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Marvel corporate presentation may 07

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  2. 2. www.marvelinternational.comOriginal & Historic• Born in October 1939 -SUBMARINER & HUMAN TORCHset the world alight!• 60 years of story telling by StanLee and the mighty Marvel bullpen• 40 years of animation, toys andconsumer products
  3. 3. www.marvelinternational.comRich & Complex• 45 years of continuous plotevolution• Single fictional universe of inter-relating characters and inter-twining stories all under onebrand• 5,500 characters: Heroes &Villains, Friends & Relations
  4. 4. www.marvelinternational.comYoung & Old• Adults: Grew up with Marvel characters– Buy fashion apparel, collectibles,accessories…– Adults love the comics• Kids: Exposed to the movies, animation,books and video games– Buy toys, school accessories, casualapparel, sleepwear, novelties…– Kids love the comics“CRADLE TO GRAVE” APPEAL
  5. 5. www.marvelinternational.comHere & Now• Movies:– worth in excess of $4.5bnat Box Office• Toys:– Hasbro – global toy partner• Comics:– 400% uplift in 5 years• Video Games:– Activision - over 20 million sold in 3 years• Consumer Products:– over $6bn in sales at retail
  6. 6. www.marvelinternational.comComics Resurgence• Marvel Comics – 55% U.S. market share –20 million monthly readers across Europe• Spectacular Spider-Man - UK kids magazine- 40,000 every 3 weeks; now launchingacross Europe & Latin America• Marvel Rampage – Marvel lifestylemagazine targeting kids 7–12. The UK’s topboys action lifestyle magazine and now pan-European• Marvel Pocket Books format hitting bookstores pan-European including in schools
  7. 7. www.marvelinternational.com30 Years of International PublishingLocal language comics in 50 countries
  8. 8. www.marvelinternational.comPublishing ProgramLittle KidsBig KidsMeredith, Readers Digest,HarperCollins, BrighterChild, Publications Intl.Dorling Kindersley, Lee,Klutz, ScholasticSimon & Schuster,Becker/Meyer,Simon & Schuster, ChronicleBooks,Eaglemoss, Templar,TitanBooks, Newmarket Books, Levin,Quirk
  9. 9. www.marvelinternational.comSpider-ManSpider-ManEvergreenClassic and MovieMarvel HeroesMarvel Heroes2nd EvergreenMarvel brand legacy and combinedglobal activitySuper Hero KidsSuper Hero KidsPre-school brand to leverageemergent demographicEntertainmentEntertainmentBrandsBrandsMOVIES Animated Series Direct 2VideoMarvel RetroMarvel RetroSilver Age for baby boomers, collectors& fashionistasBrand Licensing StrategyClassicMassEventNiche
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  11. 11. The Amazing Spider-ManClassic Style Guide Swinging Back Into Licensing 4Q 2007
  12. 12. www.marvelinternational.comThe Amazing Spider-Man• The post-Spider-Man 3 art style• Spider-Man continues to be the topselling boys brand in all major productcategories• All new TV supported toy line fromHasbro• New Activision Video game to bereleased• All new style guide•NEW ANIMATED SERIES (2008)
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  15. 15. www.marvelinternational.comTarget: Boys aged 6-12• Marvel’s co-mingled brand of top 20 most popular characters• Marvel fans have multiple favourite characters amongst both Heroes& Villains• Provides retailers with variety within the reality of limited shelf space• Supported by: Publishing, theatrical releases, direct to DVD releases,and interactive games.Benefits from all Marvel Activity
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  17. 17. www.marvelinternational.comMarvel Animated Movies• The first-ever animated full length moviesfrom Marvel!• 3 direct to DVD releases scheduledper year- The Invincible Iron Man-January 23, 200- Dr. Strange – August 14, 2007- Teen Avengers - March 2008- Marvel Animated Feature #6 -October 2008- Marvel Animated Feature #7 - Feb.2009
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  20. 20. www.marvelinternational.comWhat?• Spider-Man and Friends is Marvel’spre-school family• Target: children 18 Months – 5yrsWhy?• A kinder, gentler Marvel for youngfans!• Inspirational characters with linearstorylines and heroic (good guys)personalities.
