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  1. 1. Legal notice is a document that shows the process and procedure of informing a party that a legal action or the termsand conditions to follow. Legal notice needs to understand the legal notice types. When writing your legal notice, it is important to understand the types of legal service. There are basically 3 types: legal notice, constructive notice and actual notice. Legal notice is a notice given to the public regarding certain types of legal proceedings. A well drafted legal notice sample can help business increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. 2. The legal notice may be drafted by government, by private individuals or companies. Legal notices by government are issued by a government agency orlegislative body in law-making process. Legal notice can be published in a newspaper, television etc.
  3. 3. The first key part in the legal notice template is the footer. In the section, you need to give basic information about the legal notice such as contact details and date. For example, the Advocate Name:__; Address:__; Contact Details:__ etc.The second key part in the legal notice sample is the main body. In the body, you need to give details of the reasons; the actions that need to follow etc. For example, Under instruction and on behalf of our client __ (State the name of client), I do hereby serve upon you with the following notice under section ___ of the _______ Act, I therefore through this Notice call upon you___(State the action to follow) etc.The last key part in the legal notice format is the signature. In the section, you need to give details of agent and clients and leave space for their signature. *The main body of the letter should be concise and to the point. The language used should be polite but firm. The notice period and consequences if the notice is not abided by, should be clearly mentioned.
  4. 4. Legal notice for tenancy agreement For monthly tenancy plans, ninety days notice period is necessary in some states. Inquire about it from the state authorities. If the tenants have been negligent in taking adequate care of the premises or if they havent paid their rent and taxes, the landlord can ask them to vacate the premises. While drafting the letter, mention the name and address of the tenant and the landlord exactly as it appears in the tenancy agreement. The date of the letter plays a crucial role in eviction letters. After all, it decides the exact number of days until the last day of eviction. Present all the facts clearly and with complete authenticity. End the letter highlighting the objective of writing the letter. Once the eviction letter is served, maintain a written proof that reflects that the tenant has received it, e.g. signature of tenant on a receipt. The eviction letter may be served by the landlord himself or with the hired help of the sheriff in the locality. If the tenant is unavailable for receiving the eviction letter, the same may be published in the local newspaper. However, this option may or may not be permitted by your state. It is recommended that you take legal advice before choosing this resort. An eviction letter has strong impact on the tenants and they do respond with more awareness, negotiate with the property owner and end up paying the overdue rent. Hope my suggestions and letter template prove useful in solving your problem.