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Empire magazine

  1. 1. EmpireMagazineAnalysis
  2. 2. Colour – the main Masthead – it iscolours used are green, conventionally at the topwhite and black. The of the magazine cover. Itcolour green suggest is in capital letters, capitalpower, this may imply letters help to highlightthat the model on the something; it is helping tocover is going to be in make the masthead stickpower of the film i.e. the out.main focus of the film.The colours white and Layout – the layout outblack are traditional of the magazine is a “C”colours which are shape which is one ofsometimes used to the popular layout types,create a contrast, the the magazine has used ause of this to make the conventional layout asmagazine more visually they know it will appealappealing. There is a to the audience.small use of the colourred on the models face General conventions –which is a usual horror -Barcodeconvention, this will -Priceallow the audience to -Datelineinstantly recognise the -Flashgenre of the film.
  3. 3. Typeface – throughout the “Special” – this implies that the magazine is The same font has including unique features which are not usuallywhole magazine cover , present, this will make the audience feel that the been used throughoutEmpire have used capital magazine is worth the money even more the magazine whichletters, this may have been creates consistency,done to make the text stand- as of too manyout to the audience. different fonts were used it would distractThe cover line which anchor’s the audience from thethe main image is short , this main features of theis as the film is widely magazine.recognised around the worldand it wouldn’t need a lot of The colours green andtext for the audience to white contrast withappeal film. The magazine has each other e.g. “Clintchallenged convention as the makes our day” has acover line is positioned green layer behinddirectly under the masthead, the text which willEmpire is a well known direct the audience tomagazine so this wouldn’t the cover line as itstop the audience from becomes morepurchasing the magazine. noticeable.Will Smith’s name has been used on the cover “MEET WILL SMITH”, this will appeal to theaudience as he is a famous actor which they like. Also the word meet implies that it will be ainterview where the audience will find out the latest information about the actor.
  4. 4. The main image of the magazine is of TheJoker who is one of the main character ofthe film, by using the main character of thefilm on the cover the niche audience willinstantly recognise what film is the mainfeature of the magazine.The model is face is white with red cuts(marks) around his face and the colourblack around his eyes. The model itengaging with the audience by lookingdirectly towards the camera. The colourblack is conventionally used for a horrorgenre as it creates a mysteriousatmosphere, it also conveys fear which isthe feeling the audience get when watchinga horror film. The colour of the models facelooks unusual, this will be a key element inattracting the audience towards themagazine. The red cuts looks like blood, thisis associated with danger , which is typicallyseen in an horror genre as it conveys deathand power. The camera angle is a birds eyeview which normally makes the model lookinferior, this may give the audience a smallclue about who will be victorious in the endof the film.
  5. 5. The Rule of Thirds – the modelseye are positioned on one thelines, this has been done as theaudience instantly look at thesesections of the magazine first.The left third of the magazine isthe first area the audience look at,on this side there is one cover linethis gives the audience a feelabout what will be included in themagazine.The magazine hasn’t included a loton the left third as the main focusis the main image, it takes up themajority of the page highlightingthe importance of the image.Considering that the main image isthat large, the magazine don’tneed to use as much text as themain attraction of the magazine isthe image.