Connotation – the main image if of a        Mise-en-scene – the mise-en-scene eye with fingers coming out of the          ...
Main imageTarget audience/ Genre – the target   audience for this film are youngadults aged 15+ who enjoy to watch horror ...
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The eye


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The eye

  2. 2. Connotation – the main image if of a Mise-en-scene – the mise-en-scene eye with fingers coming out of the for this poster is really simple as it eyes. is just one single image unlike other posters which I have looked at that Denotation/ Main image – there is a have backgrounds. Looking at the image of a single eye which is light image it looks like the lighting brown, you can see fingers coming which has been used was near to out of the eye which may imply the models eyes as underneath the someone trying to get out of model the skin starts to fade away something. The eye may play a key as the lighting is bright, this mayrole in the movie as it takes up a large have been done so that the amount of the page, it may suggest audience literally only see the eye that the person has certain views or to signify the importance of it to flashbacks about things which are the film. going to occur. The main image may be an eye as it refers back to the Text /typeface – the typeface for this name of the film which is “the eye”. poster is extremely simple as it just Having an eye as the main image is straight, for this poster I think it works not usually seen on a horror well as the poster overall is very poster, by doing this it will appeal to simple. The masthead is split into two the audience more as they are not sections as “the” is in a very thin fontused to seeing film posters of this sort and “eye” is in a bold font this is done to show the importance of the “eye”. The star text “Jessica Alba” has been Colours – the colour scheme for this included as if the audience were to poster is white, black and a small see the name of a establishedamount red. It is unusual to see white actor/actress they would be more being used for the main colour on a likely to go out and watch the film.horror poster as it is unconventional. The website of the film is located atThe colour white creates suspicion as the bottom of the poster, this isit is a calm colour but by using it on a included so that the audience go on horror poster it goes against the the website and few some insightnormal connotation of the colour. The about the film which will excited them colours black and red have also been further about the film. A release date used as they are typical horror for the film hasnt been included oncolours, by doing this it will allow the the poster this will further excited the audience towards the film. Lastly the audience to recognise the genre of credits is the smallest text on the pagethe poster even though it is unusually as it is the least important part of the coloured. poster.
  3. 3. Main imageTarget audience/ Genre – the target audience for this film are youngadults aged 15+ who enjoy to watch horror films. The sub-genre of thisfilm is a psychological thriller, this is conveyed by the simple image and typeface. Rule of thirds has been challenged once again as the main features ofthis poster isnt on the left third, this may have been done as the poster itself is already unusual so it will instantly attract the audience so conventions dont need to be followed to make the poster Star text noticeable. Masthead Credits Website