Top viral advertising trends in 2013 - What comes next?


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Tope viral marketing trends of 2013 - a round up of most shared branded ads, UGC videos, trending YouTubers and Social media sharing stats.

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Top viral advertising trends in 2013 - What comes next?

  1. 1. Viral Video Trends // 2013
  2. 2. INTRO Welcome to VAN’s end of year insight report, a round up of the key emerging viral trends and top videos of 2013. This document is comprised of: • Brand insights • Top 10 video round ups • UGC insights • Key trends • Social media sharing stats We used TubeRank, VAN’s viral planning tool, to analyse some of the most popular ads of 2013 and break down the main viral triggers and conversation points that made them so successful.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION - VIRAL BRAND TRENDS, 2013 Key Brand Observations It’s that time again. As we head into the new calendar year, brands and agencies alike are looking back at the advertising trends of the past 12 months and trying to figure out what the year ahead will bring. Whilst it’s true that 2013 has been noticeably lacking the kind of epic landmark events that gave 2012 so many viral classics, it’s fair to say this past year has still seen it’s fair share of hits. We’ve witnessed some strong themes emerging in the social video sphere; from the birth of Vine and Instagram video leading to a new wave of short form content, to the rise of ‘prankvertising’ and a surge in popularity of experiential marketing and big budget stunts. We’ve taken the data from over 1,000 of the most shared videos of 2013 that made it into VAN’s weekly Viral Chart to break down the key trends of 2013 and help brands and agencies predict the shape of the viral landscape in 2014. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral Trends // 2013 PAGE 1
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION - VIRAL BRAND TRENDS, 2013 Key Brand Observations Evian’s Baby and Me became the most viral video of 2013, clocking up over 1.3 million shares across Facebook and Twitter. Interestingly it’s still way behind last year’s number one ad by The Invisible Children, which managed a total of over 9.6 million shares, making it the most popular branded video of all time. The mean average number of shares for the top 10 actually dropped from 1,774,399 in 2012 to 807,382 in 2013 (a decrease of 54%). This is largely due to the individual success of big hits like Kony 2012, A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square and Ken Block's Gymkhana Five. Despite the fact that sharing was down across the top 10 videos of 2013, overall sharing across the whole viral chart was up by nearly 9%. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral Trends // 2013 PAGE 2
  5. 5. TOP TEN MOST SHARED VIRAL ADVERTS - 2013 Video Evian Baby  and  Me Shares 1,288,218 Views Share ratio Video Shares 67,101,826 1:49 Dove   690,366 74,188 Geico 1,162,599 Hump  Day  Camel Pepsi  MAX   1:15 65,801 897,053 18,938,118 Test  Drive Volvo  Trucks  The  Epic  Split 776,804 Telekine<c  Coffee   Shop  Surprise 99,417 Kmart Ship  My  Pants Go  Pro 58,934,258 1:65 1:58 60,389,915 1:79 575,385 20,155,037 1:33 19,128,002 1:39 15,906,985 1:34 18,483,624 1:43 38,549 448,310 38,905 Kmart 454,703 Show  Your  Joe 50,433,250 Share ratio 71,236 Fireman  Saves  KiNen 69,729 MGM/Thinkmodo   1:42 43,278 833,838 39,744,441 Real  Beauty  Sketches Views PhoneBloks PhoneBlocks 13,301 378,475 53,663 (2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad has now been set to private so is not featured in the top 10 run down.) SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends -2013 PAGE 3
  6. 6. 2012 VS 2013 - WHICH YEAR PRODUCED THE MOST HITS? Top 10 most shared videos over the past 2 years (2012 / 2013) Year Brand Video Shares Views Share ratio 2012 Invisible  Children Kony  2012 9,639,664 94,343,014 1:10 2012 Turner  Benelux A  DramaOc  Surprise  on  a  Quiet  Square 1,539,377 39,398,102 1:26 2012 DC  Shoes Ken  Block's  Gymkhana  Five 1,514  843 35,750,159 1:24 2013 Evian Baby&  Me 1,362,406 67,101,826 1:49 2013 GEICO Hump  Day  Camel 1,228,400 18,938,118 1:15 2013 Pepsi  MAX Test  Drive 940,331 39,744,441 1:  42 2013 Volvo  Trucks The  Epic  Split 903,567 58,934,258 1:65 2013 MGM/Thinkmodo TelekineOc  Coffee  Shop  Surprise 876,221 50,433,250 1:  58 2012 Tomorrowland Official  A[ermovie 862,808 31,893,309 1:37 2012 OK  Go/Chevrolet Needing/Ge^ng 851,321 23,231,482 1:27 SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 4
