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Presentation on walt disney bio!

  1. 1. Summary of the Book! Walt Disney, An American Original - is a biography that tells you howWalt Disney’s projects progressed from ideas and inspiration into Disneyworld and Disneyland. This book shows Walt’s journey that started with$250 and came to $48 billion today and is still growing. This book weaves around Walt’s family history, his life, alsoachievements and setbacks that he experienced during his lifetime; thatmade me laugh and also made me feel excited and even sad at times. I am more inspired to work harder in my interests after reading thisbook. Walt Disney saw potential in everything and every one that hecame across. This book helps change ones perception about what can bedone in one lifetime.
  2. 2. Walt Disney Physical Traits Walt’s hair was the color of sand. To show this, on pg. 27 it says “Walt, a wiry towheaded boy.” This shows that Walt had blond hair when he was young.Another quote is on pg. 42 it says, “Walt had grown as tall as Roy.” This show that Walt was tall. To sum up, Walt had blond hair and he was also very tall.
  3. 3. Walt Disney Character Traits Walt showed that he was an exceedingly artistic person on pg. 35 where it says "series of figures that seemed to move when papers were flipped; at nine he had made his first attempt at animation.” This shows that Walt was a very artistic boy from the start. Walt showed that he was a forgiving person on pg. 127 where it says ‘He was irritated when he entered an office to find the artists had hurried to their desks after hearing him. “ I don’t care if you’re loafing,” he said angrily. “Everybody gets tired. If you feel stale, get some fresh air. But don’t let me catch you jumping back to your desks.” This shows that Walt Disney was a forgiving person because he wasn’t really mad at his artists; when they rushed to their desks. All in all, Walt showed that he was an exceedingly artistic boy; and also a forgiving man.
  4. 4. Roy Disney Character Traits Roy Disney who was a older brother to Walt, was very conscious about money; when he helped Walt make wise choices for, The Walt Disney Company. On pg. 98 it says ‘Shaking the contract at Walt, Roy exploded, “Did you read this? Do you know what you promised?” He read provisions of Disney to pay $26,000 a year for ten years’ use of the Cinephone equipment.’ This shows that Roy didn’t like the idea of Walt paying so much just to use the Cinephone equipment and that he is tight on money spending. Roy is also very thoughtful. On pg. 357 it says ‘ “Everybody knows the Ford car, but not everybody knows it was Henry Ford who started it all. It’s going to be Walt Disney World, so people will always know that this was Walt’s dream.” This shows that Roy was being kind, generous, and thoughtful because he made it clear that the theme park in Orlando, Florida would be named after Walt fully. All in all, these quotes show that Roy Disney who was a older brother to Walt Disney was, thoughtful, kind, generous, and is tight on spending money.
  5. 5. Some of the Achievements of Walt DisneyA. Academy Award nominations (59)B. Number of Oscars awarded (22).C. Presidential medal of FreedomD. Legion d’Honneur by FranceE. A planet discovered in 1980 by Soviet astronomer, is named after Walt’s last name – planet called DISNEYAF. Succeeded in a short period of time, what others would achieve in a lifetime.G. Above all – spreading happiness to mankind daily – value : Priceless
  6. 6. Recommendation and CliffhangerRecommendation: This would be the book for those who like animation, determination, and reading about unique people.Cliffhanger: How did Walt create the most successful venture for mankind even though he failed financially many times? What does it takes to rise from $250 in an uncle’s garage to become a $48 billion company? If you want the answer to such a mega story, in the history of mankind, then read this book by Bob Thomas.
  7. 7. The man who left larger than life impression for mankind….