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digital marketing plan for the launch of the online bidding company Pujalista.com



Digital marketing Plan for Pujalista.com

Digital marketing Plan for Pujalista.com



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  • Only one click needed to trigger final text after picture. Allows for pause for effect :)
  • Budget: 30.000 k euros

digital marketing plan for the launch of the online bidding company Pujalista.com digital marketing plan for the launch of the online bidding company Pujalista.com Presentation Transcript

  • Group E
  • Please Tweet and update Facebook Does everyone have their phone ON?Hashtag #Pujalista_GroupE
  • AgendaThe ContextMarket Demographics and SegmentationPositioningMarketing ObjectivesProduct, Price and PlacePromotion: A Blended Marketing PlanCritical aspects: Loyalty and TrustFinancial Budget and Prospects
  • The MarketOnline Gambling Online Auction 250 websites €400 million 4 million single sales in 2010 visitors monthly Cent Bidding
  • The Business CENT BIDDING “in part a shopping experience, in part online gambling”11/16/2011 5
  • Some Competitors“With nearly 150 websites dedicated to penny sales dotting the Internet … the landscape is ripe for growth.” The Denver Post 25/01/10
  • Competitors 18 countries, 14 different languages Offices in New Poor ranking on York, Perth and Search Engines Malta Product categories, but Pujas at € 0.50 no clear star each products Bidding time as short as 15 sec11/16/2011 7
  • Spain’s Online Demographics Percentage Number Total population Online 62.20% 29,094,000 E-commerce users 17.40% 8,138,836Gender Age 65 and above 5.40% 55-64 8.10% 14.90% 45-54 55% 35-44 23.70% 45% 25-34 26.70% 20-24 10.40% Men Women 14-19 10.80%Souce: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, October 2011
  • Spain’s Online Demographics Age Total Involved in distribution Percentage Online E-Commerce Males Females 14-19 10.80% 3,142,152 878,994 483,447 395,547 20-24 10.40% 3,025,776 846,439 465,541 380,898 25-34 26.70% 7,768,098 2,173,069 1,195,188 977,881 35-44 23.70% 6,895,278 1,928,904 1,060,897 868,007 45-54 14.90% 4,335,006 1,212,687 666,978 545,709 55-64 8.10% 2,356,614 659,246 362,585 296,661 65 and above 5.40% 1,571,076 439,497 241,723 197,774 Total from the 3 segments 18.998.382 5.314.660 2.923.063 2.391.597Souce: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, October 2011
  • Segmentation & Targeting Men 18-35 Women 25-45Marital Status Single Single/Married Un Employed/Part TimeEmployment Un/employed StudentsPurchase Pattern Conservative ImpulsiveProducts Attention Grabbers Standard OffersPreferred products Electronics, Sports Travel &leisure, FashionDisposable Income 700 Euros 2,000 EurosWomen between 25-45 & Men between 18-35 are the most attractive segment forPujalista’s positioning!Lots of free time, Willing to try new products, Seek new time productive alternatives.Function as influencers of the broader market.Social Active: Social media, Group activities, Coffee Shops.Impulsiveness & more disposable income suggests less price sensitivity
  • Positioning For those who seek new opportunities, PujaLista is an online cent bidding platform that can make your dreams come truebecause it offers you great products at the lowest price, through a safe and fun experience.
  • Marketing Objectives 200.000 unique customers per month € 8 million sales in year 1Establish Pujalista as the Cent Bidding premier brand in the Spanish Market 75% monthly retention rate
  • Product: the bid1 A digital, Intangible product 10 30 502 Bid “packaging”: price per bid €€€ €€ € reduces as package size increases3 Countdown bid time: Accelerates towards reaching the “ceiling”4 Ceiling price: Lower for higher cost products (e.g. from 20% to 10%)5 Personalization:  Ability to search by product category / type / brand  “Wish list” – notification system for specific products  Recommendation system according to user history of purchases 13
  • Product: the offered productsThe product offerings will be STAR “Attention grabber” STANDARD Standard offersdivided into the following categories: PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Consumer electronics Travel & Leisure Fashion Sports Furniture 11/16/2011 14
  • Market based Pricing StrategyThe ultimate goal is price parity or higher than competitor. The brand equity of the “sister”brands in northern Europe countries suggest that premium price be possible (if trust isestablished). Prices should be increased gradually, supported by incremental marketingspending 1 2 Bid price Product price ceiling (% of retail price) Bid price Retail price Ceiling No. of bids Product price (% of retail price) 15