  7. 7. WHAT DOES AN AVERAGE VIRAL CHART VIDEO LOOK LIKE NOW? HEINEKEN 2012 THE SWITCH RAY-BAN SUPER CLEVER SUNGLASSES ILLUSION Despite the fact that the mean number of shares for the top 10 videos has dropped since 2013, overall sharing across the chart over the past 12 months has increased. 1,851 14,636 VIEWS: 889,029 Based on the median averages* for video views and shares, here’s what a typical trending Viral Chart branded video looked like in 2013 compared to 2012. 2,123 16,260 2013 VIEWS: 1,498,105 * Due to the fact that the median average tends to be skewed by a handful of big hits each year, the median average gives a more accurate picture of sharing trends across the chart as a whole. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 5
  8. 8. VIRAL TRIGGERS - TOP 10 BRAND VIDEOS What made the top-10 video ads of 2013 so sharable? According to VAN’s viral planning tool, TubeRank, in order for a video to go viral it needs to score highly in two important areas; conversation triggers, (the viral sharing points that give people a reason to talk about the video); and communities of interest, (specific groups of people for whom the video would be of particular interest.) This year’s top-10 hits all tick some of the classic viral sharing boxes that we would expect to see in a trending video campaign... 1 The Kawaii Factor Evian’s Baby and Me has become the most shared branded video of the year and it’s not hard to see why… Cute babies always score highly on the list of viral triggers. Cute babies dancing to a catchy pop song is even better. Throw in the quirky element of adults grooving with miniature versions of their younger selves and you’ve got some powerful conversation starters. Not only did this video score highly on the Kawaii/ LOL and WTF scales, but the fact that it was set to a catchy remix of “Here Comes the Hotstepper” made the video of particular relevance to pop culture and music enthusiasts. Plus, ads with strong sound tracks always do particularly well in the viral chart because of their music video style nature which encourages viewers to watch again and again. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 6
  9. 9. VIRAL TRIGGERS - TOP 10 BRAND VIDEOS 2 Topical Relevance Remember the popularity of Rebecca Black’s Friday? It became one of the most shared videos of 2011. Why? Because it was WTF hilarious, ripe for parodying and most importantly scored highly for topical relevance. Every time that special day of the week came around, we’d see a huge surge in sharing activity as people celebrated the unofficial soundtrack of the weekend. The exact same pattern has been recorded for Geico’s Wednesday loving Hump Day Camel. Despite scoring relatively moderately in terms of views, the share ratio for Hump Day Camel is significantly higher than any other ad released this year - with one in fifteen people who watched it sharing the link on Facebook or Twitter. A quick glance at Google Trends shows that every Wednesday, like clockwork, there is a sharp spike in search traffic. This kind of cyclical sharing pattern is contrary to the normal viral curve, which tends to peak sharply within the first few weeks of release and then gradually tail off. However the continued weekly relevance of the ad kept it topical and turned it into a meme that people loved to share again and again. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 7
  10. 10. VIRAL TRIGGERS - TOP 10 BRAND VIDEOS 3 IRL Reaction Footage Prankvertising has become one of the new industry buzzwords of 2013. Terror, hilarity and the kind of cringeable scenarios that can bring a poor, unsuspecting member of the public to their knees and leave them weeping on the floor in terror, tick exactly the right kind of boxes to get people sharing. We’ve found that videos that elicit strong emotional reactions from viewers tend to score the highest in terms of viral sharing triggers and both Pepsi’s Test Drive and Thinkmodo’s Coffee Shop Stunt fulfill this criteria nicely. 4 Emotional Impact Whilst practical jokes are a great way to capture reactions such as shock, fear and hilarity, they rarely touch on the more delicate emotions at the other end of the spectrum; joy, sorrow, and the many subtle nuances of the personality. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches proved so successful because is harnessed the viral power of a good story. Dealing with the common problem of female body image and mixed notions of what should be considered attractive, it managed to tell a moving story with a powerful message that viewers wanted to share. Go Pro’s Fireman Saves Kitten also scored highly for emotional impact. The heroic rescue mission of the fireman who resuscitated the tiny kitten was both heartwarming and super cute, making the video highly sharable. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 8
