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Simple english editors meeting
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Simple english editors meeting



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  • 1. Translators  Without  Borders   Simple  English  Program   Editor  Mee8ng  
  • 2. Agenda  •  Who  we  are  /  what  we  do  •  Accomplishments  •  Wikipedia  80  x  80  Project  •  Health  Educa8on  and  Training  for  Africa  (HEAT)  •  Using  Acrolinx  IQ  •  Medical  terminololgy  database  •  Other  important  informa8on    
  • 3. Translators without Borders is the world’s largest community of humanitarian translators 8,228,074  
  • 4. About  the  Simple  English  Program  
  • 5. Who  are  we?  •  Sponsor  –  Val  Swisher  (TWB  Board  and   Execu8ve  CommiQee  member)  •  Program  Manager  –  Gaela  Schlak  •  Technology  –  Greg  Swisher  •  Editors  –  17  ac8vely  involved  •  Others  –  Addi8onal  volunteers  
  • 6. How  are  projects  assigned?  •  We  maintain  a  list  of  editors  to  call  upon  when   needed.    •  We  balance  the  number  of  resources  with  the   number  of  projects,  along  with  training  and   management  needs.  •  Projects  are  assigned  based  on  editor   availability  and  required  skillset.  
  • 7. Systems  we  use  •  Egnyte  –  File  storage  and  retrieval  •  Acrolinx  –  Advanced  edi8ng  and  quality   control  •  Considering  Basecamp  if  it  would  help  the   team  
  • 8. How  should  you  communicate  with   us?  •  Val  Swisher   –  Email  –   –  Skype  -­‐  vswish  •  Gaela  Schlak   –  Email  -­‐   –  Skype  –  gaela.schlak  
  • 9. When  should  you  communicate  with   us?  •  You  are  available  for  a  project.  •  You  are  on  a  project  and  have  just  become   unavailable.  •  You  are  going  to  miss  a  deadline.  •  You  have  ques8ons  or  concerns  about  your   content  or  project.  
  • 10. Projects  Completed  in  2012  •  Wikipedia  80  x  80  (on-­‐going)  •  Kenya  Health  Brochures  •  AHILA  •  Simple  English  Training  for  Nairobi  Translators  •  Health  Educa8on  And  Training  (on-­‐going)  •  Over  370,000  words  simplified    
  • 11. Projects  Scheduled  for  2013  •  Wikipedia  80  x  80  •  Health  Educa8on  And  Training  •  Medical  Terminology  Database  •  Others  to  come    
  • 12. Wikipedia  80  x  80  
  • 13. What  is  Wikipedia  80  x  80?  •  Simplify  and  translate  the  80  most-­‐ocen   accessed  medical  ar8cles  on  Wikipedia  •  Translate  the  simplified  ar8cles  into  80   languages  –  many  African  •  Post  simplified  ar8cles  to  Simple  Wikipedia   (      
  • 14. Why  Wikipedia?  •  ~200  million  page  views  for  more  than  25,000   medical  ar8cles    •  More  than  40  million  page  views  for  medica8on   ar8cles  each  month  •  50%  to  100%  of  physicians  use  Wikipedia  (most   frequently  used  source  by  junior  physicians   besides  Google)  •  35  to  70%  of  pharmacists  admit  to  its  use    
  • 15. Service  Providers  and  Wikipedia  •  Movement  underway  to  provide  free  access   to  Wikipedia  to  everyone  who  has  a  capable   phone  in  the  developing  world.  •  This  will  bring  the  most  important  informa8on   to  the  people  who  need  it  most  –  in  the   languages  they  can  understand.  
  • 16. Why  are  we  doing  it?  •  Simplifying  English  saves  lives   –  Makes  it  easier  for  ESL  readers   –  More  accurate  and  simple  transla8ons   –  Makes  mobile  delivery  possible  
  • 17. Simple  Wikipedia    
  • 18.  
  • 19. Wikipedia  80  x  80  Workflow  1.  Volunteer  Wikipedian  downloads  the  ar8cle   and  puts  it  into  .doc  or  .docx  format.   –  References  and  Wikimedia  markup  lec  intact.  2.  Gaela  no8fies  editor  and  provides  link  to   source  file.   –  Link  will  have  a  folder  called  /source  files  and  a   folder  called  /edited  files    
  • 20. Wikipedia  80  x  80  Workflow  3.  Editor  edits   –  Turn  on  track  changes.   –  First  pass  edit  –  simplify  as  much  as  possible.   –  Run  Acrolinx  check.   –  Make  suggested  Acrolinx  changes.   –  Leave  the  references  and  markup  in  the  ar8cle,   unless  you  are  removing  the  sec8on.  
  • 21. Wikipedia  80  x  80  Workflow  4.  Save  file  with  your  ini8als  in  the  filename.   –  Eg.,    commoncold_gs.docx  5.  Upload  file  to  /edited  files  folder.  6.  Email  Gaela  that  you  are  done.  7.  Physician  reviews  edits,  corrects  as  needed.  8.  Wikipedian  uploads  file  to  Simple  Wikipedia.  9.  File  delivered  to  transla8on  center.  
  • 22. Goals  •  Target  6th-­‐8th  grade  reading  level.  •  Ocen  will  involve  removing  medical  words  and   rewri8ng.  •  Use  “The  Global  English  Style  Guide,”  by  John   Kohl  as  your  style  guide  for  global-­‐readiness.  •  Currently  seeking  support  from  Simple  Wikipedia   community  on  addi8onal  guidelines.  
