A Librarian's Second Life


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A Librarian's Second Life

  1. 1. A Librarian’s Second Life By Valibrarian Gregg
  2. 2. Meet Valibrarian
  3. 3. She came to Second Life in hopes of meeting fellow librarians.
  4. 4. She began searching for educational opportunities in virtual reality. How will virtual reality affect libraries?
  5. 5. Valibrarian met many educators from all over the globe. Here she chats with a teacher in Paris, France in Second Life (SL) on a Saturday morning before shopping in real life (RL).
  6. 6. In SL you can fly and teleport!
  7. 7. Valibrarian teleported to a session on Information Architecture. How has “googling” affected metadata search capabilities? Where are we headed?
  8. 8. Val sat on the front row.
  9. 9. An Information Architect was the featured speaker. Most avatars speak in “text chat” even though SL is now voice enabled.
  10. 10. She soon become friends with librarians from Florida, Illinois, and as far away as Denmark. Joining groups with other individuals with shared interests is simple.
  11. 11. Technology has challenged librarians to keep up with fast-paced changes. Virtual reality makes space and distance irrelevant.
  12. 12. Valibrarian began to see the remarkable possibilities for learning and libraries within a virtual world. Individuals may feel overwhelmed but must embrace future opportunities together.
  13. 13. One night Valibrarian attended a class called “Greifers- How to Handle Them.” Just like in RL, there are people out there who enjoy causing trouble. So far, Valibrarian has avoided them!
  14. 14. Valibrarian was invited to “The Bookbinder’s Ball!”
  15. 15. Suspended in air, over the City of Caledon, she teleported to a lovely party.
  16. 16. Librarians were dressed as book characters from 19 th century novels.
  17. 17. Mr. J.J. Drinkwater was a splendid host.
  18. 18. Valibrarian’s daughter (in RL!) teleported to the ball to meet her mom. Ember is is the lovely lady in blue. In a white fur hat, Valibrarian came as Belle, the fiance of Ebeneezer Scrooge.
  19. 19. Valibrarian lives in Texas. Her daughter lives in Seattle. The two ladies have found meeting in SL to be very enjoyable.
  20. 20. After exploring Second Life for a bit, Valibrarian chose a lovely community for purchasing her own little cottage!
  21. 21. Building objects (prims) and traveling to areas (sims) in Second Life allows for wonderful creativity.
  22. 22. In the fall of 2007, Valibrarian enrolled in a virtual reality class with other librarians.
  23. 23. SL architecture allows one to fly directly into any floor of this beautiful library tower! Notice the group of librarians on the lawn far below.
  24. 24. Here Valibrarian and Ember enjoy an evening at the cottage creating and learning about prims.
  25. 25. Valibrarian finds meeting in SL is more interactive than IM, chatrooms, or even a webcam. Meeting Ember (her RL daughter) here is a meaningful experience.
  26. 26. One night she attended a spectacular virtual fireworks show.
  27. 27. Music was broadcast to enhance the show.
  28. 28. Pictures just don’t do it justice!
  29. 29. Imagine this live, while sitting on a rock terrace. Valibrarian hopes to learn “machinima” soon, so virtual experiences can be recorded.
  30. 30. After an evening out, Valibrarian returns to her cozy cottage.
  31. 31. On Saturday afternoons, Valibrarian volunteers as a reference librarian at the Second Life International Library Ref Desk.
  32. 32. Librarians host some really cool parties- like this Toga Party on a library rooftop.
  33. 33. A tour of Virtual Harlem gave Valibrarian insight into the many education opportunities SL provides. Students are creating a replica of the music scene, complete with a “Cotton Club” and many other authentic places.
  34. 34. The avatars gathered in front of the virtual “Apollo” are all librarians studying virtual reality.
  35. 35. Learning about Josephine Baker’s influence on music becomes more real at the virtual “Moulin Rouge.”
  36. 36. If you are new to Second Life, you can easily search for people, places, and events. You can also explore and enjoy the scenery all by yourself.
  37. 37. Valibrarian says, “Hope to see you there!”
  38. 38. www.secondlife.com Images captured on SL 2007