  11. 11. VIRAL TRIGGERS - TOP 10 BRAND VIDEOS 5 LOL, LOL, LOL! In many ways, Kmart could be considered the king of the viral brands in 2013, managing to get two videos into this year’s top -10 rundown. The retail store giant is a total newcomer to the viral scene, but ever since the unprecedented success of Ship My Pants back in April, the brand has clocked up a series up trending hits. So what made Ship My Pants so popular? The answer is a simple blend of childish humour and a clever play on words. The ‘LOL’ factor is undeniably the most powerful viral sharing trigger on TubeRank. People love to laugh and they love to share jokes so videos that score highly for comedy always do well. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 9
  12. 12. 2013 - BRAND TRENDS Key Viral Video Advertising Trends in 2013 2012 was undoubtedly THE year of epic media events; with the Olympic Games, Euro Championship, US elections and Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking Stratos Jump providing fodder for a whole string of awesome viral campaigns. In contrast 2013 has been somewhat quieter. However, whilst the past 12 months may not have seen the same level of individual viral smash hits, we’ve noticed some strong emerging trends across the social media landscape. The launch of Vine back in January and the subsequent release of Instagram Video have opened up a whole world of mobile content sharing that looks set to have a huge impact on video advertising in years to come. We’ve seen an increasing trend of brands hijacking popular memes in their ad campaigns, the rise of real time response marketing and a new wave of public prank videos. We’ve analysed the data of the top trending ads from the past 12 months to break down some of the key emerging viral video trends. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 10
  13. 13. 2013 TRENDS - REAL-TIME & RAPID RESPONSE MARKETING Viral ‘Trendjacking’ Topical advertising is nothing new but real-time and rapid–response marketing has become an increasingly popular strategy for companies looking to tap into internet culture and use trending topics to raise awareness of their brand. The success of Oreo’s now famous viral response to the Super Bowl blackout back in February raised the bar for marketers looking to leverage trending news stories, but the Harlem Shake phenomenon that kicked off just weeks later has become one of the most prominent examples of the wide scale adoption of an internet meme into mainstream advertising culture. It’s clear that marketers are becoming increasingly aware of the tactical benefits of campaigns that tap into trending memes. However, with the average meme half-life getting shorter and shorter, brands need to be pretty quick off the mark if they don’t want to become yesterday’s news. We saw it happen to the Wonderful Pistachios brand when it attempted to ride the viral coattails of the Gangnam Style craze during the Super Bowl, (good idea, shame it was about 2 months too late!). Of course there are some trends that you simply can’t predict, but planned spontaneity is key when it comes to trendjacking. The emergence of short form video formats that can be quickly churned out by advertisers has lead to more and more brands upping up their attempts to insert themselves into real-time conversations. We’re expecting to see much more viral trend jacking in 2014. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 11
