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  1. 1. HomeClipboardPaste: Paste the contents of the clipboard.Cut: Cut the selection from the document.Copy: Copy the selection and put it on a clipboard.Format Painter: Copy formatting form one place and apply it to another.FontFont: Change the font face.Font size: Change the font size.Grow font: Increase the font size.Shrink font: Decrease the font size.Clear formatting: Clear all the formatting from the selection.Bold: Make the selected text bold.Italic: Make the selected text italic.Underline: Underline the selected text.Subscript: Create small letter below the text baseline.Change case: Change all the selected text in UPPERCASE.Text highlight color: Make the text look like it was marked with ahighlighter pen.Font color: Change the text color.
  2. 2. ParagraphBullet: Starts a bulleted list.Numbering: Starts a numbered list.Multilevel list: Star a multilevel list.Decrease indent: Decreases the indent level of the paragraph.Increase indent: Increase the indent level of the paragraph.Sort: Alphabetize the selected text.Show/hide: Show paragraph marks.Align text: Align text to left.Center: Center text.Align text right: Align text to right.Justify: Align text to both left and right.Line spacing: Change the spacing between the lines of text.Shading: Color the background behind the selected text or paragraph.Bottom border: Customize the borders of the selected cells.StylesChange styles: Change the set of styles.EditingFind: Find text in a document.Replace: Replace text in a document.Select: Select text or objects in a document.
  3. 3. InsertPagesCover page: Insert a fully-formatted cover page.Blank page: Insert a new blank page in the cursor position.Break page: Start the next page at the current position.TablesTable: Insert a draw table on the document.IllustrationPicture: Insert a picture from a file.Clip art: Insert a clip art into the document.Shapes: Insert a ready-made shapes.SmartArt: Insert a smartart graphic to visually communicate information.Chart: Insert a vhart to illustrate and to compare data.LinksHyperlink: Create a link to a web page.Bookmark: Create a bookmark to assign a name to a specific point.Cross reference: refers to items just like heading,figures, and table byinserting a a cross referenceHeader a & FooterHeader: Edit the header of the document.Footer: Edit the footer of the document.Page number: Insert page numbers into the document.
  4. 4. Text10/19/2011Text box: Insert preformatted text boxes.Quick parts: Insert reusable pieces of document; (fields, etc)Word art: Insert a decorative text in your document.Cap Drop: Create a large capital letter in the beginning n the paragraph.Signature line: Insert a signature line that specifies the individual who mustsign.Date & time: Insert the current date or time into the document.Object: Insert an embedded object.SymbolsEquation: Insert a common mathematical equations.Symbol: Insert symbols that are not on your keyboard.Page LayoutThemesThemes: Change the overall design to the entire document.Colors: Change the colors for the current theme.Fonts: Change the FONTS for the current theme.Effects: Change the EFECCTS for the current theme.Page setup:Margins: Select the margin sixes for the entire document.Orientation: Switch the pages between landscape and portrait.Size: Choose the paper size for the current section.Columns: Split text in to 2 or 3 columns.
  5. 5. Breaks: Add page, section , column and breaks to the documentLine numbers: Add lines to the margin alongside each one.Hyphenation: Turn, on hyphenation which allows word to break.Page background:Watermark: insert ghosted text behind the content page.Page color: choose a color for the background of the page.Page borders: Add or change the border of the page.ParagraphLeft: Move in the left side in the paragraph. By a certain amount.Right: Move in the right side in the paragraph. By a certain amount.Before: change the spacing between paragraphs by a adding space above.After: change the spacing between paragraphs by a adding space BELOW.ArrangePosition: Position the selected object in the page.Bring to front: Brings the selected object forward.Send to back: Send the selected object back.Text wrapping: Change the way text wraps around.Align: Aligns the edges of multiple objects.Group: Groups object together.Rotate: Rotate or flip the selected object.ReferencesTable of contentsTable of contents: Add a table of contents in the document.
  6. 6. Add text : Add the current paragraph in a table of contents.Update table: Update all table of contents.FootnotesInsert footnote: Add a footnote into the document.Insert endnote: Add an endnote to the document.Next footnote: navigate to the next footnote in the doc.Show notes: Scroll the document to show the footnotes.Citations & Bibliography:Insert citation: Insert a cite from your sources.Manage source: views all the list of the sources.Style: Choose the style of citation to use.Bibliography: Add a Bibliography.CaptionsInsert caption: Add a caption to a picture or other image.Insert tables of figure: Insert a table of figure into the doc.Cross reference: Refers items such like headings , figures and tables byinserting a cross reference.IndexMark entry: Include the selected text in the index of the document.Insert index: Insert an index to the document.Update index: Updates the index.Table of authoritiesMark citation: add the selected text as an entry to the table of authority.
  7. 7. Insert table of authorities: Insert a table of authorities into the document.Update table: Update the table of authorities to include all citations.MailingsCreateEnvelops Create and print envelopes.Labels: Create and print labels.Start mail merge.Start mail merge: Start a mini merge to create a form letter.Select recipients: Choose the list of people you intend to send this letter to.Edit recipients list: Make change to the list of recipients.White & Insert fieldsHighlight merge fields: Highlight the fields you have in the doc.Address block: Add an address to your letter.Greeting line: Add a greeting line.Insert merge field: Add any field from your recipients.Rules: Specify RULES to add decision.Match fields: Allows you to tell WORD the meaning of dif. Fields.Update label: Label the info.FinishFinish & merge: Complete the mail merge.ReviewProofingSpelling and grammar: Check the spelling and grammar.
  8. 8. Research: Opens the research task.Translate: Translate the selected text into a dif. LanguageTranslation screen tip: Translate words you pause from the cursor.Set language: Set the language used.CommentsNew commentDelete commentPrevious commentNext commentTrackingTrack changes: Changes made to the document.Balloons: Choose how to show revisions to the doc.Final showing markupShow markupReviewing plane: Show revisions in a separate window.ChangesAccept: Accepts currents changes,Reject: access you to reject.PreviousNextCompareCompare: Compare or combinesShow source document: Choose which sources of doc. To show
  9. 9. ProtectProtect document: PasswordViewDocument viewsPrint layoutFull screen readingWeb layoutOutlineDraftShow/HideRuler GridlinesMessage barDocument mapThumbnailsZoomZoom: 100,50 % etc…One pageTwo pagesPage width: Zooms the document.Window:New window: Opens a new window.Arrange all: Tile all open programsSplit: Splits the current window
  10. 10. View side by sideSynchronous scrollingReset window positionSwitch windows: Switch to a currently open window.MacrosMacros: Records a macro………….