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  • 1. Java Bean properties
  • 2. Property• Property is a public attribute of a bean that you can manipulate via getter and setter methods• Properties typically correspond to fields that define the internal state of an object. R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 2
  • 3. PropertiesActive properties: Changing of a property can result in the firing of an event, these are called active properties. Active properties can be Bound or Constrained.Bound and Constrained properties: Events used to notify, when a property is changed for a bean.Standalone properties: It is standalone, which in this case means that it is not connected to via events to listeners. R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 3
  • 4. Simple Properties• getXXX() – accessor method to access internal variable• isXXX() – accessor method to flag to the introspector a single valued boolean property R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 4
  • 5. Simple Propertiespublic class person{private int age;private boolean single;person(int newage){age=newage;}public int getAge(){return age;}public void setSingle(boolean status){single=status;}public boolean isSingle(){return single; R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 5}}
  • 6. Multi-valued indexed properties An indexed property contains a collection of values that are of same type.Ex:public class myfriends{private String friends[];myfriends(String[] list){friends=list;}public String getfriends(int index){return friends[index];}public String[] getfriends(){return friends;} R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 6
  • 7. Bound Properties classes and interfaces Object classPropertyChangeSupportaddPropertyChangeListener PropertyChangeSupportremovePropertyChangeListener classfirePropertyChange R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 7
  • 8. Bound Properties classes and interfaces EventListener interfacePropertyChange PropertyChangeListener interface R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 8
  • 9. Bound Properties classes and interfaces EventObject classPropertyChangeEventgetPropertyName PropertyChangeEvent classgetNewValue R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 9
  • 10. R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 10
  • 11. Constrained Properties classes and interfaces Object class Exception class EventListener interfaceVetoableChangeSupportaddVetoableChangeListener VetoableChangeremoveVetoableChangeListener Support classfireVetoableChange PropertyVetoException PropertyVetoExce getPropertyChangeEvent ption class VetoableChange VetoableChangeListener R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) interface 11
  • 12. The Persistent bean streaming classes and interfaces R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 12
  • 13. public class MyBean { String prop1; public String getProp1() { return prop1; } public void setProp1(String s) { prop1 = s; }}
  • 14. Bean Instantiationtry {MyBean bean = (MyBean)Beans.instantiate(ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader(), "MyBean");} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {} catch (IOException e) {}
  • 15. Getting and setting properties of a beanObject o = new MyBean();try { // Get the value of prop1 Expression expr = new Expression(o, "getProp1", new Object[0]); expr.execute(); String s = (String)expr.getValue(); // Set the value of prop1 Statement stmt = new Statement(o, "setProp1", new Object[]{"new string"});stmt.execute();}catch (Exception e) {}
  • 16. //implementing a bound property• // Create the listener list.• PropertyChangeSupport pcs = new PropertyChangeSupport(this);• // The listener list wrapper methods.• public synchronized void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) { pcs.addPropertyChangeListener(listener);}• public synchronized void removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) { pcs.removePropertyChangeListener(listener);}
  • 17. //implementing a bound propertyint myProperty;public int getMyProperty() { return myProperty;}public void setMyProperty(int newValue) { int oldValue = myProperty; myProperty = newValue; pcs.firePropertyChange("myProperty", new Integer(oldValue), new Integer(newValue));}
  • 18. //implementing constrained property// Create the listener list.VetoableChangeSupport vcs = new VetoableChangeSupport (this); // The listener list wrapper methods.public synchronized void addVetoableChangeListener (VetoableChangeListener listener) { vcs.addVetoableChangeListener(listener);}public synchronized void removeVetoableChangeListener (VetoableChangeListener listener) { vcs.removeVetoableChangeListener(listener);}
  • 19. //implementing constrained propertyint myProperty;public int getMyProperty() { return myProperty;}public void setMyProperty(int newValue) throws PropertyVetoException { try { vceListeners.fireVetoableChange( "myProperty", new Integer(myProperty), new Integer(newValue)); myProperty = newValue; } catch (PropertyVetoException e) { throw e; }}
  • 20. Reflection classes Object class Beans Classs class introspection classesMethod class Constructor Array class Field class Modifier class class R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 20
  • 21. The enhanced Class classtoString getClasses Class classforName getFieldsnewInstance getMethodsisInstance getConstructorsisAssignableForm getFieldisInterface getMethodisArray getConstructorisPrimitive getDeclaredClassgetName getDeclaredFieldsgetClassLoader getDeclaredMethodsgetSuperClass getDeclaredConstructorsgetInterface getDeclaredFieldgetComponentType getDeclaredMethodgetModifiers getDeclaredConstructorgetSigners R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) getResourceAsStream 21
  • 22. The Reflective Method ClassgetDeclaringClass getExceptionTypes Method ClassgetName equalsgetModifiers hashCodegetReturnType toStringgetParameterTypes invoke R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 22
  • 23. Java beans Introspection: An Overview Object class SimpleBeanInfo FeatureDescriptor class Introspector class class MethodDescriptor EventSetDescr PropertyDescri ParameterDe class iptor class ptor class scriptor class BeanDescripto IndexedProper r class BeanInfo class tyDescriptor class R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 23
  • 24. JavaBeans Introspection:The descriptor classesFeatureDescriptor isHidden FeatureDescriptorgetName setHidden ClasssetName getShortDescriptiongetDisplayName setShortDescriptionsetDisplayName setValueisExpert getValuesetExpert attributeNameBeanDescriptor BeanDescripto MethodDescriptor MethodDescrgetBeanClass getMethod r Class iptor ClassgetCustomizerClass getParameterDescrip tors R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 24
  • 25. EventSetDescriptor getRemoveListenerMethod EventSetDescriptorgetListenerType setUnicast classgetListernerMethods isUnicastgetListernerMethodDescriptor setinDefaultEventSetsgetAddListenerMethod isInDefaultEventSetPropertyDescriptor setBound PropertyDescriptogetPropertyType isConstrained er ClassgetReadMethod setConstrainedgetWriteMethod setPropertyEditorClassisBound getPropertyEditorClassParameterDescriptor IndexedPropertyDesc IndexedPropertyDe ParameterDes riptor scriptor Class criptor Class getIndexedReadMeth od getIndexedWriteMeth R.V.S.Lalitha.,M.Tech(Ph.D) 25 od
  • 26. //listing the properties of a beantry {BeanInfo bi = Introspector.getBeanInfo(MyBean.class); PropertyDescriptor[] pds = bi.getPropertyDescriptors(); for (int i=0; i<pds.length; i++) { // Get property name String propName = pds[i].getName(); } catch (java.beans.IntrospectionException e) {}