  14. 14. 2013 TRENDS - MOBILE VIDEO SHARING The Rise of Short Form Content Mobile video sharing apps have skyrocketed in popularity this year: from the early contenders like Viddy and Social Cam, to Twitter’s Vine and more recently, Instagram Video. The result has been a barrage of creative ads and artistic snippets of content that tell quirky stories and offer a fleeting glance into peoples’ lives. Vine and Instagram now boast around 200 million users between them and these short form video formats have opened up a new world of possibilities for advertisers. We’ve seen hugely original campaigns from the likes of Oreo, Target and Samsung (to name just a few) and more and more brands are embracing the challenge to tell their story in 15 seconds or less. The short form video trend has resulted in a resurgence in popularity of stop motion animation, gif style footage and sneak peak product teasers, with the simplistic style helping to humanise brands, giving them a more personal face that consumers can relate to. The user friendly nature of mobile video apps has also lead to an increase in brand related UGC footage. More and more companies are encouraging their fans to create and upload their own clips, generating conversations and increasing user engagement with brands. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 12
  15. 15. 2013 TRENDS - EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING & PUBLIC PRANKS Tears and Terror Score Big Wins for Brands 2013 has seen an unprecedented rise in experiential marketing stunts, with brands becoming increasingly aware of the power of capturing real life physical experiences and emotions. We saw the likes of Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches and Coca-Cola’s Small World Machines become massive viral hits with campaigns centred around telling the story of shared human experiences, but one thing’s for sure – in the word of public marketing stunts, prank videos are king! Hidden camera shenanigans have been one of the biggest trending viral themes of the year so far, so much so that we’ve actually seen the birth of a new word to describe them – “prankvertising”. Amongst this year’s big hitters are Pepsi’s Test Drive and NIVEA’s Stresstest and LG’s Meteor Strike (to name just a few). But what is it about practical joke videos that make the interweb so keen so share them? We had a look through the viral chart data and the best viral ratios always come from clips that provoke a strong emotional response in a viewer. It can be anything from laughter to shock and disbelief, and filming people’s reactions to public stunts is a clever way to tick some of those boxes. Not only do prank videos capture genuine responses to what are often pretty extreme situations, but they also encourage people to empathise with the characters and think about how they would have reacted. Plus, they’re usually pretty damn funny! SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 13
  16. 16. 2013 TRENDS - CONTENT IS KING The Evolution of Branded Storytelling The internet is full of distractions, so now more than ever, companies need to be smart if they want us to listen up. The solution to this has been for brands to start seeking permission to gain our attention. Instead of focusing on simply delivering a branded message, they’ve begun finding new ways to tell stories and curate content that inspires viewers and drives conversations. 2013 has seen a rising trend of advertisers acting more like publishers. We’ve witnessed global giants like Coca-Cola and Red Bull place an increasing importance on their content marketing strategies, creating original custom videos dedicated to raising awareness of the brand by using dynamic storytelling. Of course, all the corporate information and branding is still prominent, but the emphasis is on creative content that appeals to a wide range of audiences. It’s not just advertisers who are blurring the lines either. Publishers too are increasingly becoming involved with content creation for brands, with large media houses like Vice launching new initiatives to help create and distribute unique digital advertising, playing a dual role of publisher and ad agency for brands. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 14
