offer personal assistance, you will not only solve that customer’s issue but havethat positive experience re-tweeted. Here...
blatant PR or marketing. They ask for reactions. They thank you when you DOtweet about their products or brands. They floa...
• richsharples: “Innovation loves a crisis, but only after customer have steppedout from under their desks” - classic Jona...
actually import Twitter data for better measurement of brand activity.Omniture’s already powerful analytics product, SiteC...
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  1. 1. Twitter Rules (and What to Do About It)In the past few months, the Twitter phenomenon has reached epic proportions.Personally, I chalk this up to the malaise that is gripping us all as we struggle tomake sense of both the economic crisis and the political seismic shifts that areupon us. Not content to consume news media and blogs, we now all want tomake sense of it, to share our observations, and most of all to connect. So thisodd 140-character microblogging platform, known as Twitter, has ballooned inimportance. In the last week, the Financial Times published a full-page articleabout Twitter. U.S. Congresspeople tweeted during Obama’s speech to thejoint houses of Congress, and Keith Olbermann’s CountDown describedtheCongressional "Twits tweeting," and John Stewart ran a great spoof onthe new Congressional pastime of tweeting. (The software is called Twitter;the short messages you send are called “tweets.” And yes, anyone who ISanyone is doing it.) The best way to get up to speed on Twitter in my opinion isto use the Twitter How Tos and links at Mashable. Feel free to drop me a note.My twitter handle is pattyinboothbay.How Should Your Company Deal with Twitter?No matter what your personal opinion is about this phenomenon/fad, youshould take note about how your customers and prospects are using Twitterand how your company should be engaging with them using this popular tool.1. Best Use of Twitter: Real-Time Customer Support. The best way to win thehearts and minds of customers and prospects is to set up a twitter search filteron your company’s and product’s name(s) and to ensure that your customersupport organization is tracking and responding to these tweets in real time.Oddly enough, when someone is stuck in line at an airport, having trouble withyour Web site, or having difficulty using your product, they are highly likely totweet about it (before they send you an email or call your support line or whilethey’re doing so). It’s an easy way for people to vent frustration and reach outto the world. If your customer support team responds quickly, both with apublic tweet (so others will know you’re listening) and with a Direct Message to
  2. 2. offer personal assistance, you will not only solve that customer’s issue but havethat positive experience re-tweeted. Here are a couple of good examples:• Andybeal: Ordered from Office Depot for the first time—won’t use themagain. No delivery Thurs—too busy to deliver. Friday? No explanation & nopackage• edwinaoki: Comcast outage. Cant get to anything east of Denver. They say"they hope to have it fixed by 8pm". Thats 13 hours!• TESFox: I have to say, Comcast is doing an excellent job of being there forcustomer service. Hats off for @comcastcares and the live chat team!2. Planning and Managing Events. Whatever event you’re planning—whetherit’s a local gathering of wine connoisseurs, a training class, a big userconference or a new product launch, Twitter should be part of your pre-,during and post-event communications plan. You can create a buzz before theevent and encourage participants to tweet their notes, impressions andcommentary during the event, and buzz after the event. You can make it easyfor groupies and participants to retweet by providing hashtags (#ourevent) thatthey can embed in each tweet to make it easy to filter and search.• gavangibson: #UBL Saul Kaplan: innovation=better way to deliver value tocustomer;, virgin• UserAdvocate: So far #drupalcon:solr is a breath of fresh air. Lookingforward to see where hes going with his take on information architecture• RobynGreenspan: RT @HSMAmericas #WIF09 Patricia Seybold Confirms asFeatured Blogger at the World Innovation Forum New Product Launches. Twitter is a great way to get the word out inseductive and non-intrusive ways about upcoming new products or services.Most companies offer a limited number of “beta invites” via Twitter. Thesebecome coveted and people start asking for them so they can be part of the incrowd.• aneel: rt @somic: CohesiveFT launches VPN-Cubed for EC2 - Build-your-own[transatlantic] [on-demand] private network in cloud!• utopiah: @tonylucas a friend told me I should ask for a beta invite, since Imcurious about cloud computing services, here I tweet ;)4. Customer Outreach and Gentle Evangelism. Many brand managers havemanaged to find the perfect tone in their Tweets. They don’t barrage you with
