M2 M Applications The Second Coming


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A primer on M2M applications in India

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M2 M Applications The Second Coming

  1. 1. M2M Applications in the newly evolving 3G Market in IndiaOverview3G Services have been recently launched in India, this whitepaper discusses whether 3G would act as acatalyst for growth of M2M applications. Value Insights India undertook a study in which it tried toevaluate the next age M2M (Machine to Machine) applications which would ride the 3G wave. As part ofthis study Value Insights India did considerable secondary research and spoke to industry experts tounderstand what would be the nature of M2M applications which would really take off due to theadvent of 3G Services.Defining M2M Applications MarketEvery object with an embedded mobile SIM card, excluding mobile phones, is included in the M2M(Machine to Machine) connectivity market.M2M Applications find uses in different industry verticals  Energy (Integration of energy management systems with remote energy assets): Wireless connectivity for solar power installations, monitoring residential wind turbines, reducing hotels & Streetlights energy consumption.  Fleet/Transportation Management: GPS Management on Cars, Connecting Refrigerated Trucks, emergency response vehicles, maritime connectivity, Traffic IP Cameras to provide live feed of traffic movement using Wireless 3G connectivity, Lowering Streetlight Power Consumption using smart M2M sensor technology  Medical : Medical Professionals can collect& access patient data remotely, Better Management of Medical Emergencies, Remote Management of Medical Devices  Building Automation: Monitoring the cooking oil in restaurants (Special sensors monitor cooking oil and alert the restaurant manager when it is time to fill or replace the current batch of cooking oil), Car Parking Management (Monitoring and communicating data between multiple parking garage systems), Wind Turbine Management (Monitoring the health of the wind turbines),Remote Building Management (managing the diverse building systems involved in proper temperature, air quality and energy management) and Monitoring lube levels of automobile quick lube stations  Retail : Wireless Backup Solutions of Retail Stores, Remote updation of messages on digital restaurant signage, wireless ATM connectivity, seamless ticketing at Theme Parks  Data Center: Worldwide access to remote test lab equipment, Replacing outdated console management solution in financial data centers, Parallel connectivity during network outages, Replacing outdated console management solution in financial data centers Source: Digi International
  2. 2. Global M2M Applications MarketGlobally the M2M and embedded devices market would reach $18.9 Bn by 2014. Automobile &Transporation sector would be the major M2M market segments. Other Segments with high growthpotential include Mobile Connected Buildings and Utility Metering. While the market for MobileConnected Buildings is driven by security needs, the Utility Metering demands is driven by regulatoryinitiatives in Europe and economic stimulus funds in the United States.In India the offtake of the M2M is at a very nascent stage, however the future is bright as advancedtechnologies such as unified communications and video surveillance will be integrated in the M2Mapplications. Rural M2M applications around Irrigation, water table monitoring, meteorological updatesand real-time cooperative market updates would grow at a faster rate. In the urban areas applicationsaround consumer convenience in daily life products would emerge as the critical driver for advent ofM2M applications.Value Insights India after extensive debate with the experts feel that 3G would have a significant impacton the growth of M2M applications as the user experience would improve with these applications, thiswould lead to rapid adoption of mission critical applications in M2M (healthcare, remote monitoring ofkey devices, networks) in the consumers & enterprises.This papers reflects the understanding of Value Insights India based on these discussions, Value Insights is representing the opinions of the experts and takes noresponsibility for actions taken by organizations based on the content of this whitepaper