Crafting digital stories. 6 tips for creating meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling.


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Little Miss Robot is a digital creative studio. We collaborate as a creative innovation partner, providing concept & interface design, cutting-edge development and creative direction & strategy.

Valentijn is the founder and creative director of Little Miss Robot. With Little Miss Robot, Valentijn is now focused on digital creation and storytelling. Passionate about design, user experience and innovation, he helps clients with their digital communication and strategy.

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Crafting digital stories. 6 tips for creating meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling.

  1. 1. Crafting digital stories.6 tips for creating meaningful experiences throughinnovation in storytelling.MobileMonday - About Games, fun & Serious Games
  2. 2. Emotions help tobuild relationshipsand bind communities,emotions make stories stick.
  3. 3. MeaningfulPleasurableConvenientUsableReliableFunctionalWhy?How?
  4. 4. Grab attention by playinggames with the REASON andthe EMOTIONS.Reason and Emotion by Disney
  5. 5. Don’t break the emotion byproviding a natural flow.Like music,transitions and motion make up acontinuous stream in a visual language.
  6. 6. # 1Craft a story that speaks bothto the heart and the mind.
  7. 7. We are telling stories for thousand of years tosurvive. The help us inspire, motivate andunderstand.Bulls from Lauscaux Cave, France.
  8. 8. Story, no interaction.Toy, no goal.Puzzle, goal.Game, you can win.
  9. 9. A story has memorable charactersand surprising conflicts.Yoda by JonMckenzie
  10. 10. A game has a wonderfulcontext and universe,where the protagonist cantell his own story.World of Warcraft Blizzard Enterainment
  11. 11. # 2Ideas come from everywhereand anybody.
  12. 12. Creativity is not one type ofperson, but a state of mind.A restless state of mind with notime frame, looking for answers.
  13. 13. Learn the tricksof diverse thinking.By defining the amount of solutionsbefore brainstorming.
  14. 14. Separate the time whenthinking ofa. storytelling andb. functionalities.
  15. 15. # 3Start finding THE talent.
  16. 16. Because we are what werepeatedly do. Excellence, it’snot an act but a habit.
  17. 17. Identify your skills andcomplete them bycollaborating withcomplementary peopleartist, musicians, writers,producers, developers, ...
  18. 18. Include all decision makers inyour process of creating,but keep your team as small as possible.
  19. 19. And yes, you can thinkoutsidecompany structures.
  20. 20. # 4Master creative efficiency.
  21. 21. A creative project is not always linkedwith budget failure.Neither does a big budget give you acreative result. But it help$.
  22. 22. Learn to find the bestmentors in the fieldand personalize when masteringtheir skills.Steven Spielberg
  23. 23. Choose one of the provenworkflows and stick to theplan with a perfect balancebetween collaboration and...
  24. 24. solitude
  25. 25. Filter your functionalitiesdown to the minimum andfocus, focus, focus...until you can optimize thedetails.
  26. 26. # 5Make your project aninteresting press release.
  27. 27. So it triggers influencers to share.
  28. 28. Seek criticism, even at thestart... it stings a bit.But it helps in the long run.
  29. 29. Look and learnfrom peoples (re)actionstowards the first draft,not from their words.
  30. 30. And when in doubt use“the popular opinion”.
  31. 31. # 6Don’t look for the nextopportunity, the one you haveis the opportunity.
  32. 32. Think big, but...
  33. 33. start with small wonders.
  34. 34. Let’s create somethingmemorable to share.
  35. 35. LittleMissRobot.comThank you for appreciating by sharing.More tips?Valentijn Destooptwitter: