives 28 Languages More…
  • 17. Blogging (Transparency)
    • STILL a hot topic for marketers
    • <10% of Fortune 500 on board
    • Metaphor for:
      • Transparent communication
      • Authenticity
      • Responsibility
      • Reputation
    • Blogosphere doubles: 5-7mos
  • 18. High Level Blog Implementation
    • Investigate
    • Create
    • Activate
    { Assess Your Market Space Determine Goals For Blogging Map Blogging To Marketing Strategy Consider Inherent Challenges Develop a Weblog Publishing Strategy Develop a Weblog Publishing Strategy Select a Weblog Publishing Platform Set Blogging Guidelines For Organization { { Blogger Recruitment Implement Weblog Solution Blogging Promote Your Blog Track and Measure Blogging Initiative
  • 19. RSS & Syndication
    • Part of a smart SEO strategy
    • Leverage for:
      • Inbound traffic
      • Spam-free channel
      • Advertising
      • Rich media distribution
    • Set your content free
    • Combine with widgets
  • 20. Social Media (Optimization)
    • Generate ROI (influence) in Social Media
      • 1% create content >> 10% enrich content and 90% consume it
    • Form of SEM (not SEO)
    • Leverage CGM for marketing
  • 21. Virtual Online Events
    • Add value without the travel
    • Driven by:
      • Content
      • Connections
      • Reputation
    • Clean data collection & web 2.0 integration
    • Leverage assets for SMO and U-Search
    • Includes Second Life
  • 22. Honorable Mentions: 2008 Marketing Technology PODCASTING While podcasting is a high profile marketing technology, it is very much like blogs, and the metaphors of blogging, mixed with the metaphors from radio apply to the medium. Look for more from this medium as we reach ubiquity with mobile phones that thoroughly integrate music and data storage into them, and as radio stations around the country, still stuck in a 1960’s model, get with the program and start offering more of their content in podcast mode. MASHUP A mashup isn’t so much something that a marketer would produce as much as your fans and customers would product on your behalf. The key to allowing your customers to create mashups on your behalf is to open up data such as a directory or something similar of worthwhile information that can be combine with something else to create a valuable web based tool (like a widget)
  • 23. Honorable Mentions: 2008 Marketing Technology MOBILE MARKETING The major problem that mobile marketing faces is one of acceptance. 75% of adults surveyed have no interest in receiving marketing messages on the mobile phones. Mobile marketing is almost always combined with another promotion or integrated marketing vehicle, such as an in-store contest, television or radio ad, pass along viral MMS video or something that requires an SMS message interaction to engage in the marketing message. Mobile marketing or marketing with SMS is popular, and is poised for growth in 2008, but it has not yet reached critical mass in the US VIRTUAL WORLDS, SECOND LIFE, AVATARS In this case, the fiction has predicted a major new paradigm where interactive marketing is concerned. Businesses and individuals are looking towards Second Life as a new medium to grab attention and promote their products and themselves. Wells Fargo Bank, Sun Microsystems, Coca-Cola, and Toyota have all started building stuff and doing stuff in Second Life as a method for marketing themselves online. In August, Susanne Vega became the first musician to perform a ”live” concert in SL space, through her avatar.
  • 24. Web 3.0 for Marketers
    • Open authorship, wiki-base community
    • Nuanced permission
    • All media is rich media
    • Local/GEO IP is perfected
    • Personas are the new target markets
    • Device agnostic marketing experience
    • ‘ Search’ behavior is second nature
    • Marketing has always been unplugged
    • Virtual reality has always been available when the real thing failed
    • Brand’s autobiography written in real time
  • 25. Market ech 08 Guide
    • Check out the Marketech 08 PDF guide to 2008’s most viable marketing technologies
    • Keep pace with the updates at:
  • 26. MARKETECH 08 DISCUSSION Q&A Also see the PDF Guide: Market ech 08: Using Emerging Media in Marketing Updates at: