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Day Communiqué Web Content Management

Day Communiqué Web Content Management
David Nüscheler



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    Eb07 Day Communiqué Web Content Management En Eb07 Day Communiqué Web Content Management En Presentation Transcript

    • Mardi 17 Novembre 2009 Paris, la Défense WCM Trends for 2010 and CQ5 David Nuescheler CTO Day Software david@day.com
    • David Nuescheler Chief Technology Officer david.nuescheler@day.com David Nuescheler JSR-170 Spec Lead jsr-170-comments@jcp.org David Nuescheler Jackrabbit Committer / Member uncled@apache.org David Nuescheler TC Member / CMIS-JCR Liaison david@day.com
    • WCM Stakeholders Site Systems Owner CMO CIO Business IT Authors Developer
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • Good-bye Vendor Lock-in.
    • Introducing the CM Cloud WCM COLLAB PIM SCM SOCIAL RM DM DAM
    • Many different usecases. Little agreement.
    • There is light. The Content Repository. All disciplines of CM agree on the existence and the featureset of a content repository
    • A Content Repository!? CONTENT REPOSITORY FEATURES OF AN FEATURES OF A RDBMS FILESYSTEM Transactions, Query, Structure, Integrity Binaries, Hierarchy, Locking, Access Control + GOOD STUFF ALL THE OTHER YOU ALWAYS WANTED Unstructured, Versioning, Full-text, Multi-Value, Sort-Order, Observation
    • A history of standards.  DMA & ODMA Document Management oriented Specification. Little Adoption. No active specification development.  WebDAV (& friends) Filesystem (Resource) oriented Protocol Specification IETF. Widely adopted. Every Desktop has WebDAV support. Every CM Vendor Supports WebDAV. No active specification development.  JCR Java Language API specification. Functionally Broad. Wide adoption by Java Applications. Active development.  CMIS TIO N IVE ICA CIF Document Management oriented Protocol SP E CT Specification. Work in progress. Active development of the Specification. A
    • Introducing JCR 170 283 11
    • 12
    • Known Compliant Repositories (* partially using 3rd party connectors) Exo Microsoft Apache Jackrabbit Oracle XML DB ECMS Platform Sharepoint OpenText Livelink Day CRX IBM FileNet P8 Xythos Repository Alfresco ECM Vignette V7 Interwoven Saperion +hund red Repository IBM CM / Domino EMC Documentum Archive regists of TCKs ered
    • Some known JCR Applications Fast BEA Portal Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Search Sun JBoss Portal OpenPortal Interface 21 Day Communique Spring Framework DAM magnolia WCMS Apache Sling Day Communique Mindquarry Collab Alfresco ECMS Collaboration Apache Tapestry QSLabs Apache Compliance Day Communiqué Cocoon WCMS medic-2-medic IBM FileNet Apache James Artifactory mapofmedicine WebSiteManager Maven Proxy Exo ECMS Platform TYPO3 GX WebManager v5.0 WCM InfoQ Hippo Liferay Nuxeo ECM Online Community CMS Enterprise Portal Jahia Sakai Percussion Framework E-learning Rhythmix QuickWCM Sourcemix WCMS Lutece Sourcemix Portal
    • Introducing CMIS. TO SED PO T PRO ASIS SEP 8 0 20 .5 O V0
    • JCR vs. CMIS Goals & Bodies JCR CMIS VS. Java Language API Bindings SOAP & AtomPub Protocol Bindings Large Expert Group Large Technical Committee v2.0 released pre v1.0 Public Review RELATION COMPLEMENTARY
    • JCR vs. CMIS Scope comparison SCM COLLAB WCM JCR CMIS SOCIAL PIM VS. SCM COLLAB WCM SOCIAL PIM RM DM DAM RM DM DAM General Purpose Content Repository RELATION Focused Document Management Model COMPATIBLE Model SUBSET
    • JCR vs. CMIS Compatibility JCR CMIS VS. Apache Chemistry makes every JCR compliant repository CMIS compliant. Automatically. No work involved. RELATION COMPATIBLE
    • JCR vs. CMIS What, when? JCR CMIS VS. Apache Chemistry makes every JCR compliant repository CMIS compliant. Automatically. No work involved. RELATION COMPATIBLE
    • Tech Buzzword Bingo JCR & CMIS
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • Sites are Apps.
    • Application & WCM 1.0 pre 2009 WebApps miles WebSites portalspps business ats extranerce comme
    • Applications & WCM 2.0 header nav title container content content block Progress label Application Content Block Label Label Label Cancel OK labels content 24
    • Mash it up...
    • Drag & Drop Integration applications, portlets, gadgets
    • Tech Buzzword Bingo PORTLETS & OPENSOCIAL
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • WCM is about Agility
    • Adapt in changing markets 1 2 3 content structure logic ...well t you h hat’s why ave a CMS .
    • Data First. Your content model is going to be... ...WRONG. ...it is matt just a er of time
    • Componentized Deployment. Your application is going to be... ...OUTDATED. ...or b uggy .
    • Tech Buzzword Bingo OSGI & DATA FIRST
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • URLs matter beyond SEO
    • REST Learn to REST. do th i “web ngs the -way ”
    • Roy Fielding Chief Scientist Day Software Co-Founder and Creator of Apache WebServer Project Co-Author of HTTP, URL, … standard specification Founder of the Apache Software Foundation VP of the Apache WebServer project Author of the Apache license Creator of the term “REST” 37