  • 23. Terminology  Examples  •  Use  the  term  “person”  instead  of  “pa8ent”  •  Acute  could  be  changed  to  "fast  in  onset"  •  Adolescence  to  "person  between  12  and  18   years  old"  •  Ambivalence  to  "a  person  who  does  not  really   care"  
  • 24. Pointers   Before   Acer  Syphilis  is  believed  to   Syphilis  is  thought  to  have  infected  12   have  infected  12  million  people   million  people  worldwide  in  1999.   worldwide  by  1999.  Changing  “in  1999”  to  “by  1999”  changes  the  meaning  of  the  sentence.  12  million  people  were  infected  with  syphilis  in  the  year  1999.  Many  more  were  infected  previous  to  that.    
  • 25. More  Pointers   Before   Acer  …decreasing  use  of   …people  not  using   [[condom]]s  to  protect  barrier  protec8on…   themselves  from  sexually   transmiQed  infec8ons.  When  we  are  looking  at  the  increasing  rate  of  something  we  need  to  aQribute  it  to  a  changing  rate  of  something  else  thus  the  key  term  "decreasing“.  
  • 26. Addi8onal  resources  •  How  to  write  Simple  English  pages   –  hQp:// Wikipedia:How_to_write_Simple_English_pages  •  Medicine/How  to  edit   –  hQp://  •  Common  Piualls   –  hQp://  •  Diseases  and  Disorders   –  hQp:// Wikipedia:MEDMOS#Diseases_or_disorders_or_syndromes  
  • 27. Health  Educa8on  And  Training  (HEAT)  
  • 28. What  is  HEAT?  •  Simplifying  the  English  for  five  medical   training  courses  originally  taught  in  Ethiopia.    •  Each  training  course  has  approximately  10   modules.    (>  1,500  pages  total)  •  Program  being  rolled  out  to  more  countries  in   Sub-­‐Saharan  Africa.  
  • 29. Why  are  we  doing  it?  •  Grant  from  Open  University    •  Aide  health  workers  throughout  Sub-­‐Saharan   Africa  with  medical  informa8on  in  Simple   English  •  Transla8ng  courses  into  Swahili  •  Looking  at  mobile  delivery  
  • 30. Current  stats  •  8  editors  over  the  last  6  months  •  5  books  lec  to  complete    •  74  files  remain  •  Project  is  41%  complete  •  Simplified  chapters  have  been  translated  and   delivered  to  Open  University  
  • 31. HEAT  workflow  •  Book  assigned  to  editor  •  Editor  downloads  files  •  Turn  on  track  changes  •  Edit  using  Acrolinx  •  Save  files  /  upload  edited  files  •  Tell  Gaela  (she  tells  the  transla8on  center)  •  Transla8on  center  downloads  files  
  • 32. Using  Acrolinx  IQ  
  • 33. What  is  Acrolinx  IQ?  •  Sophis8cated  content  op8miza8on  socware  •  Flags  over  100  common  English  errors  •  Based  on  Chicago  Manual  and  MS  Style  Guide  •  Tuned  for  Global  English  •  Highly  configurable  •  Only  available  on  Windows  PCs  
  • 34. Why  are  we  using  it?  •  Simplify  edi8ng  process  •  Provide  consistency  •  Catch  errors  we  might  otherwise  miss  
  • 35. How  are  we  using  it?  •  User  socware  provided,  free  of  charge,  to  all   volunteer  editors  •  Access  special  server  for  TWB  •  Used  in  edi8ng  Wikipedia  and  HEAT  content  •  Run  checks  before/during/acer  edit  •  Make  sure  you  get  some  training  
  • 36. Medical  Terminology  Database  
  • 37. Goals  •  Build  the  largest  Simplified  English  medical   terminology  database  available  •  Link  preferred  and  deprecated  terminology   –  Eg.,  auditory  hallucina8ons  vs.  hear  things  that  don’t   exist  •  Team  has  not  been  formed  –  do  you  want  to   join?  •  Does  not  require  a  Windows  PC  
  • 38. Other  Ways  You  Can  Help  •  Grant  wri8ng  •  Wikimedia  markup  •  Other  tasks  for  Simple  English  program  •  Fundraising  •  Company  match  program  •  Donate  J  
  • 39. Volunteer  signup  •  hQps:// f=FVlXXAH58LFXUFqTOE9P7A   (I  know,  that’s  a  terrible  URL!)  •  Please  fill  it  out,  even  if  you  have  already  been   working  on  projects  •  Know  others  who  want  to  volunteer?  Have   them  fill  it  out!  
  • 40. A  word  about  deadlines…  •  Many  projects  do  not  have  “hard”  deadlines,   like  a  company.  •  The  longer  we  take,  the  longer  cri8cal  medical   informa8on  remains  unavailable  to  the  people   who  need  it  most.  •  Please  communicate!  
  • 41. What’s  Next?  •  We  will  contact  you  by  email  when  we  have   ar8cles  in  the  queue.  •  If  we  don’t  hear  from  you  acer  3  days,  we  will   reassign  the  ar8cles  to  another  editor.  •  Some  projects  are  more  urgent  and  require  a   quicker  call  back.