The purpose of a trailer


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The purpose of a trailer

  1. 1. • Making a film is expensive so films must take in a healthy amount of money at the box office to make up for the production of the film.• The promotion of a film is important as it gives a insight to the audience of what the film is going to about and encourages them to watch it.• Marketing budgets normally equal between half or three times the production budget.• Companies who own the film lend it to cinema’s to show for a selected period of time, they are called distributors .
  2. 2. • Distributors want the film to be successful so they create a marking campaign which helps to promote the film• There are different ways to promote a film, they as followed: - Trailers shown on TV - Trailers on the internet e.g. YouTube - Competitions related to film - Trailer shown at the cinema before a film - Interviews of the Actor/ Actress - posters, billboard, magazines, radio etc• The trailers which are shown to the public must be appealing, this may be done through: - cliff hangers - comedy - action - music etc
  3. 3. • A trailer is the most important part of a marketing campaign• A trailer allows the audience to see the first glimpse of the film• It is vital that a trailer is appealing as this is when the audience will decide if they will watch the film or not• The combination of sound and image allows to build a exciting atmosphere which will encourage us the audience to watch the film.• In a trailer the use of both sound and image is important as it help the audience to establish the genre of the film e.g. If there is a use of slow dramatic and loud rock based music and the image is of a person looking scared, it may be a horror film.
  4. 4. • Most trailers are produced at the time a film is being edited.• The release of a trailer is important as it must be shown in advance before the film is released to build up the excitement about the film.• First a very short trailer is released which is known as a teaser early during the marketing campaign to created a buzz about the film.• Then shortly after the full trailer is released in various media platforms, which include: - Cinema - TV - Internet
  5. 5. • Many films are released worldwide so the trailer produced for each country must have the correct information as the release date may be different.• Films which are released in the UK are often of from America hence the use of American vocabulary and the accent in the voiceover.• In recent years the change of technology has had an impact of films as sometimes films are released in countries at different time which sometimes causes people to view the film illegally before the release date of the film in there country.• The people who are releasing the films must be careful with the dates to release the film as this can have a negative impact on the film. Recently films have started releasing films on a ‘day to date’ basis which means that the film will be released on the same day all around the world.