WC14 business opportunities for mobile operators


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WC14 and Rio16 investments predicted to be huge...but where opportunity really is at Fan Parties. Key expectations for Brazil indicate party like environments comes first than better performance of teams. Sports consumers want timely content to be connected to their favorite team everywhere any time. Besides, Sports apps are amongst the few that can command a premium pricing in the apps stores. So go mobile!

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WC14 business opportunities for mobile operators

  1. 1. Mobile Business OpportunitiesWorld Cup 2014 | Olympic Games 2016Rio de Janeiro, April 2011Valter Wolf
  2. 2. WC2014 and Rio 2016 investments predicted to be huge…2014 FIFA World Cup – What it represents to Brazil?Rio 2016 Olympic Games – What it represents to Brazil?Source: PWC
  3. 3. ... but where opportunity really is: Fan Parties! “Fans are always on the go and want the information immediately, so go mobile”
  4. 4. Key expectations for WC14 Brazil indicate party likeenvironments comes first than better performance of teamsSource: Grail Research Analysis
  5. 5. The World Cup goes mobile so users can follow and befollowed wherever they are in Brazil “Brazilians are twice as likely (21%) to get World Cup information from their phones” Nielsen, The Beautiful Game Report “Globally, 21% fans said they would get at least some of their information from the Internet via their mobile devices and 9% said they would get it through application on their phones. ” Nielsen, The Beautiful Game Reporthttp://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/global/soccer-the-beautiful-game-goes-mobile/
  6. 6. It s notorious that application download rise in Sport eventseverywhere anytimeVodafone selling apps to prepaidVodafone Calcio which offers access to Serie A andChampions League games for just EUR2 per week.The app, which is available across all platforms, hasregistered 100,000 downloads to the iPhone, 3,000to Android devices and 2,000 to the iPad. China Mobile hits in Olympic mobile downloads at opening ceremony a 1 Million mobile TV viewers in 1 day  China Mobile recorded 1 million viewers clicking 7 million times to watch more than 300,000 hours of its licensed Olympic mobile TV coverage by August19. The mobile operator recorded nearly 200,000 mobile TV users on the first day of the games, more than twice the previous days total.  Music platform reportedly recorded 5.73 million downloads of Olympic opening ceremony theme song "You and Me“.  The operators network also recorded over 800 video calls on the evening of August 8. Source: Press
  7. 7. Not to mention the huge flood of iPhone and iPad apps thathave being offered. 1. World Cup Countdown 2. ESPN World Cup 3. World Football Live 4. World Cup Coverage 5. World Cup History 6. World Cup Trivia Source: Top6 sport apps according to Mashable
  8. 8. Sports apps are amongst the few that can command a premium pricing in the apps store ESPN’s Fantasy Football 2010 app became available for $4.99 and was in the top ten twice despite its high price point. Major League Baseball’s At Bat was retailed for $14.99 Average selling price of the Top Grossing applications (Apple Store) $4.99 $14.99Source: Top Ten Apps Q3: Making cents of it all, Strategy Analytics – Q3 2010
  9. 9. ESPN Digital Media Scores FIFA WC10! 4.9 billion minutesspent on World Cup content across multiple platforms Free Category: Sports Updated: Jun 16, 2010 Size: 7.4 MB Customer Ratings: 183.033 Ratings Top In App Purchases World Cup Premium Package: $7.99  The app itself was downloaded more than 2.5 million times and averaged one million users accessing it per day during the tournament.  ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup generated 98 million visits and 520 million page views to World Cup content.  Video on the mobile Web and app were accessed for 6.2 million video views of World Cup highlights, news and analysis.  ESPN’s mobile TV offering reached 1 million unique viewers during the event and registered 93 million total minutes of viewing setting viewership records on major mobile TV platforms MobiTV and FLO TV.http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2010/07/13/espn-reports-4-9-billion-minutes-spent-on-2010-fifa-world-cup-digital-media-content/57017
  10. 10. Yahoo! Study: Paterns of Mobile Usage During World Cup2010 indicates the minutes of pick • Traffic and engagement on Yahoo! Mobile increased 10% on average during commercials • Yahoo! Mobile Front page activity bounced up by 24%. • Mobile browsing activity rose by 57% on Yahoo! News. • The highest peaks happened immediately after the shows ended on TV, suggesting that viewers looked beyond the tube to learn and read more about. • This data shows that mobile affords marketers a significant opportunity to reinforce television advertising impact and continue the conversation with consumers as viewers transition from the TV to their mobile devices.Yahoo! Mobile Whitepaper Series, November 2010
  11. 11. World Cup Fever: internet has its busiest news day everduring the WC10 • The Intner Index, which is reported here, tracks over 100 news video sites. Notice that tis does not represent the overall demand to the Akamai network. It carries many of the worlds biggest news organizations including the BBC, CNN, and NBC. • There are some 11 million visitor requests per minute to its network, up 233 percent from the normal demand at this time. • The previous record for bandwidth requests for news sites was the Election Day victory (11/5/08) inauguration of President Barack Obama where demand peaked at 8 million visitors requests per minutehttp://www.beet.tv/2010/06/world-cup-fever-internet-has-busiest-day-ever-.html
