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Children, young people and families forum 18 April - Graham Whalley, CEO, Young Lancashire
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Children, young people and families forum 18 April - Graham Whalley, CEO, Young Lancashire


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  • 1. Joining the Dots…o The operating environmento Facing changeo The journeyo The howGraham Whalley, CEO, Young Lancashire, (registered as a charityand company limited by guarantee)
  • 2. Operating Environment• Big state to small state – Cuts & Debt;• Localism;• Young People and Volunteering;• Future of Infrastructure;• Source of Income spectrum;Let’s take a closer look…
  • 3. Cuts• Context for all Govt policy• Did Transition Fund achieve anything?• Severe impact in many NW areas• ‘Accepted Truth’
  • 4. Debt• Cut government debt but increase: – Personal debt • Student loans in Fe & HE • Removal of EMA – Private Sector debt • Payments by results will lead to huge borrowing – Voluntary sector debt • Loans, Loans, Loans • Social Impact Bonds
  • 5. Localism, Localism, Localism• What is true impact of the bill?• Localisation of blame and centralisation of power?• Policy contradictions: The Bins! Council Tax!• Whitehall vs Town Hall• Right to Challenge or Right to privatise?• Right to Buy or Right to Liability?
  • 6. Young People and Volunteering• Forgotten generation?• To blame for everything?• Lack of youth focused services• Lack of engagement• Lack of jobs – 1,000,000+ unemployed!• Bring back the Future Jobs Fund• When is a volunteer not a volunteer?• Good volunteering Vs bad volunteering• Volunteers delivering public service
  • 7. Youth Unemployment• Youth Contract – Apprenticeships – Workfare – ‘Job Subsidy’• What’s your verdict?• What is role of sector – As advocate – As an employer
  • 8. Future of Infrastructure• TLI – Transforming Local Infrastructure• ‘Not BASIS 3’• Focused on ‘Business Support’: what about voice?• Who can afford to pay?What’s the BLF reported view?
  • 9. BLF perspective: What Should LIOs Look Like?“New model of holistic support;Specialist and mainstream available from one source;Streamlined organisational structures;More mergers across geographically adjacent areas;Far more partnership working;Continual assessment of need and outcomes”
  • 10. BLF perspective - How should LIOs be funded?“New models of funding required;Loosen reliance on grant funding;Charging for services;Grant funding for transformation;Income generation from selling expertise”
  • 11. Link
  • 12. Hands Up for Change?“God grant me the serenity to acceptthe things I cannot change; courageto change the things I can; andwisdom to know the difference” ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has’ (Margaret Mead)
  • 13. The Journey• Informal consortium• Independent Evaluation• Ofsted Report• Close working with LA• Formation of working groupLinks:Riding the Wave - Evaluation of a Lancashire informal consortiumRiding the Wave - Case StudyRiding the Wave - Recommendations and ResponseAn evaluation of approaches to commissioning young people’s services
  • 14. The Model – Formal Consortium“Hub and spokes – SPV operating model”
  • 15. New consortium – business plan Vision ‘We believe that together we can learn more, progress faster and deliver better than we can apart and therefore have a duty to collaborate for the benefit of those we serve. The result will be a thriving local community in which all children, young people and families, including the most disadvantaged and vulnerable, are able to achieve their full potential’ Mission To win significant resources to sustain and grow high quality, children, young people and family- related provision within the local voluntary, community and faith sector, in response to identified needs LINK: Consortium Membership Prospectus and FAQs
  • 16. New consortium – structured market OfferingDiversity CommissionersVCFS CYP&F Solutionsproviders Co-design Full Members Collaborative working(come in all PQQ Metshapes and Contract Ready Structured Market Universal Criteria met Supply chainsizes! Associate Members Universal Criteria met – commitment to meeting full PQQ and becoming contract ready micro providers
  • 17. Dot to Dot• More for less - reduce transaction costs, scale, size and reach;• Contracting – tender ready, contestable;• Loan Finance (PBR) – new entity, fit for purpose;• Localism – open and inclusive, capacity building• Values - open and inclusive, democratic; collaborative working, capacity buildingNavigating the change…
  • 18. Navigational Leadership A simple acrostic (John C. Maxwell): PLAN AHEADPredetermine a course of actionLay out your goalsAdjust your prioritiesNotify key peopleAllow time for acceptanceHead into actionExpect problemsAlways point to the successesDaily review the plan John C. Maxwell’s book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You (2007),