Libraries Build Community

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Original SJSU SLIS course project using Google Presentation: …

Original SJSU SLIS course project using Google Presentation:
Inspired a blog of the same title:
Many thanks to Dr. Micheal Stephens for his instruction and inspiration.

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  • 1. Libraries Build Community Valarie Kingsland LIBR 287 Hyperlinked Library 2012 SJSU SLIS
  • 2. “To belong to a community is to act as a creator and co-owner of that community.” “The essence of creating an alternative future comes from citizen-to-citizen engagement that constantly focuses on the well-being of the whole.” Block, 2008 Block, P. (2008). Community: The structure of belonging. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
  • 3. “The library and its leadership need to be shaping that future today by crafting services that people want now.” Casey & Savastinuk, 2007 Casey, M. E., & Savastinuk, L. C. (2007). Library 2.0: A guide to participatory library service. Medford, N.J: Information Today.
  • 4. Libraries use friendly signage to welcome us. Holy Names University Library signage
  • 5. Libraries are inclusive; everyone is welcome. Skokie Public Library Accessible Library Services
  • 6. Libraries stay current and adapt to new information behavior and consumption. MIT Libraries Mobile Apps
  • 7. Libraries use social media to answer our questions. Cardiff Uni Library service on Twitter (@cardiffunilib)
  • 8. Libraries understand we are busy. Cleveland Public Library: Drive-up Window
  • 9. Libraries go to you if you can't go to them. Warren-Trumbull County Public Library Homebound Service
  • 10. Libraries join forces so we have more choices. Connecticut Library Consortium
  • 11. Libraries provide access to exceptional resources. Alaska Library Network: Digital Pipeline
  • 12. Libraries engage local experts to share their knowledge... Jay County Public LIbrary Local Experts series [pdf]
  • 13. ...and provide public spaces for us to meet. Multnomah County Library: Public Meeting Rooms Chelmsford Public LibraryMcCarthy Meeeting Room
  • 14. Libraries encourage civic engagement for a better community. Village Learning Place #GivigTuesday
  • 15. Libraries respond to emergencies with heart. Queens Borough Public Library branches offer help after Hurricane Sandy
  • 16. Libraries are into gardening... The City Library Librarians Garden &
  • 17. ...and farming, too! The Northern Onodoga Public Library LibraryFarm
  • 18. Libraries encourage collaborative consumption by offering non-traditional collections, like tools. West Seattle Tool Library
  • 19. Libraries provide GED, ESL and citizenship classes... Jones Library ESL Center
  • 20. ...and ballet, retirement and Wii Fit classes too. 87% of public libraries provide technology training. New York Public Library Programs
  • 21. 90% of public libraries provide access to job databases and online job resources. Public Libraries and Access to Employment Resources The Seattle Public Library Job Resources
  • 22. Libraries offer free tax and eGov help. 81% of public libraries help with applications and access to e-government services U.S. Public Libraries and E-Government Services Houston Public Library Tax Resources
  • 23. Libraries offer business centers for local entrepreneurs. Skokie Public Library Business Center
  • 24. Libraries recycle and support our local businesses. Canton Public Library
  • 25. 86% of public libraries offer Wi-fi service. WiFi Access in U.S. Public Libraries Chicago Public Library: Free WiFi
  • 26. Libraries protect our intellectual freedom. King County Library System Intellectual Freedom Policy
  • 27. Libraries loan technology... North Carolina State University Technology Lending
  • 28. ...and will even bring it to our neighborhoods. Houston Public Library's Mobile Express
  • 29. Libraries partner with teachers to help our students. Grandview Heights Public Library Tools for Teachers
  • 30. 87% of public libraries offer free homework help. Homework resources Available in U.S. Public LIbraries Clearwater Public Libraries Bilingual Homework Help
  • 31. Libraries provide exceptional programing for our children. Lester Public Library Kid Programs
  • 32. Libraries encourage play and imagination. Hennepin County Library Act Out events
  • 33. Libraries provide Maker Spaces and Fab Labs to support innovation and so we can create cool stuff Westport Public Library Maker Space
  • 34. Libraries help tell our stories... Fayettville Public Library Teen Creative Writing Workship
  • 35. ...and opportunities to share them. Sacramento Public Library I Street Press
  • 36. Libraries have fun contests that promote and celebrate creativity in our communities. Troy Public Library Photo Contest: Where Do You Read?
  • 37. Libraries care about our health. Canton Public Library: Traditional Yoga Basics
  • 38. Libraries provide access to consumer health resources. Brooklyn Public Library Multilingual Consumer Health consumer-health
  • 39. Libraries make a difference in our lives. Scotch Plains Public Library & Fanwood Memorial Library, New Jersey
  • 40. Libraries offer cultural experiences... The Morgan Library & Museum Concerts
  • 41. ...and give us a chance to express ourselves. Walt Whitman Library Open Mic Night Whitman-Library-Wed-822
  • 42. Libraries help us find our history... Brighton District Library Genealogy Program to-advice-for-you
  • 43. ...and preserve our history. Seward Community Library Museum Historic Photos
  • 44. Libraries curate information to share with us. O'Fallon Public Library Pinterest account
  • 45. Libraries have fans... Billy Graham Library Facebook Page
  • 46. ...and friends. Seward Community Library Museum Facebook account
  • 47. Libraries • serve & help • share & curate • celebrate & affirm • teach & care • create & innovate • grow & preserve • include everyone • step outside their comfort zones • offer free classes • use local experts • reflect community values • support community development • protect intellectual freedom ...and they invite you to do it all with them! "the library in the life of the user" Doug Zweizig, 1973 Syracuse University dissertation
  • 48. "...the libraries’ primary purpose and mission, as crafted over the generations by local leaders and users, was to foster the kinds of social harmony that community spaces and stories—shared and experienced—provide." Wayne Wiegand, 2011 Wiegand, W. (2011). Main Street Public Library. American Libraries. Retrieved from
  • 49. “The power is in the asking, not in the answers.” Block, p. 184 “All of this takes time, but we are choosing depth over speed.” Block, p. 148 If your library doesn't offer what you want, kindly tell them. Be patient while they figure out what they can do. Libraries strive to serve their communities well, but they are not one size fits all. Each community is different. Block, P. (2008). Community: The structure of belonging. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
  • 50. Seward, Alaska Thank you for viewing my presentation! Visit the Libraries Build Community blog, where you may submit a library example, library story, or ask questions. Valarie Kingsland