Language Learning Resources In Second Life

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This presentation is part of a live presentation given at Ohio TESOL conference Nov 1, 2008

This presentation is part of a live presentation given at Ohio TESOL conference Nov 1, 2008

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  • 1. Language Learning Resources in Second Life Vance Stevens Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi Webheads in Action Created for Chris Hill’s Technology Session at the Ohio TESOL Conference, Nov 1, 2008
  • 2. Some links
    • This presentation derives from research I did for an article in the The Linguist
    • Annotated bibliography re: pedagogical resources on Second Life in education:
    • New Media Consortium,
    • Over 150 educational institutions listing themselves as maintaining presences in the Simteach Second Life Education Wiki
  • 3. Introductions to Second Life
    • Learning to Teach in Second Life by Diane Carr, April 2008,
    • 50-slide presentation by Alya Sulčič
  • 4. Third Places
    • Konrad Glogowski’s idea of classrooms becoming third places, apart from first and second places, (i.e. home and work
      • Ray Oldenburg, ).
      • Third places conducive to informal learning
        • egalitarian environments
        • social constraints inherent in other spaces relaxed
      • Virtual Classroom Project with Leigh Blackall:
        • and ]
  • 5. Transformative Potentials
    • Mark Karstad uses SL with ladies at Dubai Women’s College http ://
  • 6. Conferences / Connectivism
    • Gavin Dudeney
      • http ://
      • Webheads support
      • Houses
  • 7. Reaching Digital Immigrants
    • Graham Stanley’s Teen Grid slideshow:
    • Graham’s rendition of this talk at the IATEFL Conference in Exeter in April 2008, recorded here:
  • 8. Second Life English
    • Kip Yellowjacket http ://
    • Blog full of tips and tutorials:
  • 9. Immersive Language Learning
    • Language Lab: Over to Daf Smirnov
  • 10. Enough from me!
    • Vance Stevens