    • It’s the Web. URLs matter. .../product.jsp?id=12346 Mistake 1 : Mistake 2: Addressing th Mistake 3: e .jsp? What the “Script” heck? Passing in “this”
    • Reclaiming the web. RESTful URL decomposition /cars/audi/s4.details.html Content ...selects a Repository Pa particular scr th ipt
    • Tech Buzzword Bingo REST
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • Users, not surfers.
    • Users, are users, are users. 3 ±2 Authors 10 4 ±2 Intranet 10 5 ±2 Public 10
    • User Profile Management Content Repository & ntation Name, Email, Every User of the website has a Segme rmation Info ... Group Profile / User Home Private file Registration and upload ntro led s Coticateld Forms content Acces en Auth Highly Scalable s ebPage Use rivate W rL Use icense User P r St s atis & tics
    • User Generated Content Tightly Integrated Start “small” and without entry barrier Control all user generated content using flexible workflows for approval Built for Enterprise Class DMZ and Load Balancing environments
    • <div class=”comment”> Check out this site <a href=”javascript:alert(‘ha’)”>this</a> site </div> <div class=”comment”> Look at my profile <img src=”javascript:alert(‘ha’)”> </div> <div class=”comment”> Cool <b>stuff</b> <b onload=”alert(‘ha’)”>stuff</b> </div> XSS Protection #1 Attack Vector on Web-Apps: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Needs sensible, not rigorous, escaping of HTML Built-in XSS Protection Library - used in all Social Collab components & your JSPs Configurable white list for flexible degree of freedom to user generated content
    • Tech Buzzword Bingo SOCIAL COLLABORATION
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • Enable online Marketing.
    • Baking vs. Frying 1 2 Baked Fried (Static Delivery) (Dynamic Delivery)
    • Built-in Analytics Any Event (Click) Analytics Server (embedded) Send Event Plug-able Aggregator Analyzes Request information (user, content, event, ...) Store Analytics Data Pull Realtime Persist all Analytics Information in Analytics / Reports the Content Repository
    • Inside the Online Marketing ...and win. Identify Buy Campaign Now! Segment Target the audience Campaigns
    • Traditional Marketing HiPPO* *Highest Paid Person’s Opinion
    • MVT: Let your prospect decide. Your rs ne desigve. fa Your HiPPOs fave. Your te. favouri
    • Tech Buzzword Bingo FRYING, TARGETING & MVT
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • Web 2.0, Ajax, Flash & Flex
    • Web 2.0: AJAX JavaScript direct full access
    • Web 2.0: Flex ActionScript direct full access
    • Web 2.0: Flash ActionScript direct full access
    • Tech Buzzword Bingo ACTION SCRIPT & AJAX SUPPORT
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • Cloudy - Stormy Traffic
    • “I need hardware to run WCM...” Internet Connectivity? SAN / NAS Agreements Sizing CPUs? Investment Purchase Order Cores? Disaster Recovery Backup Rack space How much Disk? Operating systems JVM Version root access? Clustering What Filesystems? Hosting costs Firewall Network Zone Performance Tuning Unix Sysadmins Load Balancer IP Address Who authorized this? Configuration Web Server Latency Shipping Date Hardware Request Form
    • hardware for rent. CLOUD
    • Cloud = SaaS
    • Storm Traffic server3 server2 server1 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
    • Scaling Options in ECM 1 2 “Ostrich”-style “Exception”-style Copyright © 1993-2008 Day Software AG Configuring Clusters 1. Configuring Clusters Several steps are needed to setup a Communiqué 4.x cluster with CRX 1.4 TarPM. +,-!.,/!0'12%12!-#1#$%3!45! 0'1(6$7361$!86$9!:;#6<#=6<62>! 61!#! ?71!0<7@2%3!A1;63'1B%12! ! ! ! *CDCED! ! ! ! 0'12%12!-#1#$%B%12!"%3('3B#1F%! +,-!?6<6F'1!4#<<%>!G#=! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1/20 PDF Created : 19.10.2008 14:09:59 Page 1/1 http://docs.day.com 1/284 ! ! "#$%!&!'(!&)*!
    • Scaling Options in ECM 3 “Cloud”-style Hot-Join c r- “ lustee” born
    • Tech Buzzword Bingo NATIVE CLOUD SUPPORT
    • 8 Top Industry Trends 2010+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • Rebooting WCM Web means Business. Business means Web.
    • Rebooting WCM - 999- 1 It’s WebContent Management WebSite
    • Rebooting WCM -2009- It’s Web ContentManagement General Purpose
    • Rebooting WCM Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 WCM Platform 2010+ Amount Per Serving Calories from Duct Tape 0 % of Daily Value** Solid Web Platform 100% Business Agility 100% Cloud & Saas Ready 100% Driving OpenSource 100% Content Infrastructure 100% Standards 100% Duct Tape 0% * Duct Tape is not only introduced into old and crusty solutions some of the brand new solutions are slapped together from a bunch of open source projects. ** Based on a healthy diet for Enterprises leveraging the Web as an important means of driving business.
    • Your next RFP for CMS: ACME CORP WCM RFP: Do you support JCR? Is your software a portlet container & OpenSocial container? Does your system support Data First & OSGI? Is your system based on a REST architecture? Do you support built-in social-collab? Do you have a Dynamic Delivery? Are you frying or baking? Do you have live access to content for Flash, Flex & Ajax? Do you support Cloud Style scaling?
    • thank you.