  21. 21. www.marvelinternational.comSofter Design, Relevant Environments
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  24. 24. www.marvelinternational.comCategory Focus• Toys• Apparel• Personal Care• Food Categories• Kids Electronics• Home Décor• House wares• Publishing
  25. 25. • Newly launched dedicated monthlypre-school educational magazine fromPanini• All your favourite Marvel charactersappearing in child friendly adventures& activities• Superb educational content coveringcreativity, communication, maths,spelling & more!• Target: Boys aged 3-6• 85,000 circulation available at Tescoand Morrisons & independents
  26. 26. www.marvelinternational.comAll New Toyline From Hasbro Toys
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  28. 28. www.marvelinternational.comMarvel Retro• Cover art, iconic images• Panel art and speech bubbles!• Artwork from 1960 – 1975 “The Silver Age of Comics”• Recognition: the stories we read, thecharacters we love, the images werecognize “That’s MY Marvel”• Induction: retro is kitsch, vintage is cool;It’s hip to be square• Target: 16+ cool, comic aficionadosMarvel Retro - Back to the Future
  29. 29. www.marvelinternational.comMarvel Retro Product
  30. 30. Marvel MoviesMARVEL MOVIES
  31. 31. www.marvelinternational.comMarvel Movies• Marvel – Home of theSuper Hero Movie• No.1 at realising from page toscreen• Marvel Characters – Publicloves the fallible Super Hero• Studio support(X-Men 3 and Spider-Man 3 were Fox andSony’s respectively, most expensivereleases to date)• Result = Over $4.5bn atWorldwide Box Office
  32. 32. www.marvelinternational.comMovie Blockbuster Success( $ in Millions)Movie U.S. Box Office Intl Box Office Total Box OfficeBlade $70 $58 $128Blade 2 $82 $69 $151Daredevil $103 $77 $180X-Men $157 $137 $294Hulk $132 $110 $242Blade Trinity $53 $77 $130X-Men 2 $215 $192 $407Spider-Man $403 $404 $807Spider-Man 2 $403 $418 $821Fantastic Four $155 $175 $330X-Men: Last Stand $234 $220 $454
  33. 33.… And More Movies Coming Soon!2007 Feb Ghost Rider (Sony)2007 May Spider-Man III (Sony)2007 June Fantastic Four: Rise ofthe Silver Surfer (Fox)2008 May Iron Man (Marvel)2008 Summer Hulk II (Marvel)2008/9 TBC Captain America (Marvel)2008/9 TBC Wolverine (Fox)2008/9 TBC Nick Fury (Marvel)2009/10 TBC Thor (Marvel)2009/10 TBC Namor - Submariner (Marvel)2009/10 TBC Iron Man 2 (Marvel)2010/11 TBC Spider-Man IV (Sony)2010/11 TBC The Avengers (Marvel)All dates and titles Subject to change
  34. 34. BACKGROUND• Spider-Man captured 1st place as the #1 movie in2002• Spider-Man 2 the largest opening week of anymovie EVER!!• LARGEST OPENING WEEKEND $114,844,116• SM2 - The fastest to reach $200 million (8 days)• Worldwide Box Office: $821,708,551• Theatrical franchise to date worth over $1.5bn• In 2006, Spider-Man comics sell over 420,000 unitsa month (or 5 million per year)• Over 350 Spider-Man 3 Licensees Worldwide
  35. 35. • US Release: May 4, 2007• Int’l Release: May 2007• DVD Release: 4Q 2007• Genre: Action Adventure• Target: All Ages• US Rating: PG expected
  36. 36. • Very wide, major blockbuster• Global day-and-date• 93 + territories• Anticipated rating– PG-13Theatrical Release:June 15, 2007Video/DVD:Holiday 2007
  37. 37. Julian McMahonMichael Chiklis Chris EvansIoan GruffuddJessica AlbaTHE ORIGINAL CAST RETURNS