  12. 12. The World Cup’s 2010 effect on the sports category in Brazilindactes de impact on traffic localy Sorce: “Estate of internet in Brazil”, ComScore
  13. 13. Sports consumers want timely content to be connected to theirfavorite team at all times.Millions of dollars have been spent on applications, subscriptions, and gamepurchases so consumers can access the content they want wherever they are.*) Points were awarded for the number of business models supportedSource: Strategy Analytics, March Gladness
  14. 14. Sports fans are multitaskers! Majority of fans will be usinganother device while watching the matches Source: ESPN Sports Fans Panel
  15. 15. Multi-access, network boundaries are blurring for the user Globally 32% of Internet users are Share of “Everywhere users“ on Internet users “Everywhere users” Indonesia • Internet everywhere for private and business purposesSouth Africa • Connected via fixed high speed Russia access, mobile network and Wi-Fi Romania hotspots Brazil • Connected through significantly Algeria more devices than other usersSaudi Arabia US • Same usage pattern for fixed and Sweden mobile broadband in most markets Germany France • Time-shift TV usage increased Australia >18% (people who record TV to UK watch at their leisure) China • High-end converged fixed and Taiwan mobile internet bundles are up in popularity 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% – ca. 10% points in observed markets Source: Nokia Siemens Networks broadband study and Nielsen Media Research
  16. 16. Experience of World Cup in South Africa indicates that keysponsors are not necessarily the most associated brands…Source: Grail Research Analysis, Fifa
  17. 17. ...but 15% of fans are more likely to buy a sport sponsor’sproduct Source: ESPN Sports Fans Panel
  18. 18. ‘MTN Play’ content portal for 2010 Fifa World Cup captured thepotencial of World Cup MTN launched in Feb 2010 the ‘MTN Play’ content portal in order to deliver the 2010 FIFA World Cup action to the mobile handsets of its subscribers across 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East. ‘MTN Play’ is an interactive mobile content channel giving users access to ringtones, games, music and videos. During the 2010 World Cup, users will be able to download near-live match highlights, scores and news updates. The operator is mainly targeting mobile customers in emerging markets where mobile penetration levels are high but access to digital TV is limited. This will be the first time that some of these markets will experience digital content on this scale. The operator holds exclusive content rights part of its sponsorship of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Key Insight The access to exclusive content from the 2010 FIFA World Cup gives MTN a strong element of differentiation from competitors and is likely to boost usage of mobile TV during the summer periodSource: Press
  19. 19. MTN South Africa reported a significant impact on revenuesduring the period of the games Continued high data growth •9.2m packet data users (49% of base) •1.6m Smartphones •946k modems (incl modules and USB dongles) •+7% more MoU (+9% outgoing) •+12% more ARPU on prepaid (5% more on Blended)Source: Conmpany´s Report
  20. 20. Verizon´s LTE coverage first targets the National Football leagues cities Verizon Wireless prioritize to launch its LTE 4G network in 30 "National Football League Cities". Verizon will also expand its LTE network to cover the entire country by 2013, Verizon 4G LTE network to cover 147 cities by end of 2011. McMonagle also confirmed that laptop modems will be the first devices capable of accessing and using the LTE network with phones not available for some time, due to no phones on the market that use the 700MHz LTE band at this time. Verizon also expects multi-band devices can be available early in the LTE roll-out. LTE network will support download speeds of 5Mbps to 12Mbps, and upload speeds to 2Mbps to 5Mbps.Source: Phonenews
  21. 21. Anatel’s requires 4G coverage to be ready by the end of 2013 for the cities that will host the World Cup. Mobile operators leaders in the 12 cities hosting the World Cup 2014 (as of march 2011)Source: TELECO.com
  22. 22. Infrastructure gaps in Brazil according to FIFA standardsindicates the need for investmentsSource: ABDIB
  23. 23. Opportunities in the consumer market are at hand! Live Stream and TV services – applications Focus on Video, for mobile and Internet Content Portal Mobile Internet Coverage Users should only be one click away and from what they want to do the most Roaming Services Information and Location Services for Visitors •Enable easy shopping, m- •Check all roaming agreements payment • Check all AIRPORT landing strips for •Explore opportunities for cellular coverage new segments like • Carefully monitor foreign visitors transport, machine to movements– Teams qualifying – carefully machine and safety plan for premium games (ie. England vs. France) Integration with Social Networks Operator- created widgetsSource: Strategy Analytics, June 2009
  24. 24. Keep your head up, eyes forward andball control 24Source: Press
  25. 25. Valter WolfStrategy & Business Development+55 11 8401-9697