Exergaming Wii Fitness


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  • Exergaming Wii Fitness

    1. 1. VIDEOGAMES AT SCHOOL!!!Today we are playing videogames …. At School!
    2. 2. “Exercise Through Gaming”
    3. 3.  “Exergaming combines physical, cognitive and social benefits unlike traditional sports or physical education classes and has the ability to turn people onto the benefits of an active lifestyle.”
    4. 4.  Recent AHA study found: of people who regularly participate in “active-play” video games: ◦ 68 % became more physically active overall ◦ 58 % have started a new fitness activity such as walking, playing tennis, or jogging.
    5. 5. “Video games are a growing part of modern day lives.With 95% of young people playing games, society has accrued approximately 100 million years of play in the last 5 years.This technology is not going away, so the smart thing to do is work with games for exercise instead of against them.
    6. 6.  Throughout the United States, exergames like DDR are being incorporated into physical education classes. One particular state “West Virginia” has included exergaming in the physical education curriculum in all 765 public schools.
    7. 7.  The mission for Exergaming Fitness is to inspire physical activity through the most cutting-edge active game experience and to provide fun, sustainable solutions to fight childhood obesity
    8. 8. Physical: Coordination Physical enduranceSocial: Self-esteem Mood Interaction MotivationAcademic: Attention Visual-spatial skills
    9. 9. • 1 Wii System 1 Wii Fit Plus Game• 1 Wii Sports Game 1 Wii Sports Resort Game• 1 Wii EA Sports Active Game 1 DDR the Hottest Part Game• 1 Wii Fit Balance Board 1 Wii 2 GB SD Memory Card• 1 Wii Component Cable 1 Wii Fit Rechargeable Battery• 1 Wii Fit Bag 1 Wii Fit Protective Sleeve• 1 Wii Carrying Bag 2 Wii Remote Controllers• 2 Wii Numchuks 2 Wii Motion Plus• 2 Wii Tennis Rackets 2 Wii Golf Clubs• 2 Wii Steering Wheels 2 Wii Baseball Bats• Also 12 Player Wii DDR Tough + Wii Fit Plus Class Package• Contains all the items listed above plus:•• 12 Wii Fit Mats• 11 Fitstep Boards• 4 DDR “Tough” Deluxe Dance Pads with cables• 8 DDR “Tough” Training Pads Without cables• 12 Digital Pedometers
    10. 10.  Baranowski,T., Buday, R., Thompson, D. I., & Baranowski, J. (2008). Playing for real: Video games and stories for health-related behavior changes. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 34, 74 – 82. Barker, A. (2005). Kids in study try to dance away weight. New York: Associated Press. Bausch, L., Beran, J., Cahanes, S., & Krug, L. (2008). Physiological responses while playing Nintendo Wii Sports. Journal of Undergraduate Kinesiology Research, 3(2), 19 – 25. Brubaker, B. (2006, March 11). Teachers join the Dance Dance Revolution: Educators begin training to use the exercise video game. The Dominion Post. Available at Http://www.redorbit.com/news/scifi- gaming/424434/teachers_join_dance_dance_revolution/index.html Chamberlin, B., & Gallagher, R. (2008). Exergaming: Using video games to promote physical activity. Presented at Children, Youth, and Families at Risk Conference, San Antonio, TX.