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John Shiple of FreelanceCTO with host Rockfield Labs meetup in Irvine, CA talk at How to vet a CTO or technical cofounder.

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  • Scale dna howtofinda-technicalcofounder-20121105

    1. 1. HOW TO FIND AND VETA TECHNICALCOFOUNDERFreelanceCTO – FastStartStudios – November2012
    2. 2. How to Find and Vet aTechnical CoFounderAgenda Introduction and Quick Survey  What are we talking about?  Who am I?  Who are you? Presentation Questions and Wrap-Up
    3. 3. FreelanceCTO is aTechnical CoFounder Founding Engineer for first commercial Internet company: HotWired/Wired Digital Founder Status at 10+ companies over 20+ years 40+ companies and products over 20+ years  Company stages include Bootstrap, Seed, Angel, VC (Series A,B, C), Fortune 500  Funding ranges from 0 to $60M+ over multiple rounds  Team sizes range from under 5 to over 150 Acquisitions range from $10M to $4B+
    4. 4. Questions for AudienceAbout You: First-time founder? First-time technology founder? Business background? Technology background? Launching a new product? Overhauling an existing product? How many of you are having problems?
    5. 5. The Talent Landscape All techies are working.  If not, it is their choice to not work. The economy is in bad shape. Technology is not! It takes too long to find talent. Above 30 (or after 2 or 3 startups), techies build their own companies Local colleges started targeting startups 1 or 2 years ago
    6. 6. You…in the Eyes of a Techie Techies have heard it all before  Hype: world-changing, but “I can’t tell you what it is”  Terminology: “revolutionary” terminology = unfunded All techies have been burned Techies are the “belle of the ball” at practically every tech event. It can overwhelm them You have an unrealistic budget (time, money, or both)
    7. 7. CoFounder Goals Determine the following:  Do you need full-time technical leadership?  Is CoSourcing an option?: Meet as many techies as you can Get expert help A little help: Technical Adviser (free)  Some help: Technical Adviser (paid)  A lot of help: CTO (paid) Build trust over time with the techies you meet
    8. 8. Where to Find YourCoFounder? Your personal network Technology Meetups  Meetup verticals with bad reputations with techies:  Entertainment  Business Development, Marketing, and Sales  Ask an expert which ones you should go to Hackathons  Bring your own team or join lots of teams Local Universities(?)
    9. 9. Interviewing Your CoFounder If you are a techie: If you are not a techie:  Smarts  Skills  Culture  Smarts  Skills  CultureAsk your potential CoFounder to draw yourbusiness:• Diagram with only boxes & arrows 1 in 10 Only• Use generic terms techies can do it!!• Avoid using brand names
    10. 10. After Hiring Your CoFounder Seed, Feed, and Weed Fire Fast!!!! Learn how to interpret and listen to your gut instincts
    11. 11. Questions?
    12. 12. FreelanceCTO LLC John Shiple, CEO    310.893.3687  @FreelanceCTO Active in local community:  LA CTO Forum  SoCal Code Camp  Silicon Beach Fest  Hackathons, Hackathons, Hackathons!