  3. 3. blatant PR or marketing. They ask for reactions. They thank you when you DOtweet about their products or brands. They float ideas. They engage withpeople.• angie1234p: @RockYourDay Morning Dave. Have I got news for you lol MolsonCanadian is on Twitter (@MolsonFerg) Thought you might find it interesting :)[PBS: Fans notice your presence!]• BlakeSunshine: @jessiecarp I work at NationalInstruments hope your semester is off to a greatstart5. Drive Traffic to Your Site, Blog, E-Store, YouTube. Apart from free give-aways, twitterers don’t appreciate blatant product pitches. They’ll “unfollow”you quickly. But we do love to pass around links to great funny videos, usefulcommentary, insightful analysis, useful tips and tricks. Make sure that yourcontributions include seductive links that people will value.• artrox: RT @thebrandbuilder @alydesigns @peopledesign: 5 Lessons inBusiness Innovation around your customer)[PBS: Note the ReTweet—being passed along—also the use of a “tinyurl” whichsaves space]• it_world: The cloud and the public sector - water and oil?: Public sector CIOsshould look to the leading cloud computing ..• QuadrilleKnits: we now have over 3,000 followers ontwitter..Quadrille_Books, QuadrilleFood, QuadrilleEco, QuadrilleHome, StudentCook, Jewish_Princess etc!• doingmedia: @christinawodtke Congrats on the 2nd edition of InformationArchitecture: Blueprints for the Web Monitor Your Brand/Reputation. Twitter is the least expensive and mosteffective way to track your brand’s reputation online. You can just set up asearch filter, turn the feed into an RSS feed (so you can capture and analyze itas it flies by) and then take actions to improve customer experience and/oramplify the good vibes.• tivogrrl: “Enjoyed seeing USAA at Mx 2009. They are a financial servicescompany that really gets customer service.”• AdayVA: “@VistaPrint Thanks for ease of use and great customer service :)”
  4. 4. • richsharples: “Innovation loves a crisis, but only after customer have steppedout from under their desks” - classic Jonathan Schwartz quote [PBS: JonathanSchwartz is the CEO of Sun—monitor execs’ names as well as company, brandand product names]• josephnasto: Wal-Mart Customer Finds Human Teeth in NewWallet Twitter Activity in an Integrated Web Analytics PlatformWhat if you are in charge of monitoring all search and social media activityaround your products and your brands and constantly tuning your brand’s SEOand site merchandising? Ideally, you want an integrated approach formonitoring, analyzing, and taking action on the searches, tweets, blog posts,and buzz that’s swirling around your brand and your products. There are twokeys to success:1. Put the responsibility to monitor, analyze, and take action in the hands of asingle coordinated team, don’t silo it across your firm’s PR, social media, e-commerce, SEO and site search, product and promotion merchandising, andcustomer support teams. Things move fast. You need to be able to get in frontof the customer parade, not behind it! It’s fine to have distributedresponsibilities for analyzing, tracking, and acting on customers’ buzz,interactions, and activity, but you’ll want to function as a virtual team, andideally to use an integrated platform—one that lets you spot trends quickly andtake action quickly.2. Provide your team with integrated tools that let you monitor and analyzeactivity in real time across all of the different internal and external trafficsources that you monitor—those you control and those you don’t control.The good news is that the leading-edge search analytics and e-merchandisingplatforms are embracing the leading edge social media trends.Omniture Embraces TwitterOne of the top search analytics and e-merchandising platforms—the one usedby the majority of large brands—is Omniture. It’s good news that the MercedesBenz of e-commerce search and merchandising is moving with Porsche-likeagility to embrace the leading edge social media platform. In a Mashable blogpost, entitled: Omniture Adds Twitter Analytics for Brands, Jennifer Van Grovewrites:“You could try one of these 10 reputation tracking tools, but Omniture’salready powerful analytics product, SiteCatalyst, is now the first of its kind to
  5. 5. actually import Twitter data for better measurement of brand activity.Omniture’s already powerful analytics product, SiteCatalyst, is now the first ofits kind to actually import Twitter data for better measurement of brandactivity.Omniture currently boasts 5,100 clients—think AOL, Microsoft, Oracle, and eBay—capturing more than 1 trillion online transactions per quarter, and is nowhoping to support their clients looking for Twitter insights on par with thestandard Web analytics they’re used to receiving.After importing Twitter data into SiteCatalyst, Omniture customers will be ableto identify brand advocates and detractors, better acknowledge featurerequests from loyal users, categorize Twitterers as customers, vendors, oremployees, and get real-time alerts via email or SMS based on specified criterialike spikes in brand mentions. Users will even be able to generate limitlesskeyword reports - via tweet text scanning - to further segment, analyze, anddissect Twitter-related brand data.”