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  • Before starting show teacher rants from Youtube to lighten the mood
  • Show video section 1-2 introduction and defining teaching Should take about 6 minutes
  • Show section 3 video Review what the staff came up with about good teaching after watching the video
  • Hand out the copies of the administrator quick guide
  • Think to self. Write on a note card. Share with table. Show video section 8
  • Show video section 11 and 12
  • Show the video section 13
  • Video section 14
  • Video section 16
  • Video section 16


  • 1. An introduction to the Framework For Teaching Presented by Drew Frank and Valerie Grindstaff
  • 2.
    • Purpose for today:
      • Give staff an overview of
    • the FFT and understand
    • how it is organized
      • Give teachers a foundation for
      • the new evaluation system for
      • the Redmond School District
  • 3.
    • What is good teaching?
      • At your table define the qualities of a good teacher
      • record your ideas on chart paper
      • 1
  • 4. Wisdom of Practice “ If you were to walk into a classroom, what might you see or hear there (from students as well as the teacher) that would cause you to think that you were in the presence of an expert?” (Danielson Introduction to the concepts)
  • 5.
    • Activity:
    • Using the rubrics from each domain
    • Identify and record on chart paper:
      • Big ideas
      • The “look fors”
  • 6. Memorable Moment Consider your long life as a student. Recall an occasion (or a pattern of occasions) that you still remember. The memory can be either positive or negative. What makes this so memorable? (Danielson introduction to the concepts)
  • 7. A quote from Maya Angelou “ People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” American Poet, b 1928
  • 8. Levels of Performance Past levels: New: Satisfactory Distinguished Unsatisfactory Proficient Basic Unsatisfactory
  • 9. Implications of Use of FFT
  • 10. What are the standards of performance?
  • 11.
    • Closing
      • A research-based definition of good teaching
      • A roadmap to, and for navigating through, the complex territory of teaching
      • A framework for novice-level practice, through accomplished teaching
  • 12. Information from Charlotte Danielson The Framework for Teaching: Introduction to the concepts & Thanks to Educational Impact