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Shiva kumar


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. WIKIS VANAM SHIVA KUMAR MLISC(2013-14) H.T.NO-100313312009
  • 2. What is a Wiki ?  A Wiki is a website which allows User to create,add,edit,or remove.  Simply A Wiki is an easy-to-use free webpage that multiple people can edit.  Best known wiki is wikipedia.
  • 3. What does wiki mean? • Wiki is a Hawaiian word which means “fast ”or “quick”,or “to hasten”. How the wiki got its name? • Wiki-wiki is the name of the bus line in the Honolulu international Airport.
  • 4. History of wiki The first wiki was created by “Ward Cunningham”. He started creating wikiwikiweb in 1994 He planned it to create and share ideas in a quick way. Ward’s wiki is still active today.
  • 5. Why use a wiki ? Easy to learn- no HTML required Easy to share knowledge Easy way to collaborate across borders Ability to revert back to old versions Ability to track who’s done what&where Fostering collaboration among friends and/or colleagues Peer editing and writing
  • 6. Characteristic’s of wiki Simple hypertext format Openness and accessibility encourages participation Changeable ownership Unending content Easy linking from one page to another Not only a contributor edit their own work,but also edit the work of others
  • 7. Types of wiki’s There are millions of wikis available to users on the web ranging in a wide variety of subjects,topics and information
  • 8. What can you do with a wiki ? Easily create and edit webpages,including styled text,hyperlinks,pictures,audio,video,etc., Easy for a group to collabarate on creating online documents.
  • 9. Advantages  Any one can edit  No HTML required  Changes are immediate  Pages and links are instant & automatic  No one knows everything, but every one knows something  Use web standards  People can store their folders,pictures,their discussion
  • 10. Disadvantages Any one can edit Misinformation may not get fixed immediately Unfamiliar style(no HTML)
  • 11. Wikis for libraries  Simply as a library webpage/site  Create,edit&provide free content/articles for research  For sharing ideas  Provide information about reference books, databases,websites,etc  Help for research by recommending articles,websites,etc  Answering reference questions(add/change answers,FAQ)  Online group study  Multimedia information
  • 12. Examples of wikis  The largest and most talked about wiki on the Internet is Wikipedia • It free online encyclopedia with over 2 million articles in english on a variety of topics • 25 languages • 2 million entries • Five times more popular than Google news ,yahoo news or BBC(hit wise)  Wiki News  wikiBooks  Wikispaces  Pbwiki  Wikidot  Mediawiki,etc,.
  • 13. Examples of libray wikis LIS wiki Library success EDCO wiki