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Classifying Matter Scavenger Hunt

Classifying Matter Scavenger Hunt






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    Classifying Matter Scavenger Hunt Classifying Matter Scavenger Hunt Presentation Transcript

    • Classifying Matter Scavenger Hunt By: Valeria Younan
    • Gold is an element
      • Gold is an element because you can’t break it down.
      • Gold is also listed on the periodic table, therefore, you know is element.
      • The atomic symbol for gold is Au.
      • gold
    • Sugar is a compound
      • sugar
      • Sugar is a compound because it could broken down into elements.
      • It is also a pure substance.
      • The chemical symbol for sugar is C(6)H(12)O(6) .
    • Water is a compound
      • Water is a pure substance that can be broken down.
      • It’s combined with hydrogen and oxygen.
      • Its chemical symbol is H(2)O .
      • water
    • Oil and water is a mixture
      • Water and oil
      • Oil and water mixed together make a mixture.
      • Water is on the bottom and oil would be on the top like seen on the picture to the left.
    • Salt mixed with water is a mixture
      • When salt is mixed with water, the salt dissolves.
      • If you taste the salt water, it will still taste salty and wet because the salt only dissolved, it did not disappear.
      • The salt and water were physically combined.
      • Salt and water
    • Oatmeal with milk is a mixture
      • Oatmeal with milk
      • When oatmeal is mixed with milk, it is physically combined.
      • you can still see the oatmeal and the liquid from the milk.
      • There is no chemical equation nor symbol for oatmeal and milk combined. Therefore it is a mixture.
    • Shampoo is an example of a homogeneous mixture
      • Shampoo is an example of a homogeneous mixture because it is evenly mixed.
      • It is a homogeneous mixture because when you look at the top and bottom, it looks the same.
      • shampoo
    • Orange juice without pulp is a homogenous mixture
      • It looks the same from top to bottom.
      • It is mixed evenly so you can’t see any other particles in there.
    • Ranch is a heterogeneous mixture
      • You can see particles floating in the ranch.
      • It is not mixed evenly.
      • If you look from top to bottom, it does not look the same.
      • Ranch
    • Italian dressing is a heterogeneous mixture
      • Italian dressing
      • There are particles floating around.
      • If you look from top to bottom, it doesn’t look the same.