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Helen Brett Show, presentation on Facebook Marketing
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Helen Brett Show, presentation on Facebook Marketing

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Presentation on 4/20/13 for the Helen Brett Jewelry and Gift show in Memphis, TN. ...

Presentation on 4/20/13 for the Helen Brett Jewelry and Gift show in Memphis, TN.

I decided to stay away from "setting up a Facebook" for this audience, and instead went over the best ways for small businesses with an existing Facebook presence to better utilize it.

More in: Technology , Business
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  • Largest photo sharing site Devices are everywhere Product pictures, new lines, ideas for combining your products - get creative.
  • Algorithm Overwhelming Filter newsfeeds Boring stories are hidden EdgeRank is the Facebook algorithm that decides which stories appear in each user's newsfeed. It'd be completely overwhelming if the newsfeed showed all of the possible stories from your friends. So Facebook created an algorithm to predict how interesting each story will be to each user. Then they filter each user's newsfeed to only show the top-ranked stories for that particular user. This algorithm hides boring stories, so if your story doesn't score well, no one will see it.
  • Edgerank means: you have to make it interesting. How will you do that for you business? It ’ s HARD! Build Assets. Content Powers everything. Create or die.


  • 1. Hi, I’m JamesI work at Valeoa digital marketing agencywww.valeomarketing.com
  • 2. I used to bea computer nerd
  • 3. Now I rock at onlinemarketing for clients inthe U.S. & internationally...and sometimes Iplay a little bass
  • 4. Faceb,ooo,ooo,oookLet’s talk about
  • 5. • 1,000,000,000+ users• 250,000,000 photos daily↑• 25% = 5x per day• 1 in 5 pages views (U.S.)Sources: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/facebook/facebook-accounts-for-1-in-every-5-pageviews/8491http://www.empowernetwork.com/internetmarketerhq/blog/37-jaw-dropping-facebook-facts-2013-shocking-facebook-facts-about-users-founders-money/Faceb,ooo,ooo,oook
  • 6. I hope this isn’t you...from RubyBlossom on Flickr
  • 7. AgendaVisual, ImageryEdgeRankContentFunnelAds
  • 8. 1111The power of visual
  • 9. Feeding the beast = Content
  • 10. BloggingIf you don’t have a blog... get one!Wordpress is free and awesome-sauce.
  • 11. Fill the funnel with...
  • 12. Email MarketingCapture emails as a primary goal.$40.56 for every $1 investedSource: DMA 2011 report: http://www.magillreport.com/Email-Remains-ROI-King-Net-Marketing-Set-to-Overtake-DM/
  • 13. ContestsWoobox: $15/month for 1,000 fansCustom Apps: more $
  • 14. Remember: Shareholders want a return...and Facebook is an advertising platform
  • 15. AdsTraditional (Marketplace) AdsSponsored StoriesPromoted postsLike Statement, Engagement Ads
  • 16. Targeting options
  • 17. Targeting options
  • 18. Targeting options
  • 19. Ad Examples
  • 20. Like/Engagement Ad
  • 21. Traditional/Marketplace Ad
  • 22. Top-3 Ad Terms to know• CPC: Cost per Click• CPM: Cost Per Mille (1,000 impressions)• CTR: Click-through Rate
  • 23. Ad Reporting Example
  • 24. Ad Reporting Example
  • 25. Connect & ask me anything)James HuttoManaging Project DirectorValeo Online Marketing516 Tennessee StreetMemphis, TN 38103Tel: 800.647.4552 x704[Email] james.hutto@valeomarketing.com[Site] http://www.valeomarketing.com@JamesHutto @ValeoMarketing