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Measuring the value of enterprise social networking shared
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Measuring the value of enterprise social networking shared


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • “By fully implementing social technologies, companies have an opportunity to raise the productivity of interaction workers . . by 20 to 25 percent.” McKinsey Global Institute, July 2012“companies who outperform their peers are 30% more likely to identify openness – often characterized by the greater use of social tools – as a key influence on their organization.”IBM study of 1,700 worldwide CEOs found
  • Transcript

    • 1. Chasing the will-o-the-wispGordon Vala-Webb#smartorg@dynamicadaptatnGordon@dynamicadaptation.comMeasuring enterprise social networking
    • 2. www.DynamicAdaptation.comOur agendaSlide 2
    • 3. www.DynamicAdaptation.comAgenda1. Introductions –me, PwC, and “Spark”2. Why measure?3. Elements and sequence4. Issues and lessons learnedSlide 3
    • 4. www.DynamicAdaptation.comIntroductionsSlide 4
    • 5. www.DynamicAdaptation.comIntroduction: Gordon Vala-WebbSlide 5I help leaders improve theirbusiness results bytransforming how theirpeople collaborate, innovateand sharewww.DynamicAdaptation.comPreviously KM Director:• PwC Canada• Gov’t agencyGlobal lead (design / value)PwC social networkPublic, non-profit, no-profit
    • 6. www.DynamicAdaptation.comWhat is PwC?Size• PwC is a network of memberfirms in 158 countries with closeto 169,000 peopleWhat we do• Leading professional services firm- Audit and assurance- Consulting- Deals- TaxComplexity• See aboveSlide 6
    • 7. www.DynamicAdaptation.comPwC’s “Spark” – global roll-out• 2010-2011 - Various experiments• March 2011 – start project• December 2011 – sign with Jive• April 2012 - global deployment• 1st six months - 90,000 PwCers went in• November 2012 – “Overall Best in Show” atJiveWorld”Slide 7
    • 8. www.DynamicAdaptation.comThe sell 8
    • 9. www.DynamicAdaptation.comWhy measure?Slide 9
    • 10. www.DynamicAdaptation.comWhy measure?• Make our leaders happy(a.k.a. justifying our existence)• Learn what works (and doesn’t)(Don’t forget to make choices)• Measure the contribution(Remember to net out costs)Slide 10
    • 11. www.DynamicAdaptation.comMaking leaders happy . . .Slide 1101234567MontrealTorontoCalgary”I wasn’t expecting much but it isa stunning achievement ofmammoth proportions”Actual Person, Key RoleUpwardslopinggraphsQuotesfromfrontlinePicturesandstories
    • 12. www.DynamicAdaptation.comLearn what works . . .KM World October 2012KM strategy in a boxSlide 12TacticsStrategyDesign /BuildMeasureAssess
    • 13. www.DynamicAdaptation.comMeasure the contribution . . .“+”Actual $ madeActual $ savedFuture $ made / savedTime savedImproved customer satisfactionAccelerated innovationImprove staff engagementBetter alignment to strategy“-”Actual $ spentActual time spentPolitical capital expendedOpportunity costReduced customer satisfactionReduced staff satisfactionKM World October 2012KM strategy in a boxSlide 13
    • 14. www.DynamicAdaptation.comElements and sequenceSlide 14
    • 15. www.DynamicAdaptation.comElements and sequenceSlide 15Design/ Build3. MeasureAssess1. Definevalue2. Design / buildto deliver valueand buildmeasurement in4. Report /communicate
    • 16. www.DynamicAdaptation.com1. Define valueSlide 16Source:
    • 17. www.DynamicAdaptation.com1. Define value - an exampleGiam SwiegersChief Executive Officer of Deloitte AustraliaUse of Yammer and “leading the organisation through growth andcultural change”Video: 17
    • 18. www.DynamicAdaptation.com1. Define value – map to platform / toolsSlide 18
    • 19. www.DynamicAdaptation.comBuild / design your social platform to maximize the delivered businessvalue; in particular pay attention to:• User interface• E.g. Surface functionality that is key• Information architecture• E.g. think through group naming conventions• Metadata• E.g. pre-populate tags with key terms and acronyms(particularly those that can be easily mispelled)• Integration points (how many, where, how far)• E.g. Single people profile2. Design your social platform to deliver value . . .Slide 19All activity
    • 20. www.DynamicAdaptation.com2. Plus build measurement in . . .Slide 20• Tool / suite configuration• Project plan• Communications• Training• Operationalization
    • 21. www.DynamicAdaptation.com3. Measure – key components (business value)Slide 21• Pre- and post-launch business-leader interviewsWhy? Identify expected / delivered / unexpected businessvalue (plus engagement)• Pre- and post-launch surveys (5 minutes) of participantsWhy? Measure people’s experience with value-relatedbehaviours• Collect anecdotes• Why? Provide richer understanding – and powerfulstories - of how the platform generates business value• Monitoring people’s activity in the toolWhy? Understanding who is coming and what are theydoing
    • 22. www.DynamicAdaptation.com4. Report and communicate• Know you audience (and their purpose)o Leaders – enterprise / unitso Group facilitators / activistso Core platform team• Have your content• Beyond contento Format / Styleo Timingo Communicatoro TrainingSlide 23
    • 23. www.DynamicAdaptation.comIssues and lessons learnedSlide 24
    • 24. www.DynamicAdaptation.comIssues and lessons• Defining the value is hard (but invaluable)• Linking the value to the design / build is hard• It’s a balancing act• Good enough is good enough• Surveys are harder than you thinkSlide 25AccuracyRichnessCost
    • 25. Thank you . . .Slide 26This publication has been prepared for general guidance on matters of interest only, and doesnot constitute professional advice. You should not act upon the information contained in thispublication without obtaining specific professional advice. No representation or warranty(express or implied) is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information containedin this publication, and, to the extent permitted by law, Gordon Vala-Webb and DynamicAdaptation does not accept or assume any liability, responsibility or duty of care for anyconsequences of you or anyone else acting, or refraining to act, in reliance on the informationcontained in this publication or for any decision based on it.© 2013 Gordon Vala-Webb. All rights reserved.Gordon (at) DynamicAdaptation.comwww.DynamicAdaptation.comTwitter: @dynamicadaptatn#smartorg