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Matching training for EPs and X teams
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Matching training for EPs and X teams


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Published in: Education

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  • Iet uz datu bāzi!
  • Iet uz datu bāzi!
  • Professional experience in a social project + work in another LC.
  • Draw a timeline on a blackboard???
  • To draw on the board approximate long each period takes?
  • Also about informational seminars (Ukraine, India) – even if they do not appear 
  • You need to tell AIESEC Network that you are available and the best way to reach every AIESECer is by submitting a short profile about you in the classified section.  Its very easy and I highly recommend uploading a nice .jpg photo of yours, edited in photoshop if necessary, and some information about who you are, what you are looking for and of course a link to your EP Form.  Rest assured, you will get lots of proposals!
  • More examples of EP advertisements
  • for advertise EP is just a matter of filling in the criteria, meaning EP id and LC, but the effect is not as good as expected- very few TN managers (ICXers) really take the time to look over these mails- and that’s because each time an EP advertises himself, we all get separate mails, so u can imagine that all these mails usually end up in Spam, which is not highly effective; of course it’s good to spend 5 min just in case and send such promotion mails...........
  • but better to focus more on individual mailing to targeted TN managers
  • Transcript

    • 1. Matching training AIESEC Riga 11 th of April, 2011, RBS
    • 2. Agenda
      • Basics of Exchange
      • Exchange module
      • Matching tools
      • Promotion tools
      • Checklist for EP
      • Intro to application & X communication
      • Application preparation: CV, cover letter, interview
    • 3. What is Exchange? professional experience personal culture languages fun networking traveling friends Duration? Types? Who can apply? How many countries?
    • 4. Exchange glossary
      • X: OGX, ICX
      • TN and EP
        • TN and EP manager
        • TN and EP form
        • TN and EP ID
      • AN
      • X pool: MT, TT, ET, DT
      • GEP
      • GN:
        • CEE (also Central Asia and Caucasus), MENA, IA, Africa, AP, WENA
      • Available – Matched – Realized
        • New – Pending – On Hold – Rejected
    • 5. Who’s involved in matching? Exchange Participant AIESEC Home LC AIESEC Destination LC Company All other possible people/sources...
    • 6. & Exchange module
    • 7. Welcome to
    • 8.  
    • 9.  
    • 10. Exchange main tools Knowledge sharing, events, EP promotion and many others implemented locally  Search for specific TN Look around for opportunities Promote your EP form Search TN database TNs older than 6 months / start date within 30 days Advertise EP Find suitable TN (Match/Search) Available forms tracker WIKIs / Search Tools Browse Internship Matching Manias / Search Tools Networking Global Exchange Partners TNs WIKIs Networking Advertised TNs
    • 11. Searching the database
      • Exchange  EP/TN 
      • Search EP/TN database
      • Browse Exchange Participants/Internship
      • Search Available GEP TN
      • EPs/ TNs Older Than Six Months/Start Date Within 30 Days
    • 12. Adding your form Exchange  EP /TN  Add EP /TN form Edit EP/TN form My EP/TN forms
    • 13. Forms status Status Duration Actors Next possible status Incomplete No time bound Exchange Participant New New Max 2 months EP: Member edits her-his profile. TN: Account manager edit the form Rejected after 2 months Available Max 12 months EB approve and change status Rejected after maximum duration, Match, On hold, Pending Rejected No time bound LC, MC or AI Manually change On hold Max 6 months (not more then 1 year since is available) LC, MC or AI Available or Rejected Pending 10 days EP Manager and TN Manager Show interest Available or Matched Matched no time bound EP Manager and TN Manager Show Available, On hold, Rejected Realized no time bound   None
    • 14. Get to know more! SEARCH
    • 15. Be open to new opportunities!
    • 16.
      Agricultural Business Agricultural Economics Agricultural Science Agriculture minor Animal Biology Animal Science Biochemics Bioinformatics Biomedicine Biotechnologies Crop, Horticulture and Turfgrass Sciences Earth & Atmospheric Science Earth Surface Science Ecology Environmental Biology Environmental Economics & Policy Environmental Geography Environmental Management Environmental Monitoring & Analysis Environmetrics & Modelling Equine Management Fishing Food Science Forestry Gardening Geology Landscape Architecture Meteorology / Climate science Natural Resources Management Organic Agriculture Plant Biology Plant Biotechnology Winery AIESEC CZU Prague in the Czech republic AIESEC BCE in Hungary AIESEC Wageningen in the Netherlands AIESEC Belgrade EF in Serbia AIESEC IQS in Spain AIESEC Halle in Germany AIESEC Guelph in Canada AIESEC Basel in Switzerland
    • 17. X+L A plus or requirement?
    • 18. Traineeship + CEED
    • 19.
    • 20. Trackers
      • Offline search
          • Organization
              • Another way of matching
    • 21. Available forms tracker
      • By AIESEC International every month with ALL available forms from last month
    • 22. Available forms tracker To always search for the updated one go to Files- search- Available tracker Regular one: Revolutionary EPs (for ICX): Revolutionary TNs (for OGX/EPs):