  17. 17. 2013 TRENDS - NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK The Rise of the Underdogs Every year we’re used to seeing the same familiar faces trending in the viral brand chart and as expected, 2013’s top -10 run down is full of ads from big global companies. However, the past 12 months have also brought with them some surprising viral successes from a couple of not so usual suspects. 2013 has been a pretty momentous year for KMART. The huge success of Ship My Pants back in April catapulted it into the viral limelight, clocking up over 20 million views and putting the retailer on the YouTube radar. Since then, KMART has gone on to enjoy several more huge hits garnering upwards of 2 million views each, (a far cry from the kind of engagement the brand had previously experienced online) and making KMART one to watch on the viral scene. We’ve also seen a couple of hugely successful one hit wonders from some relative newcomers; Toilet bowl deodorizer brand, Poo-Pourri went viral back in September with the hilarious product launch video, Girls don’t poop; start up mobile tech firm, PhoneBlocks released an innovative new crowd sourced campaign to help design and fund an open platform customizable mobile phone; and tampon delivery company, Hello Flow, went from zero to hero with the awesome Camp Gyno ad. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 15
  18. 18. TOP SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS FOR VIDEO SHARING IN 2013 Percentage of video sharing across social networking platforms in 2013 The social media landscape is constantly changing and 2013 has seen a huge surge in social video innovation. With so many unique online communities out there, brands and agencies need to think carefully about which networks are best for distributing social video links. Here at VAN, we’ve analysed data from over 1000 of the top trending viral videos that featured in our weekly Viral Chart in 2013 to get a better understanding of how social video links are shared across the web. Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Twitter are way ahead of the competition when it comes to video sharing, but they’re not the only contenders. The past 12 months have seen over 5% of shares of the top trending virals come from Google+, with Stumble Upon now the 4th most popular source of viral chart video shares. But when it comes to a straight comparison between Facebook and Twitter, Facebook wins hands down, accounting for 82% of shares compared to just 11% from Twitter. Pinterest = <1% LinkedIn = <1% Delicious = <1% Stumble Upon = 1% Twitter = 11% SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 Google+ = 5% Facebook = 82% Research from Bitly has also revealed that the average half life of a link on Twitter is 2.8 hours, on Facebook it’s 3.2 hours. So you can expect, on average, an extra 24 minutes of attention if you post on Facebook. PAGE 16
  19. 19. INTRODUCTION - UGC AND ENTERTAINMENT VIRAL TRENDS, 2013 Key UGC observations We’ve already taken a quick look at the top trending ad campaigns of 2013, and whilst it’s true that brands haven’t quite managed to hit the same viral heights reached by some of last year’s big winners, it certainly has been a pretty epic year for homemade and entertainment content on YouTube. There’s been a big rise in popularity of fun educational and instructional videos from the likes of Vsauce and ZeFrank, with AsapSCIENCE rising from relative obscurity last year to become one of the most popular YouTube Channels of 2013 so far in terms of the number of videos that have made it into the UGC Viral Chart. We saw US astronaut, Chris Hadfield’s series of video broadcasts from space turn him into an over night YouTube star; discovered the viral power of goats; watched as Daft Punk’s single, ‘Get Lucky’, became the latest pop sensation to inspire a string of musical tributes; learnt what noise a fox makes; and of course witnessed the awesome viral phenomenon of the Harlem Shake. Not to mention all the cute videos, funny pranks and down right weird stuff that’s been popping up in the viral listings every week. Lets take a look at the most popular UGC and entertainment videos from 2013... SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 PAGE 17
  20. 20. TOP TEN UGC AND ENTERTAINMENT VIRALS - 2013 Video Tonight  with  Ylvis Shares 4,561,407 What  Does  The  Fox   Say 2 1,348,805 How  Animals  Eat   Their  Food 1,088,489 A  Pep  Talk  from  Kid   President 935,537 THE  NFL  :  A  Bad  Lip   Reading BBC 5 290,441,888 1:59 Chris  Hadfield 641,807  Space  Oddity Kenneth  Håkonsen 658,265 Will  &  Jaden  Smith,   DJ  Jazzy  Jeff  and   Alfonso  Ribeiro  Rap 6 88,730,583 1:60 30,370,170 1:44 84,993 SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends -2013 52,519 599,220 Pumpcast  News 309,408 551,204 1:23 10 Emo<onal  baby!   Too  cute! 53,599 RSVLTS 9 19,404,098 Harlem  Shake   (army  edi<on) Alain  Leroux 1:25 8 44,144,300 Shares Tonight  Show 7 76,656 751,762 Views Share ratio 19,431,438 1:27 95,205,061 1:134 21,140,886 1:23 27,748,016 1:46 21,322,329 1:36 71,580 118,976 BadLipReading 4 Video 142,416 Soulpancake 3 Share ratio 373,761 MisterEpicMann Views 544,289 Goats  Yelling  Like   Humans 41,300 PAGE 18
