Effective teaching 2014(vse)
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Effective teaching 2014(vse)



The importance & proficiency of teaching profession in today's era.

The importance & proficiency of teaching profession in today's era.



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Effective teaching 2014(vse) Effective teaching 2014(vse) Presentation Transcript

  • email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 1
  •  Brain storming  Opening / General view  Who is teacher  Types of teacher  Effective methods of teachings  Exercise  Commandments for better teacher  Conclusions email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 2
  •  Every year parents pray or hunt for different school in     search of good teachers for their children. We come across lots of teachers but we don't remember all of them except who touched our heart. Because some inspire to learn and some inspire to quit (despair.) It is known that a poor teacher is detrimental to their student . A teacher can make class room either bore room or joy room. A teacher who can make or break a interest on subject. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 3
  •         Monitor Lowest rank student Highest rank student Best Student of class Multi Talented Smart / Beautiful Student Highest Donation paid one. Any other …..Guess  The right one is Teacher : Teacher is should be a learner .  A teacher can never teach better unless he/she is keep on updates. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 4
  •               Indiscipline Absent to school Bar , Cinema / TV culture Un employment Murder Theft Cheating corruption Molestation Castes Irresponsibility Adulteration Gundaism Strike / Bandh……..etc are all prevailing social problems. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 5
  •  Law and order  Deployments of Police / Military  Awareness programme.  Defensive Mechanism  Using latest technology.  Training to people.  Tit for tat  Power & Money  All these not a grass root solution.  School Teaching is the best solution to curtail at grass root level. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 6
  •  Engineering  Medical  Research  Agricultural  Commerce  Charity  Teaching email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 7
  •  Teacher is the First citizen in the Happiness index of      nation. Teacher is a … One who is mother of ethics One who is mother for all profession One who create our prospectus One who create balance and equality in society. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 8
  •  One who talks and students take nap.  One who bombard to take control of class.  One who works as a facilitator for learning.  One who creates smile on their face.  One who creates interest in knowledge.  One who think duty and not responsibility. etc email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 9
  •  It is only profession which directly works on brain & mind of children.  Teacher profession is beyond name and fame.  It is not simply a duty it is more of devotion. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 10
  •  Student are growing physically, mentally, Eotionally , intellectually , socially during the school time than any other time in their life.  It is work shop of future citizen. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 11
  • Types of Teachers  One who act as a boss / Admin the class.  One who handles only syllabus of subjects  One who deliver their responsibilities and not bothered mentoring children.  One who wants to keep engage students.  One who dictate the things. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 12
  • OR a Dead Teacher Parrot Teacher They just come to deliver things and go away . They come as dead and make other dead. They simply repeat activity – repeater Blame all persons(principal, parents student, society),Scolding /Discouraging / insulting / punish / harass / Complaint / speaker / liar / Dramatic / Narrow mind /Poor vision  Poor teacher leave class mad.  Analyze Management and student are the problem for not success  Only brief the subject.  They don't take responsibility     email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 13
  •  One who motivate.  One who take care of syllabus.  One who is punctual & plan and work out their duty.  One who works equal to salary.  One who keep engaged. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 14
  •  One who inspires.  One who can engage students actively and make them enjoyable and lively in the class.  One who can remove the frustration of learning.  One who is compassionate , good listeners, Good planner, well disciplined, passionate in teaching, Good body language, attitude to learn and easy to mingle with students activities, understand the student problem, and having good command. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 15
  •         They come and give something which remain in heart. Great teacher wants prevention. Great Attitude Treat everybody is genius .(But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.Albert Einstein.) Never underestimate a student , which harms its talent & inhibits Make the children more responsible, creative and independent. They don't spoon feed…instead act as facilitator guiding Nurse / care taker / Facilitator / Helper / Assistant / encourager /Appreciator /Recognize / follower / inspirer / model / Real / broad mind / prosperous vision. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 16
  •  Teacher leaves long lasting impression on students  Passion leads to creativity  Committed teacher fulfill their responsibility  A good teacher is very engaging and hold attention.  A well known teacher is known by classroom management  They illustrative the subject. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 17
  •  Style is to complimented with stuff.  Great teacher maintain open communication.  Don't mix personal difference in professional work.  The fruit of tomorrow is depend upon the seeds of choice that you make today.  They think what should I do differently next time to improve the less scored student.  They never blame-they internalize themselves. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 18
  •               Completing syllabus Loving / caring students Usage of Smart Teaching methods Solving text book problems Solving most likely problems Encouraging and appreciating Helping to understand. Teaching with models Strict punctual / discipline Discouraging wrong things Punishment All Any thing else ………………………………………………………………..Removing fear of exam. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 19
