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Website Redesign

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Proposal for support to redesign the library's website.

Proposal for support to redesign the library's website.

More in: Technology , Education
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  • 1. The Library @ Stevens Institute Website Redesign Project 2007
  • 2. Why Redesign?
    • Although the redesign of any website inherently carries some risks, probably the most notable of which is making major changes to a resource that is already familiar to its users, the ever-evolving nature of the internet and the emergence of web 2.0 1 concepts makes an update desirable, if not necessary. Website success can often be traced back to several important concepts, including simplicity in design , logical organization and navigation , media richness , and interactivity 2 . In that vein, the new site should be more intuitive to navigate , and organized to facilitate ease of finding information for all levels of user experience. There should be a focus on technologies enabling communication and interactivity throughout the site, and access to resources and services should be seamless 3 .
    Sources : [1] McFedries, P. (2006). The Web, Take Two. IEEE Spectrum, 43(6), 68-68 . [2] Palmer, J. (2002). Web Site Usability, Design, and Performance Metrics. Information Systems Research, 13(2) , 151-167 . [3] ACRLog: Formula for Academic Library Success ( )
  • 3. Objectives:
    • Clear, concise and logical navigation
    • Simple, elegant design
    • Advertise news and upcoming events
    • Showcase art found within the library
    • Make database list easier to navigate
    • New features such as a message board, policy page, news blog, improved, interactive newsletter
  • 4. Chief Goals:
    • Optimize space on homepage
    • Improve navigation
    • Clean up content
    • Integrate web 2.0 technology (interactability)
  • 5. Optimized Layout
    • Better use of space on homepage
    • Optimize “prime real estate” for important items
    • Where are users used to looking for their info?
  • 6. Improved Navigation:
    • Navigation on three levels:
      • Guided navigation for new users (on homepage only)
      • Logical hierarchical navigation for normal users (on left-hand side of each page)
      • Quicklinks – direct to resources – for expert users (on top right of every page)
  • 7. Source : Stephen Abram-
  • 8. ________________ Expanded Navigation
  • 9. Re-organized Navigation
    • Better distinction between first and second level navigation…
    • Possible new organization
    • Suggestions?
  • 10. Cleaned-up Content:
    • Redo database list to include alphabetical anchor and subject links ( see Rutgers db page )
    • Update “Resources by Academic Discipline” pages
    • Combine multiple pages on same topic using anchor links (ex. Basic Library Research pages could easily be combined into one page )
  • 11. Integrate Web 2.0 Technology:
    • News Blog ( eSource )
    • Online/IM Reference (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk via Meebo and Meebo chat rooms for multiple users and co-browsing)
    • MySpace Page , Facebook accounts, groups for outreach, message boards
    • Professor Course Pages? (, PBWiki)
  • 12. Why Blog?
    • Keep Stevens community informed about library news & events
    • Draw attention to content buried in library site
    • Show how active and necessary library is
    • Make library relevant to those not using “traditional” library services and resources by highlighting interesting web resources, services and technologies
    • Keep us VISIBLE!
  • 13. Just thinking out loud…
    • What technologies are the students and professors already using? Let’s bring the library to them (without investing in new technology just because it’s “new and cool”)…
    • Can we find a way for professors to create course/subject pages with important links, or a way for professors to contribute to our “resources by discipline” (since they are the subject-specialists) [Course Resource Wiki]
    • How can we get the users to the content they need?
  • 14. The Plan:
    • Stage 1: Content updates and organization (Summer 2007)
    • Stage 2: CMS configuration and customization (Fall 2007)
    • Stage 3: Content Migration (Spring 2008)
    • Website launch: Summer/Fall 2008
  • 15. And that’s all folks…
    • Questions?
    • Comments?
    • Suggestions?