  21. 21. VIRAL TRIGGERS - TOP 10 UGC VIDEOS If we’ve learnt anything from the success of Gangnam Style last year, it’s that the interweb loves a crazy pop music video. So it’s not surprising to see that the jewel of the 2013 UGC crown is another #WTF song classic. What does The Fox Say was initially released as a joke by two Norwegian brothers, aka Ylvis, to promote their comedy TV talk show back in September. Since then the video has garnered over a quarter of a billion views, launching the pair into international stardom. They’ve even released an illustrated children’s book based on the song that’s already set to become a best seller! So what made the video so insanely popular? Well, the answer is that classic recipe of a catchy tune and a simple dance routine that’s just crying out to be parodied. Throw in a comedy dose of WTF randomness and you’ve got a guaranteed hit that people can’t wait to share. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that What Does The Fox Say has become THE viral sensation of 2013. At number two with over 1.3 million shares, is a comedy sketch about How Animals Eat their Food. Created by MisterEpicMan, the deadpan demonstration of the dinner table etiquette of animals has become the quintessential example of homemade awesomeness this year. In terms of TubeRank conversation starters, it’s packed full of viral triggers, scoring highly for WTF and LOL (two of the strongest viral talking points). It’s original, random, hilarious and nonsensical – exactly the kind of thing the interweb loves! SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral Trends // 2013 PAGE 19
  22. 22. VIRAL TRIGGERS - TOP 10 UGC VIDEOS Elsewhere in the list, we’ve seen 9-year old Robby Novak, aka Kid President, capture the hearts of the interweb with his series of inspiring words of wisdom. Both Cute and Moving, the pint sized speaker has become the unofficial motivational speaker of the year. Also trending at the top of the UGC chart... Chris Hadfield’s series of zero gravity broadcasts for the Canadian Space Agency have single handedly turned 2013 into the year that space travel became cool, (ok it was already pretty awesome but Hadfield has seriously upped the ante); The Harlem Shake started yet another viral dance craze, triggering thousands of video tributes from all over the world; and screaming goats that sound like humans became the new meme of the year. The UGC Chart is famously unpredictable, but we can’t wait to see what little nuggets of interweb awesomeness 2014 brings! SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral Trends // 2013 PAGE 20
  23. 23. TOP UGC YOUTUBE CHANNELS OF 2013 Channel PewDiePie Smosh JennaMarbles Nigahiga RayWilliam Johnson Subscribers Description 18,284,161 Eccentric  Swedish  gamer  Felix   Arvid  -­‐  specialises  in  video  game   commentary  and  “Let’s  Play”   videos. 14,673,458 Comedy  sketch  channel   featuring  web  duo  Ian  Hecox  and   Anthony  Padilla. 11,765,814 American  entertainer  and  top   female  YouTuber  -­‐  series  of   YouTube  blogs  on  makeup,   fashion  and  life. 11,108,099 Comedy  sketches  and  music   videos  based  on  trending  pop   culture  references. 10,561,090 American  video  blogger   providing    commentary  on   trending  viral  videos. SOCIAL VIDEO INSIGHT REPORT - Viral trends // 2013 Channel Subscribers Description 10,261,225 Number  one  video  network  for   gamers  around  the  world,   featuring  gameplay  videos,   trailers  and  more. ERB 8,896,660 Video  series  pihng  historical   and  pop  culture  figures  against   one  another  in  a  rap  baNle   format. FreddieW 6,778,510 Just  some  cool  dudes  making   videos  with  rad  FX. 6,725,763 Comedy  channel  best  known  for   its  ‘React’  videos  including  Kids   React,  Teens  React  and  Elders   React. 6,193,339 Educa<onal  videos  featuring   Mind-­‐Blowing  Facts  &  The  Best   of  the  Internet. Machinima TheFineBros Vsauce PAGE 21
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