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Omo - documentation

  1. 1. a qb production
  2. 2. _index _qb _getting started _brainstorming _concept _inspiration _first sketches _the Odaura Galaxy _the Olfactory _OMO _the gameplay _prototype
  3. 3. _qb Valeria Q Communication Designer Jesse B Interaction Designer We are a duo of designers whose area of expertise ranges from exhibition design to interactive apps and environments. We are currently based in Berlin.
  4. 4. _getting started To get our brains working and develop our first game concept we began by thinking about the idea of “the goal of life”. That led to some interesting and sometimes unexpected observations, ultimately inspiring us to create a game about perception, exploration, learning by trial and error and purpose.
  5. 5. _brainstorming
  6. 6. _concept OMO is essentially a puzzle game that puts you in a strange world where smell is so graphically visible that you need to manipulate it and yourself in turn to be able to explore and interact with your surroundings.
  7. 7. _inspiration
  8. 8. _first sketches
  9. 9. _the Odaura Galaxy The Odaura Galaxy is a place where perception is not guided by vision but by the sense of smell. The amount and proportions of molecules that are present in the air determines the navigability of the planets’ surface and regulates all interactions.
  10. 10. _the Olfactory The Olfactory is the infrastructure present on all the planets that ensures that the fragile enviroment is navigable.
  11. 11. _OMO OMO stays for Olfactory Maintenance Operator. Its purpose is to maintain the fragile equilibrium of the Olfactory Networks.
  12. 12. The character appearance is designed imagining what an organism specifically engineered to take care of machines in a world that requires odours calibration could look like. It has “eyes” which are actually olfactory receptor cells, semi-mechanical tentacles to move and arms to interact with the surroundings.
  13. 13. _the gameplay The gameplay includes the free exploration of a map that is uniquely generated for every new game. Exloring the map the player encounters a variety of different tasks, like fixing something that is broken, calibrating its own system, or protecting the inhabitants of the planet.
  14. 14. Pinch to zoom in Spread to zoom out ad see the whole map Entire map view See the position of the different clouds of smells Landing area The game starts with OMO in the landing area Tilt the device to navigate Surrounding area Bring OMO out of the landing zone and explore the surrounding area Navigation OMO navigates through the odours filled environment
  15. 15. Bring the device back to the starting position to stop moving Approaching objects Approaching an object you see it more cleary, this one looks like an Olfactory broken pipe. Drag the arms to the elements you want to interact with Broken pipe When you are close enough to a puzzle your view switches to interaction mode > OMO’s arms come up Drag the strip toward each other with a two fingers gesture Grabbing the pipe’s strip/1 Reach the pipe with the first arm Grabbing the pipe’s strip/2 Bring the second arm to the pipe
  16. 16. Fixed pipe Good job OMO, you fixed the pipe! What are those molecules still doing there? Closing the crak Omo fixes the pipe broken by closing the crack that is letting the molecules of smell out Tap the receptor to activate it Glowing receptor Your central receptor is glowing, maybe you can do something with it... Collection mode OMO is now in collection mode and is able to capture the molecules that fall in its range
  17. 17. Molecules collection/1 The molecules are inhaled and stored inside OMO Molecules collection/2 You can use your arms to collect the ones that are out of your range Tap the receptor again to deactivate it when you have collected all the molecules that you wanted to collect Molecules collection/3 OMO has collected all the molecules that were laying around and is going to keep them for later use Spread to zoom back to map view Back to navigation mode You solved the puzzle, so your arms return to their idle position
  18. 18. Navigation What do you want to explore next? Approaching a new area When you try entering a different area you notice that OMO slows down significantly Drag the receptors’ tip to reach for the molecules Zoom in super close or double tap on OMO’s body to switch to calibration mode Recognizing patterns some of the molecules you collected look like they contain the same smell the area you want to access is filled with Calibration mode You are now in calibration mode and you can see that your receptors have the possibility to interact with the molecules in your inventory
  19. 19. Grabbing the molecules When you touch a molecule, it is trapped in the vise and gets pulled up Calibration/1 Your first receptor cell has been calibrated Calibration/2 You have enough molecules of the same type to calibrate all three cells, so keep going... Calibration/3 Second cell calibrated. The more cells you calibrate, the faster you will be able to navigate
  20. 20. Spread to exit calibration mode Calibration/4 OMO is fully calibrated Navigating in the new area Yay! You can now speed in the new area Approaching a dark area OMO is getting close to a dark area Dark area Dark areas hide mistery puzzles and events
  21. 21. Drag the arms to the elements you want to interact with Opening a door/1 This looks like a door of a smell storage unit. OMO can open doors by grabbing their handles Jumping into action When you hit a dark area the puzzle/event is unveiled and your view switches to interaction mode Tap on the opening to get a closer look Swipe to shoot the molecules Opening a door/2 The door is open Inside the storage unit The space is not full, but you have the missing molecules and they automatically line up with your central receptor cell so that they can be transfered
  22. 22. Shooting/1 aim and shoot the molecule toward the desired spot Shooting/2 The first one was a good shot Pinch to zoom in Shooting/3 Oops, you missed it this time Shooting/4 The molecule bounced back at you. Try again.
  23. 23. Shooting/5 Better. The storage unit is full All the molecules that this unit is supposed to contain are in place now, but there are some extra ones... Spread to go to map view Collecting Those molecules look like they are in the wrong place anyway, let’s collect them in case they might come in handy later.. Collection competed You completed all the tasks here, you can now zoom back and take a look at the map
  24. 24. Entire map view The dark area you explored has become clear and the landing area is glowing Navigating toward the landing area Now OMO is slightly slower than before, because he had to lose the calibration of one receptor Re-entering the first area As you noticed while you leaved the area you started in for the first time, the lack of a right calibration makes OMO move extremely slow Calibration You can calibrate using the molecule that you collected before
  25. 25. Tap on the object to see what it is Navigating OMO is now travelling toward the landing area at a bearable speed Surprise! Some object appeared in the landing area New tool It’s a new tool your company has sent you, and you also wear a tool belt now Heading North OMO is going to explore another part of the map
  26. 26. Tap on the creature to interact with it Meeting a creature On its way, OMO meets some lost little creature Touching the creature OMO still has the new tool in its hand and touches the little creature with it Double tap on a tool to put it in the tool belt Accidental kill It appears the new tool is a soldering iron, and it burns the creature to death Using the tool belt OMO and you learn by making mistakes. Let’s keep the tools in the belt when we don’t need them.
  27. 27. _prototype You can download a short playable prototype of OMO here:
  28. 28. Thanks for watching! Jesse Benjamin Interaction Designer Valeria Querini Communication Designer