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Case Study: Website Redesign
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Case Study: Website Redesign


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  • 1. V I S U A L + D E S I G N + S T R A T E G I S T
  • 2. CASE STUDY: marketing space redesign
  • 3. BEFORE: home page
  • 4. BEFORE: home page Layout looks familiar… but unlike other popular social media sites, it’s not immediately obvious to users ✦ what the site is for ✦ who should use it ✦ why they need it
  • 5. AFTER: home page
  • 6. AFTER: home page Headline What this site offers in less than three seconds.
  • 7. AFTER: home page Subhead Brief introduction and value statement.
  • 8. AFTER: home page Call to action No fear – it’s free!
  • 9. AFTER: home page Hero image Show the product, especially when the product looks superior to competitor offerings.
  • 10. AFTER: home page Audience Who can benefit from the product?
  • 11. AFTER: home page Features and benefits Tailored to each audience.
  • 12. AFTER: home page Secondary call to action Lead generation opportunity.
  • 13. AFTER: home page And, of course… Site navigation.
  • 14. BEFORE: benefits and features pages
  • 15. AFTER: benefits and features pages
  • 16. AFTER: benefits and features pages Location marker User always knows where they are
  • 17. AFTER: benefits and features pages Friendly headline Easy-to-read font, condensed to take less space to tell story.
  • 18. AFTER: benefits and features pages Features list Accordion display allows quick scanning.
  • 19. AFTER: benefits and features pages Features list Click for more info when an item is of interest for brief introduction.
  • 20. AFTER: benefits and features pages Monotone icons Repeated throughout site for instant recognition. Also act as graphic element to keep associated text line length comfortable.
  • 21. AFTER: benefits and features pages Call to action Consistent so users can act when ready.
  • 22. AFTER: benefits and features pages Sub-navigation Allows users to scan and explore additional features.
  • 23. AFTER: benefits and features pages
  • 24. AFTER: benefits and features pagesResponsive designAllows users to easilybrowse the site on anydevice.
  • 25. CASE STUDY: user home page redesign
  • 26. BEFORE: user home page
  • 27. BEFORE: user home page What do I do now? Users landed on this page when they logged in, but had no clue what they should do next.
  • 28. BEFORE: user home page What do I do now? Navigation was confusing, and users had no clear path on where to go or why they need this page.
  • 29. AFTER: user home page
  • 30. AFTER: user home page Cleaner design Users now have a home page they can decipher and follow.
  • 31. AFTER: user home page Accessible benefits Users can stay current with upcoming events and messages.
  • 32. AFTER: user home page Alerts When something has changed since their last visit, users are notified and can take action.
  • 33. AFTER: user home page Sub-navigation Cleaner, more concise user navigation tools provide a clearer path for users seeking this information.
  • 34. AFTER: user home page Branded icons Monochrome icons, used throughout all areas of site, maintain brand and maintain eye/brain connection without distraction.
  • 35. AFTER: user home page Results A cleaner layout and design lead the user through important elements for a more positive interactive experience.
  • 36. V I S U A L + D E S I G N + S T R A T E G I S TView
  • 37.  my
  • 38.  portfolio
  • 39.  and
  • 40.  resume
  • 41.  at
  • 42. or
  • 43.  email
  • 44. — M AD E W IT H K E YNOTE ON A MAC —