    • 23. How to use tracker search for info presentations on E.g.,
    • 24. Personal tracker Google document made by OGX team, available for you, your buddy and OGX team in order to manage your own activities
    • 25.
      • Register – Exchange stage (TN on CRM)
      • Add the form
      • Search TNs/EPs
      • Applying for internship
      • Selection process
      • Acceptance Note s
      • Ready to go!
      • Internship
      • Reintegration
      Exchange process from A till Z
    • 26. Hi! I’m ready to look for an exchange! Yaay! I’m here! Working hard, playing harder I’m back! April1, 2011 April 1, 2012
    • 27.
      • Fill in all the necessary information in EP /TN form
        • Detailed but straight to the point
      • Prepare very good CV & cover letter
        • TNs, think about promo material, additional info, reception booklet
      • Apply for internship
        • TNs, have a detailed procedure of selection and let candidates know about it
      • Be active , motivated and ready for interview
      Points to remember
    • 28. How to stand out?
    • 29. Promotion
    • 30. Search tools: EP and TN
    • 31. Latvia’s EP search tool
    • 32.  
    • 33. Videos, booklets, etc. Classifieds
    • 34.  
    • 35. Advertise EP form
    • 36. e-mail promotion
      • Easy way how to inform TN manager /EPs about you
      • How does it work?
        • Find a suitable internship /focus on LC you like
        • Write an e-mail to the TN manager or EP
    • 37. Love your OutGoingExchange team /be confident that your TN is the best but be active yourself!
    • 38. Before you go... check, check and once more check! TNs, check if you know how EP feels about coming to your contry!
    • 39.  
    • 40. Intro to application
    • 41. To remember
      • K eep your form updated
        • e.g. your starting date if you postpone your internship
        • Each time when status is On Hold, write to VP X to change it
      • Plan your matching and realization process in a timeline
      • Communicate with your team & VP
      • Use networking options!
    • 42. To remember II
      • S trong e-mail management
        • Reply your e-mails right away . Check your e - mail daily.
        • Share your skype name, get MSN, Gtalk !
      • Matching – every day !
        • the best TNs get matched very fast
        • Due to the statuses online, check TN database also within dates you already checked a day/week ago!
      • Be realistic with your expectations
        • do you want something that actually exists in the pool? How likely are to match to the types of jobs, companies, or regions you prefer?
      • Be honest - Don’t waste anyone’s time
      • Follow EXCHANGE PROGRAM POLICIES (updated ones!!)
    • 43. To remember III
      • Apply for max 3 TNs in one time , have at least 3 more in your mind, but make everyone feel that you are applying only for them 
        • Only ONE ACCEPTANCE NOTE at time
      • It is personal communication
        • Read carefully the form (and classified, if available)
        • Sell yourself!
        • Precise subject line (Include TN ID)
      • Good style: together with CV and cover letter, also a copy of your EP form /with TN promo the TN form
      • In case a student status is required, include enrollment certificate ( Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan )/Provide the template for EP
      • Language certificates only when asked (ET)
      • Application package (better zipped, not rar) or a single PDF file
        • Name it accordingly: Name_Surname_Country
    • 44. To remember IV
      • No answer?
        • Re-send e-mails with polite reminder
        • Look for contacts in wikis (skype, MSN)
        • Call the TN manager
        • Re-send your mail and on Cc to LCP or VP ICX
        • Ask buddy and VP X help
      • Imagine yourself as TN manager!
        • Busy young people as we are
        • GEP coordinators – even busier but more formal
    • 45. Acceptance Note: EP and TN
      • EP AN: a formal “promise” to accept the TN in case of being selected
        • Only one AN at a time!!! 10 days
        • For GEP – done online
      • Fill out  print  sign  stamp  scan
      • If you are selected, wait for TN AN
        • A proof for your match! SEND TO VP X and buddy !!
      • The 2nd half of EP fee, book ticket, manage the visa only after official MATCH in the system
    • 46.  
    • 47.  
    • 48. How to write an excellent CV and Cover letter?
    • 49. Some basic important rules:
      • No spelling or grammar mistakes  Check twice!
      • Not longer then 1-2 pages! CL  1 page
      • Keep it simple!
      • No crazy photos!
      • No smileys, small pictures, frames or others
      • Writ e whole sentence, No abbreviations (even AIESEC ones)
    • 50. CV structure
      • Personal information (Name, Surname, Address, Telephone, e-mail, date of birth, gender)
      • Education
      • Work Experience (+Leadership experience in Non-corporate sector)
      • Skills (Language, IT ect.)
      • Interests, hobbies
    • 51. Cover Letter
      • Do not COPY –PASTE form Internet  show your own style and personality.
      • Focus on your goal!
      • Reveal your strength, not your weakness!
      • Do not repeat yourself and no bl a h, bl a h, blah...
      • Keep the structure: introduction  main part  end
    • 52. OGX team [email_address] Vice President OGX department in Riga: Vaira Avota [email_address] Outgoing Exchange team leader : Sandra Gudrīte sandra . gudrite Vice President Exchange area- national level Louisa Olar : [email_address] Questions?