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Greenov is a European cooperation project on sustainable renovation

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Greenov project presentation

  1. 1. Cliquez pour modifier le style du titre PROJECT PRESENTATION
  2. 2. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONGREENOVEuropean project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the INTERREG IVB Nord West Europe ProgrammeBudget : 7 500 000 eurosCo-financing rate: 50%Duration : 5 years (Jan 2010 – Jan 2015)
  3. 3. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATION 1 - SAN Val MaubuéePartnership 2 - Stoke-on-Trent City Council 3 - ADEC - Association for the development of enterprises and competencies 4 - Municipality of Zoetermeer 5 - Ashford Borough Council 6 - Global Environmental Technology Private Limited Commonly 7 - CODEMA - City of Dublin Energy Management Agency 8 - Eco-construction Cluster of Wallonia 9 - School of Engineering of Paris 10 - Brussels Enterprise Agency
  4. 4. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONObjectivesDevelop the economic sector of sustainable renovation inexisting buildings and urban infrastructures By stimulating the innovation capacity of SMEs working in this field By increasing the opportunities on the market Innovation > market/supply chain development > implementation at large scale of energy efficient renovation Through the implementation of an integrated European cluster
  5. 5. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONThe cluster aims at Gathering and structuring knowledge and resources of European partners and economic, institutional and academic stakeholders Enhancing SMEs competitiveness Ensuring a good match between offer and demand on the market Implementing an integrated supply chain in the field of sustainable renovation Finding effective and transferable solutions for the development of energy efficient cities
  6. 6. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONActions Exchange of expertise and transfer of technology Encouraging innovation - WP1 Structuring of a transnational multi-actors cluster Economic action - WP2 Exemplary investments Public sector action - WP3
  7. 7. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONExchange of expertise and transfer of technology Encouraging innovation WP1The partners will stimulate the innovation cycle by:- creating a pool of experts for technology transfer (action 1 Cluster Eco Construction)- organizing transnational experts’ panels and thematic conferences (action 2 SAN)- identifying common indicators and standards (action 3 ADEC)- organizing a study visit in an exemplary site (action 4 Etech Germany)- organizing Business technology accelerator sessions (action 5 Zoetermeer)- carrying out a joint study on energy efficient refurbishment (action 6 CODEMA)
  8. 8. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONStructuring of a transnational multi-actors cluster Economic action WP2Partners will capitalize on this innovation cycle through a cluster cooperative approach which will lead to:- the organisation of the SMEs’ supply chain by setting-up the cluster management structure and a collaborative platform (action 7 SAN)- identifying innovative SMEs (action 8 Stoke-on-Trent)- carrying out a market analysis (action 10 Zoetermeer)- providing training and services to stimulate SMEs (action 9 Etch Germany, 11 and 12 Stoke-on-Trent)- implementing a supply tender portals (action 13 CODEMA)- awarding a prize for innovative SMEs in sustainable renovation (action 14 EIVP)
  9. 9. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONExemplary investments Public sector action WP3GREENOV partners will organize public sector engagement exemplary investments by renovating of 4 buildings (welcoming citizens):- Low carbon retrofit and refurbishment of community buildings, Ashford- Energy efficient retrofitting of a theater, SAN Val Maubuée- Energy efficient retrofitting of a leisure center, Zoetermeer- Large scale interior insulation of a business center, BEAThese investments will be jointly developed and monitored(actions 15 to 20)
  10. 10. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATION Thematic Seminars / panels of expertsSAN VM Zoetermeer Dublin Stoke-on-TrentNew technologies New innovations Energy efficiency Application of& innovation in applied to of buildings, technologies toretrofitting of residential areas possibilities and SMEs andbuildings products tendersKarlsruhe Strasbourg Brussels Ashford SAN MVMulti- New Sustainable Demonstration Conclusionsstakeholders Technologies renovation, eco of the andapproach of applied to products and retrofitting of a prospective forsustainable sustainable architecture public building the futurerenovation renovation
  11. 11. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATION4 exemplary investments3 local authorities: Ashford Borough Council Municipality of Zoetermeer SAN Val Maubuée Exemplary role of the public sector as big client in the renovation sector1 economic development agency:The Brussels Enterprise Agency 4 investments: opportunity to encourage and stimulate SMEs, to develop the market, to involve stakeholders and to sensitize inhabitants
  12. 12. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONZoetermeer’s engagement Energy efficient retrofitting of a leisure centreExemplary sustainable renovation of a multifunctional sporting and swimming facility that uses a lot of energy for water heating and ventilation=> Outer shell insulation, vegetation roof, replacing the existing installations for heating and climate control with state of the art technology…
  13. 13. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONAshfords engagement Low carbon retrofit and refurbishment of community buildings Refurbishment of St Mary’s Church to provide increased performance space Renovation of the Library to provide increased public services
  14. 14. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONSAN Val Maubuée engagment Energy efficient retrofitting of the cinemas of le Centre d’Art et de Culture de la Ferme du Buisson in Noisiel Sustainable energy technologies for space heating and cooling, renewable energy systems, solar energy solutions...
  15. 15. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONBEA investment Large scale interior insulation of a business center, former hosiery factoryThe renovation project is intended to achieve the low-energy standard in the Brussels-Capital Region: 45 kWh/m2 year of heating consumption (-75% compared to the initial consumption) and an E 70 level throug, among other actions : interior and exterior insulation installation of an intensive green roof installation of solar protectionreplacement of the heating regulation system producing a Guide to Rational Energy Use for the occupants...
  16. 16. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONCommunication and promotion : Communication and promotion strategy = key component of the projectPublic sector exemplary investmentsGreen renovations promotion and development of a supply chain for sustainable technologies in the building sector Demonstration and dissemination events towards inhabitants (animations, exhibitions, press conferences etc.) involve stakeholders and to sensitize inhabitants
  17. 17. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATIONMain outputs :- A transnational cluster (staff and collaborative platform)- An experts data base- A joint study on current policies and technologies in the sustainable renovation field- 9 thematic conferences and their reports- A joint study on on energy efficient refurbishment at large scale- An innovative SMEs data base- 4 training sessions for SMEs- 4 exemplary investments- Publications for professionals and non professionals
  18. 18. GREENOV PROJECT PRESENTATION Thank you for your attention