Value Insights India is full service market research agencies which specializes in end to
end execution of global and pan ...
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Organisation Profile Value Insights India


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Brief Description of the work which is done by Value Insights India

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Organisation Profile Value Insights India

  1. 1. Value Insights India is full service market research agencies which specializes in end to end execution of global and pan India market research assignments. The thrust and focus of the organization has being to go beyond data analysis and reporting to uncovering insights and advance data analytics. Value Insights India is an organisation which specializes in conducting market entry studies for organizations which are seeking to make direct or indirect investments into India. It gives a complete 360 degree view of India market, the unique research model of Value Insights India involves a mix of primary and secondary research. During a typical research assignment a series of stakeholders are contacted in the ecosystem of a specific industry. Once the secondary research phase is completed, series of primary interviews with different stakeholders in the ecosystem such as channel partners, competitors and suppliers and end consumers are contacted to get an in-depth understanding of the market dynamics. Additionally the organization has capabilities of undertaking field work coordination activities for global B2B and B2C studies as per the business requirements and objectives of the clients. The organization has an in-depth strength of internal resources to conduct B2B interviews and also excellent end consumer/end user interview field coordination capabilities. The nature of assignment which are handled by the organization are detailed below Tactical Consumer Research Assignments • Product Research- Ideation, Concept & Product Testing • Brand and Communication Research- Ad Pre and Post Testing, Brand Image Assessment, Brand Naming & Repositioning studies, Brand Funnel Analysis • Channel Research- Mystery Audits, Channel Satisfaction, Dealer Value Proposition • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Assessment Strategic Consumer Research Assignments • Usage and Attitude Studies • Market Segmentation Strategic Assignments • Market Entry Strategy Formulation • Value Chain Analysis • Location Attractiveness Assessment • Review and Realignment of corporate strategy • Review of competitors and key market drivers • Opportunity mapping of volume and value • Investigation and ranking of market/segment attractiveness • Route to Market/Distributor Strategy and selection • Market Sizing and Multivariate forecasting