  38. 38. INTRODUCING THE MOST ANTICIPATEDCHARACTER IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSETHE SILVER SURFER• A mysterious, other-worldly character whocan absorb and manipulate the universescosmic energies resulting in incalculablestrength• The Silver Surfer navigates space, flying atnear-limitless speeds on his board• Cult figure within Marvel Universe, neverbefore represented in film• Iconic character that has appeared in avariety of high end products e.g. apparel,stationery & collectiblesClassic Comic Book Representation
  39. 39. New Animated Series!• 26 x half hour episodes• UK broadcast partners Cartoon Network and now GMTV• From industry hot shop Antefilms Production/Moonscoop(Funky Cops, Code Lyoko, Pet Alien)• Delivery & Broadcast for Q4 2006• Cartoon Network Worldwide Cable exclusive for 6 monthsFranchise Development – F4
  40. 40. Marvel Slate 2008
  41. 41. Robert Downey Jr. as TONY STARKAcademy Award® & Emmy® Award Nominee (Good Night, and Good Luck, Chaplin)Terrence Howard as JIM “RHODEY” RHODESAcademy Award® Nominee (Hustle and Flow, Four Brothers)Gwyneth Paltrow as “PEPPER” POTTSAcademy Award® Winner (Shakespeare in Love, Se7en)
  42. 42. Acclaimed director, writer,actor, & Marvel fan favourite..JON FAVREAU
  43. 43. APPARELKids HeadquartersMad EngineFruit of The LoomAMEACCESSORIESBBCDisguiseDimensional ProductsBerkshireBACK TO SCHOOLFABFast ForwardDOMESTICSJay FrancoELECTRONICS & INTERACTIVESegaFINE ARTUpper DeckFOOD & BEVERAGEDecopacGIFT & NOVELTYSideshow CollectiblesRuss BerrieHOUSEWARESZak DesignsPUBLISHINGSandylionSTATIONERY & PARTY GOODSHallmarkSPORTING GOODSK2RandSpencer ReedTOYS & GAMESArt AsylumHasbroJakksMega BloksMGACONSOLE GAMESSEGAUS Merchandise Partners Already SignedUS Merchandise Partners Already Signed
  44. 44. Strategic New Animation InitiativesTelevision AnimationFrom Method Films– Iron Man– 26 x 30 mins– Anticipated for Q3 2008
  45. 45. JUNE 13, 2008
  46. 46. Film Facts•Slated for June 27th2008• One of Marvel’s most popular characters• Director – Louis Leterrier (Transporter 2, Unleashed)• Writer – Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand, Behind Enemy Lines)• Edward Norton recently announced as Bruce Banner/Hulk
  47. 47. Synopsis:Since his first appearance in 1962, The Hulk has become one of themost loved and recognized characters in the world. THEINCREDIBLE HULK tells the story of Bruce Banner, a man with apowerful secret. When Bruce becomes angry, he transforms into afury-fueled monster known as the Hulk. After years of living on therun, Bruce Banner has reached a tipping point and is willing to doabsolutely anything to rid himself of his green alter-ego. That is untilBruce learns of a peril even more dangerous than the Hulk. Now,Bruce must come to terms with the fact that the monster within isactually a hero as he fights to stop the devastating Abominationfrom wreaking havoc on the world.
  48. 48. US Merchandise PartnersUS Merchandise PartnersAPPARELKids HeadquartersMad EngineFruit of The LoomAMEACCESSORIESBBCDisguiseBerkshireBACK TO SCHOOLFABFast ForwardDOMESTICSJay FrancoELECTRONICS & INTERACTIVESegaFINE ARTUpper DeckFOOD & BEVERAGEDeco PacGlobal BrandsGIFT & NOVELTYSideshow CollectiblesRuss BerrieHOUSEWARESZak DesignsSTATIONERY & PARTY GOODSHallmarkPUBLISHINGSandylionMeredethTrends InternationalSPORTING GOODSK2RandSpencer ReedTOYS & GAMESMega BloksMGAPlayhutHasbroArt AsylumJakks PacificScreen Life