  • PlaceWebsite Mobile / Tablet Apps The main platform  Enables smart-phone / tablet for Pujalista users to access and Products are participate in the auction displayed according  Increases the accessibility of to categories the service, raises user engagement and promotes more spontaneous auctioningFacebook App Pre-paid Bid Cards Enables Facebook  Available in news stands users to to buy  For users concerned in bids disclosing credit card News feed information online Word-of-mouth  Available only during the within Facebook launch phase and to be friends phased out as Pujalista gains Helps to build trust customer trust 11/16/2011 16
  • Promotion: a blended mktg plan Market Research Active : E-Surveys, E-mail Marketing Passive: VRM Creating Trust Blogs , User Communities on Pujalista’s website , Social Media Interactions Brand Building Social Gaming, Social Media Marketing, Bus-stop billboards Customer Customer Buzz Creation Drawing-in Traffic Engagement Retention Guerrilla Marketing SEO & SEM User communities eCRM Viral Marketing Rich-media ads Social Media Marketing E-mail Marketing (pull) Social Gaming QR Codes Blogs SMS Marketing (pull) e-Coupons Personalization Personalization Mobile advertising Social Gaming Remarketing Social Media Marketing Phase I Phase II0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Months
  • Viral promotion Objective  Communicate the brand  Create e-buzz (conversational capital)  Build traffic How  Viral video based on an offline event during the first month of launch  Uploaded on social media e.g. youtube, facebook and other websites  Offline event: during the championship  Advertise on a maxi screen in Santiago Barnabeu Pujalista  Bid for one ticket of the League with a weekend transfer  Invite people to bid during the break, giving free Pujas to the first 50 activating bluetooth.  Bid allowed through SMS  Record a video with the following message: “Why are people so quiet in a stadium? Another match is keeping them busy…Pujalista, pujas por tu suenos!!”  Put the winner on the maxi screen11/16/2011 18
  • Guerrilla Objective How  Direct interaction with customers  Local event in Plaza del Sol (Madrid) and  Create a customer experience and build Ramblas (Barcelona) buzz around the brand (conversational  Flash mob capital)  Plus simultaneous bidding1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ3d3KigPQM&feature=player_embedded11/16/2011 19
  • Guerrilla 3Bus stop ads: chairs in the shape of chips (pujas) 2“Street art”: stickers on bins with the slogan:“ Don’t throw your dreams: puja por tu suenos” 4
  • Guerrilla 5 How Ads on billboards. Redirect users to:  Viral video  Company website  Special offers  Discount coupons Allow metrics of offline marketing tools 6http://thebizloft.com/content/qr-code-quarkode-profila-gli-utenti/
  • Social media marketingFacebook Ads on profiles of target segments  Focused campaignAds re-directed to Pujalista with option to  Easy and quick registrationimport personal information for registration  Allow friends from FB to see who joinedAutomatic newsfeed updates Pujalista and what items they won (create engagement and trust)“Get a buddy” campaign  “Invite 10 friends and get 20 free bids” (referral marketing and virality) Metrics # CTR # Conversion rate # fans or followers # tweets per minute # re-tweets or comments # subscribers # likes11/16/2011 22
  • Corporate blog Content  Upcoming events  Product releases  Videos: educational information  Not overly promotional “A dead blog is worse  Polls to engage users (“Which product than no blog” would you like to see in Pujalista?”)  Winner’s panel  Distribution through Social Media Metrics # Visitors # Page views # of inbound links created # of comments # RSS subscribers11/16/2011 23
  • E-research Objectives See who is the customer (target refining) Check what he wants Adapt the offer (product tuning) How Passive search: VRM  Social media tracking  Website/blog KPI’s  Keywords KPI’s Active search  E- surveys (facebook polls, e-mail surveys)  Give free pujas/ discounts in exchange for surveys 11/16/2011 24
  • Most Widely Visited Websites Top 10 website categories in Spain ranked by unique visitors Sports 54% Newspapers 55% Photos 55% Downloads 58% Blogs 65% Multimedia 71% E-mail 73% Search/Navigation 92% Portals 100% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%September 2010 (Total Spanish audience, age 6+, Home & work):Total Internet: 23,067,000 unique visitors (100.0 % reach) Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, October 2011
  • SEO (“free” organic traffic) Objectives Where Look good on Google On site Look good for the right keywords  URL, titles and meta tags How  Content  Landing pages Keyword research Off site Content creation  Press releases  Articles  Interviews  "How-to"s  Posts on forums11/16/2011 26
