Audience research


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Audience research

  1. 1. For my magazine audience I will be asking approximately 25people who are within the target audience.I will display my results using graphs so you are able to see a cleardifference between each answerThe results i receive will help me to create my magazine as I willknow what elements are needed to make my magazinesuccessful.
  2. 2.  What is the main feature which attracts you towards a magazine? What colours do you expect to see on a horror magazine? On a magazine cover do you prefer one main image or a variety of images with the main image? Do you prefer a magazine to be busy with lots of cover lines or simple with only 2-3 cover lines? For the masthead on a horror magazine, what sort of font would you like to see; distorted/scary to convey the genre of simple so it is easy to read?
  3. 3. image cover lines colour other 4% 8% 28% 60% Looking at the graphs above the main feature which attracts the targetaudience is the image on the magazine cover. Cover lines was the second most effective feature that the audience like to see. I will consider this when creating my magazine cover.
  4. 4. Black Red White Green others 3% 14% 29% 20% 34% The colours the audience associate mainly with horror are black and red, iagree with the audience as black conveys a mysterious atmosphere and redconveys blood, which are both present in horror films. Two other colours which the audience said was white and green, I think these two colours will help to highlight sections on a magazine colours.
  5. 5. One image Variety 17% 83%Clearly looking at the graph above the audience prefer there to be onemain image rather than a variety. I will be using one main image as I alsoagree that this is more effective on a magazine cover as it becomes the main focus.
  6. 6. Busy Simple 21% 79%Most of the audience I asked proffered there to be a simple magazine cover as they like to focus on the main image and cover line as this is the main feature of the magazine.
  7. 7. Horror based Simple 24% 76% Majority of the audience like to see a masthead which conveys thegenre, one said that “if the masthead has a horror factor to it, it makes it easier to recognise the genre of the magazine”
  8. 8.  By carrying out the audience research some of the factors I will be including on my magazine are- One main image- A typeface which conveys horror for the masthead- Make the magazine cover more simple than complicated and busy- Some factor which attract the target audience instantly includes the main image and cover line.