  •  Teacher tell to remember the things but don't tell you      how to remember Tell to read but not tell how to read They tell follow discipline but not its value Tell wear uniform but not reason Tell lesson but not how to use School expects results but not plan it efforts email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 20
  •  T:Teaching effectively (Body language communication,       props ) E:Education for tomorrow ( Knowledge) A:Attraction of Attitude ( Behaviour) C:creativity / creating curiosity (Creating activity) H:Humourous ( Entertaining) E:Ever smiling / Enthusiastic ( Encourage) R:Review / Relearn /Response email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 21
  •  Attitude : it is your relation to environment  Attitude is created by self talk ,Your are self talking all the time, it is either positive or negative.  Worrying is negative i. Feeling better is positive What u mutter, u utter, What u utter, it will flutter What is fluttered it is twittered- that is blog, so mind ur mind. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 22
  •  Business or professional Mode  Parent Mode  Child mode Why did you select "Teaching profession" email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 23
  •  Three Types of learning:  Kinesthetic learning: (Hands on activities, demo)  Auditory learning: by listening, discussion, reading  Visual learning : through picture  Best Learning involves five senses  i.e. touch, hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing  Hearing is =13% of listening.  Listening takes maximum use of senses.  75% of our learning comes from eyes. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 24
  • 1) Know the ways of teaching lesson 2) Have strong desire of telling lesson 3) Be punctual in teaching 4)Proper Use of body language 5) Encourage students for asking questions 6)Create interest in the lesson 7) Homour is essence of teaching 8) Use things which aid the lesson 9) No personal matter in between lesson 10) Don't discuss subject which irritate (Caste, religion,etc) 11) Don't show angry 12) Appreciate the right answer 13) Treat every one equally 14) Don't make any special reservations on some one. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 25
  • 15) Don't look at clock 16) Keep smiling face 17) Plan your lesson and work the lesson according to plan. 18) Walk through the class 19) Make recap of subject at the end. 20) Don't feed negative thoughts (1 to 14 age student hear 21) 22) 23) 24) 70000 –ve command) Create school of tomorrow Non homogeneous teaching A passion for teaching A job of satisfaction email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 26
  • 25) It takes even outside the class. E.g. we start school 26) 27) 28) 29) with prayer that consoles our mind. Teacher chitchatting outside class room will always have good relation. When u r willing to learn from them they also learn from u. Demonstrate empathy …encourage them for mistake. Willingness to accept responsibility make the difference. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 27
  • 30) 31) 32) 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) Be relaxed and easy going Be professional Be creative Knowledge your subject up to date, Passion for your subject Enthusiastic Allow your student to develop to understand in different ways and different speeds(some may read / write / draw / speak / demo / practice / repeat) Demonstrate empathy (allow to make mistake) Set appropriate goal and target Give positive feedback. Multisensory learning. Encourage to think themselves. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 28
  • 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52) 53) 54) 55) Attitude is contagious. True education: if u r peace with itself and rest of the world . Attitude is the way u think / react ..how u respond to the world. How u do is more important than how much u do. Rote method of learning is to write the examination and not explain what they mean Teacher should think children as asset, as great people Do not see they are not connected. Organize the thought flawlessly Two type of notes making Linear notes.: Making loose sheets of papers instead of books It helps adding of information at any point of time. Make the notes in interesting way. Pattern notes: Take core point from each paragraph.. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 29
  • 56) Engage the student and not enrage them 57) Turn class room into learning room. 58) Create an effective learning environment 59) When u cannot reach ur students with ur teach use modern Aid for easiness. 60) Believe ur self before to class room 61) Do not raise your voice to control class room. instead use sign or count numbers before talk. 62) Educating the heart is educating the mind. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 30
  •  Great teachers are fun and not funny  Great teacher start activity before noise bombard.  They build relation before it need.  Treat each student is a individual diversity.  Up date in technology usage.  Care your student so much that you become their cheer leader email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 31
  •  Poor method  Better method  Stop looking bad things  Start looking good things  Stop talking bad things  Start talking good things  Stop listening bad things  Start listening good things email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 32
  •  Every student have access to teaching focal point  Arrange desk scientifically.  Change seating is necessary to mix up.  Discuss and make rule  Always keep back up plan for emergency: this is second line of teaching to student. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 33
  •  A- Avoid negative things  B-Believe in yourself  C-Creative  D-Don't give up / don't give in.  E-Enjoy your task  F-Family & Friends are hidden treasure  G-Give more than planned or needed  H-Hang on your dream email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 34
  •  I-Ignore who discourage u  J-Judge the fault / cause, not the person  K-Keep trying no matter how hard it could be.  L-love yourself / then others  M-Make it happen  N-Never lie-cheat, always strike a fair deal.  O-Open ur eyes see things as they are.  P-Perfect practice makes perfect  Q-Quitter never wins & winner never quits.  R-Read new things email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 35
  •  S-stop procrastination.  T-Take control of your self  U-Under stand yourself to understand others better  V-Visualize it  W-watch your words  X-xellerate ur efforts  Y-You r unique  Z-Zero to Hero is your journey. email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 36
  •  Wake up in the morning with new enthusiasm & energy & say I am your worlds greatest teacher.  I am going to create Happy future of this country. 1. Explore yourself 2. Know your self 3. Take action email.er.vs.ekbote@gmail.com 37
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