  • SEM (paid traffic) Objectives  To get traffic, we can’t get organically  Increase traffic and revenue fast (SEO takes time)  Good SEO lowers cost of ads and improves results How Where  Keyword research  Mostly Google AdWords  Need huge lists with long tails  Other search engines  Split testing ads and optimized  AdSense and ad networks landing pages11/16/2011 27
  • SEO and SEM COST SOME METRICS TOOLS Traffic Market Samurai Not expensive Conversions Senuke SEO Organic Ranking Google Analytics Impressions and Keyword Spy As much as CTR SEM A/B testing possible Conversions Google Analytics ROI11/16/2011 28
  • SEO & SEM Competition
  • Affiliate Marketing What is it?  Affiliates are paid a percentage  Getting other people to do your jobs  Filling in the blanks Some strategies affiliate marketers use:  Review sites  Tips and strategies  Articles  Classified Ads  Posts on forums  Videos11/16/2011 30
  • Affiliate Marketing Ranking11/16/2011 31
  • Affiliate Marketing “How-To”
  • Visitor Relationship Mgmt Objective Development of more user-friendly website Converting visitors to customers Metrics How  Collect data about navigation patterns of  Conversion Rates anonymous users  Dropout rates  Analyze data to identify visitor preferences  Modify website according to analyzed data Tools11/16/2011 33
  • E- CRM Objectives  Improve customer satisfaction  Personalize marketing messages  Reduce customer-service cost  Enable mass customization Metrics How  Customer satisfaction ratings  Active and passive data collection  Number of sales per registered user  Data aggregation  Sales amount per registered user  Analysis and implementation Tools11/16/2011 34
  • Email & SMS Objectives Metrics Helps in personalization by linking it to e-  Click Through Rates CRM  Bounce Rate Keeps the user connected to Pujalista  List size Helps in customer retention  New Subscriptions 
  • Online Configurators Objective To improve user-experience To collect data about user preferences Metrics How  Customer satisfaction ratings  Customer satisfaction ratings  Number of sales per registered user  Number of sales per registered user  Customer interaction and feedback  Sales amount per registered user Tools11/16/2011 36
  • User Community on Website Objectives Metrics  Builds trust  Number of active users  Engages customers  Number of unique registered  Creates brand ambassadors users/Number of visitors  Number of posts Create your Pujalista profileFind out who else is bidding. Check out their “Pujalista profiles”!!! Chat with fellow bidders!
  • Social Gaming Objectives Metrics Engages target customers  Number of unique users Creates conversational capital  Conversion Rate Brings user traffic  Number of game invitations sent Example  Virtual Treasure Hunt  Multiplayer Facebook Game  Winning Prize – 100 Pujas
  • Mobile Advertising Objectives Metrics  Builds Brand  Click Through Rate  Brings User Traffic  Conversion Rate”In-app ads perform 11.4 times better than standard banner ads, which means they are almostas effective as search.” - Appsavvy Buy Bids Bid Now Live Bids! Sold for €50!
  • Building Trust Offline sale of Pujas  News stands  Tobaccos Secured online payments  PayPal  Verified by VISA Blog and internal communities  Referral marketing  Real people posting comments Tutorial  How does the bid work? Facebook campaign/app  Referrals  Notification when people purchase bids 11/16/2011 40
  • Loyalty How to Retain Customers Personalization of the web page (profile, interests, customized notification) Create a wish list and notify people when the new products will be introduced Provide discounted pujas after a certain number of bids Give free bids to the lowest performers Enroll people to a loyalty program giving the members certain personalised customer services like a small gift on their birthdays or points for every 500 bids they buy which they can en-cash in a store “Tricks and tips for a perfect bidder” tutorial 11/16/2011 41
  • Digital Marketing Plan PERSONALIZATION PREDICTIVE MODELLING Online Configurators VRM Wishlists E - surveys Customized notifications DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN PARTICIPATION PEER-TO-PEERUser networks on Pujalista’s website User networks on Pujalista’s website Company blog Company blog Facebook community pages Viral video Wishlists Facebook community pages/ app Social gaming Mobile marketing QR codes Viral video
  • Budget TOOL COSTViral Promotion 20,000Guerrilla Marketing 80,000Social Media Marketing 20,000Corporate Blog / User communities 30,000E-research 5,000SEO / SEM 100,000Affiliate Marketing 20% of SalesVRM 5,000e-CRM 10,000Online configurator 15,000Social gaming 30,000Mobile advertising 10,000E-mail / SMS 25,000Total 362,000
  • Thank You